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Friday, October 14, 2016

When we're young, as little girls we would love to play with colours and colouring books. However growing up most woman still love colours but now they tend to colour their faces with makeup, therefore swatching lipsticks on the back of their hands are inevitable to find their most suitable. Even if you try to put on lipstick on your lips and remove it and apply another shade, most probably you'll end up getting a wrong shade because of the previous lip colour left tainted on your lips. Now you wouldn't need to swatch anymore cause you can play and swatch with Sephora Virtual Artist. It's Sephora's newest online application where we can try out all the lip shades in Sephora. 

Sound fun and easy right? 

Are you ready to Play & Swatch?
I'll take  you on the journey exploring Sephora Virtual Artist in this post. 

Have you ever thought of purchasing an unconvential lip colours and fear that it won't suite you? Well, you don't have to worry about that kind of problems anymore because now we can all play and swatch with all the lip products available in Sephora directly on our lips prior to purchasing. How great is that? It's only made possible with the newest online application by Sephora called Sephora Virtual Artist. 

First you'll need to upload a portrait picture of yourself or uploading images taken live with your camera. However I choose to upload my photo, then the app will lead you to a page where you can adjust the placement of your lips so that the lip colour will appear right on your lips. You would want the lipstick to o out of line an smear on your chin right? Even though its virtual but still, if you can adjust then do so. When you feel good about it  just continue to the fun part! 

The feature includes filter and surprise me, for filter you can sort out the choice of lip products and brands. Surprise me is a special feature provided by Sephora Virtual Artist which allow them to help you choose the colour on your lips. It's like the automatic button where they'll shuffle the lip shades.

I have always wanted to purchase a bold red and purple lipstick but never had the courage to grab them off the shelf because I was too afraid that it won't suite me and it would be a waste of money if I purchase them but wouldn't even dare to wear them out. But now because of this Sephora Virtual Artist. I can try on the lip shades / brand I want directly on my lips to see if it match my skin tone and complexion.

So what do you think? Does purple or bold red colour suit me better? Comment down below and help me choose which one to get. 

Purple Shades
Red Shades
I consider lip colours very important in determining the whole makeup look as putting on a wrong lip colour can lead to the worse nightmare. It can instantly darken your complexion or even make you look pale or sick for nude shades.Therefore understanding your own skin undertones may help in determining which colours suite you best but having this app now has made swatching much easier for every ladies planning to get new lip products. 

Look at the difference, these two lip colours do to my look. Even though they're both of the same brand Too Faced but these two shades make huge differences to my whole makeup look. 

TOO FACED - Melted Chocolate Lip
Liquified Metallic Lipstick
TOO FACED - Melted Jelly Donut

The Sephora Virtual Artist also make it possible to compare the brand, price and swatches of each  lip products. So if you like it, you can click on the shop button and proceed with the online shopping.

Try this #SephoraVirtualArtist by clicking on 

For this make up I aim for a natural no makeup, makeup look but I want to add a pop of colour to the look with a bold lipstick. Well, maybe a bold red lipstick would be my pick for this look as the classic red lipstick never goes out of style and it seems to suite and brighten up my skin complexion. So my heart falls for this satin finish Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Creme in the shade Oh Miley 200. 

That's all for now, hope you enjoy this post ! Thank you for letting me walk you through the #SephoraVirtualArtist. Now try it yourself :)  Play & Swatch Girls!

Love, Stevie

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  1. Hi Stevie... iya nih lucu banget yah Sephora punya aplikasi kayak gini.. berguna bgt kalo misal kita mau beli lipstick online takut salah warna bisa coba2 dulu di sini yaah hehehe... btw dirimu baru mulai blogging tapi blog nya udah kereen bangeeet .. asliii Keep On Writing yaaa.. :*

    1. aw, thank you kak Inka udh baca :) iy ini appny very useful, cobain kak...


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