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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hello, today I'll share my review of using VOV MaxMini Cover Cushion, for these past few weeks I've been using this cushion non-stop and I'm totally loving it! Want to know more why I'm obsessed with this cushion read more about it here. Let's get started :)

I've received this cushion from Clozette Indonesia that has teamed up with VOV Indonesia for a 'treasure hunt event' and apparently I was chosen as one of the lucky winners to own this cushion (So Happy). After reading so many good reviews about this product I personally had the thought of getting one for myself but it seems Christmas came early this year that I've received this as a gift! ^^

"The long-lasting effect of the Cushion Foundation conceals blemishes and dark spot with its high coverage effect. Just For your perfect matte glowing makeup look."
So they sent me the VOV MaxMini Cover Cushion in shade no. 21 which is light beige. When I first opened the package and saw that its in the lightest shade I was pretty scared that the colour won't match my skin tone and you know when your skin tone doesn't match the foundation it'll make you look like a clown. Luckily the colour isn't too light for my skin tone and it matched well with my skin, giving my face a little more glow and brightening effect. I was so happy with this cushion because despite its name cover cushion it doesn't feel heavy at all on the skin. This cushion has four shades: no. 21 Light skinno. 23 Natural Skinno. 33 beige and  no. 43 dark beigeThe wide range of colour selections can ease the process of finding the right shade for your skin. 

This is how it look like on the inside, at first there is plastic protector covering the cushion but I've pulled it off before taking pictures so yeah. If you're wondering how to apply this? Like normal cushion makeup you just need to dab the cushion puff onto the cushion and pat over your face. Keep in mind start with a light hand and just dab little amount at a time to avoid cakey finish. Continue to dab the product all over your face until the product set in perfectly on your skin. I love the formula too, even though this cushion is matte but it still has that little hint of dewiness and moisturized finish to it. This cushion also has very good coverage, I was really impressed that only one dab can cover up my blemishes and past acne scars. So for me this cushion has medium to high coverage and I don't really use much of the product, since one layer is enough to cover up all the imperfection this might be because my skin has been behaving lately so I don't really have much problems to cover, but if you need more coverage it's always buildable.  

The only con I have  is the scent, it kind of has this scent which I can't really explain as I'm not a big fan of products with scent I find it quite disturbing. Even though the smell isn't that overwhelming for me but this cushion would be perfect if it has no scent in it. This cushion is also long wearing and it can stay on my face from morning till evening looking quite decent even I still do look oily on my t-zones after couple hours but I still like how it look at the end of the day. Not to forget this cushion has SPF50+/PA+++ so no need to worry of suncream anymore. I love practical products that can save me lots of time layering different products on my skin so this cushion has been my best friend for these past few weeks.

This VOV MaxMini Cover Cushion has great coverage and it is long lasting. Despite being matte it gives a natural flawless finish without feeling heavy. It is formulated to create a healthy moisturized and brightened skin with a little hint of dewiness. So would I repurchase this cushion? Yes ! 
Well, for the past few weeks I've been using it I feel that this product doesn't break me out, but I think I'll need to give this cushion some more time to test whether it really doesn't break me out. Cause I have no problems till the last 3 days my skin started to act up a little I'm not sure if its because of this product or its just stress/ hormones but yeah the small irritating bumps are appearing. Hopefully they'll disappear soon.   

If you finish your cushion don't throw away the body because you can change the cushion with its refill. 

Where to Get them ? 
The price of this VOV MaxMini Cover Cushion 15g is Rp. 325.000 ( Refill Rp. 185 000) 
VOV Studio :
VOV Studio Emporium Pluit Mall, UG Floor – 22

VOV Counters: 
SOGO Department stores, Central Department Stores, Seibu Grand Indonesia, Matahari Taman Anggrek, Metro Plaza Senayan, Metro Pondok Indah Mall, DEBENHAMS Senayan City,and AEON BSD Dept. Store.

VOV Indonesia 

Thanks for reading. I hope you find this post useful. I’ll see you soon!

Love, Stevie 

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