JFW Day 5 Report : (British Council) Richard Malone

Thursday, October 27, 2016

British Council showcased their designs from Designer Frej and Richard Malone at this year's Jakarta Fashion Week. In this post we'll see more on Richard Malone​'s futuristic and edgy designs! Richard Malone is a designer based in London, United Kingdom and you can check his other designs here: https://www.notjustalabel.com/designer/richard-malone
This collection is full of 3D frills and drapes. Not to forget the colour scheme chosen is so cheerful with Orange, blue and yellow combinations. These colour schemes may not be as popular as black and white or other neutral colours but these colour and the designs really compliment each other creating amazing pieces. 
Now let's see the shots I got from yesterday's Richard Malone​ show.
Closer look to the details on the top. this look is kind of sporty yet has very unique design to it. 
Look at those 3D frills, so awesome and futuristic. 
The final walk.. Hands up to this collection :)
More JFW updates will come soon, but I'm sorry for the delay cause I can't seem to squeeze in time in the midst of JFW and my busy work schedules to give you ​instant reports but you can follow my  Instagram​ and stay updated on direct reports of the shows I've seen on my Insta stories. 
Love, Stevie
*All photographs are taken by me. 

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