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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hi there! Hope you're having a great day... If you're following me on my Instagram and Snapchat you'll most probably know that last Friday I attended an event held by Olay. Olay is a brand that is no longer new to the market and I've always seen it on the skincare counter ever since I was a Kid. So at this launching event Olay presented their new brand ambassador for Olay Total Effects.
The Star of the Show (Olay Total Effect)
Olay Total Effects have 7 benefits for our skin and is made to cater to the needs of Indonesian Women. This product is said to help reduce dark spots on the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, help skin feel smoother and also help to make pores look less visible, help moisturize skin and protects the skin from UVA/UVB with SPF15. 
Yummy Tiramisu, I'm a fan of sweet cakes so let's dig in but this one is so cute:p

Meet the new face of Olay Total Effect, the talented and beautiful Tara Basro!  
It was a very fun and exciting event where all beautiful bloggers and media attend to witness the official release of Olay's brand ambassador. During the event there was press con, talk shows, Q&A session and even game.

She shared some of her experience throughout the whole process filming the advertorial for Olay and she even highlighted that the director and the whole crew was so happy that they could finally shoot a "brown girl" for a skincare / beauty product. Olay wanted to break down all stereotyping mindset in today's society which define beautiful woman with their fair skin tone but Olay wanted to promote that everyone can be beautiful despite their skin tone that's why they've chosen Tara as the new face of Olay.  
She's talented and is the true definition of today's woman who is always on the go with her busy schedules and plan. She said that living in a metropolitan city like Jakarta can be very stressful so in order to maintain her skin condition she trust Olay for that job..
During the talk shows
After Introducing the new brand ambassador the talk show begins with P&G brand communication representative, Tara Basro and Ayudia Bing Slamet. They shared their stories about their work, life and also their experience with Olay. They believe that every woman is beautiful and fearless cause woman can achieve it all if she dedicated her life towards her goals.  

Continuing Maggie Lee the Senior Scientist of Olay Global who flew over directly from Singapore shared her insights about Olay Total Effect and how this product can benefit and help fight aging on our skin. Before people consider the need of using anti-aging products start at 30s but that's not the case today, We are all experiencing a lot of factors in our daily activities that enhances the process of our skin aging so 25 is the best age to start anti-aging products to avoid any aging from happening to our skin and the new Olay Total Effect has the 7 keys to help prevent skin aging and retain its healthy and youthful skin.  
The whole crew behind Olay's Event.
During the game session we were asked to divide into group of two in order to decorate the box of Olay. The time was set for 15 minutes where we should decorate, take pictures and upload, everything all at once was kind of nerve wrecking but nevertheless it was fun! 
My Teammate Ellen
Our Creation 

Pictures and more picures at the Olay Moment event !Lastly Thank you Clozette Indonesia and Olay for inviting me to this event.
Tiffani - Me - Leoni - Sefin - Stella - Jesslyn -  Ellen
Here's the outfit I wore to the event. Can you guys what's my top? its actually a skirt but I choose to wear it as top  because I think the ruffles can make a decent top. Well in fashion there is never right or wrong all you can do is experiment and wear it in style & confidence! 

At the event of the event I took the chance to take picture with the new face of Olay Total effect, Tara Basro. She's so stunning and beautiful!

I believe that there is also something beautiful in everyone and each of us is unique so never thought that any person is more than you cause the truth is your special too! Let's spread love and positive vibe every where we go and do the things that make us happy, motivate yourself to be a better person and support one another instead of competing. Be the best version of yourself and keep pursuing your dreams then you'll shine in your own unique ways.

 Goodies from the event! Thank you Olay 

Check out more about Olay products check out P&G website

That's all for now, thank you for reading! see ya on the next one~ 

Love, Stevie 

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