[Event]: Emina Around The World - Tokyo

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Emina has recently launched their newest campaign which is the Emina Around The World - Tokyo. On this campaign they  invite their loyal Emina customers to take part in this campaign and win the chance to fly to Tokyo, Japan. 

If you followed my Instagram, you might already know about this ongoing campaign but even though its kind of late but I don't want to miss out the chance to let you guys know about this wonderful campaign they're hosting. This campaign was launched during their Emina Around The World - Tokyo luncheon blogger gathering at Mister Sunday. It was an intimate event attended by beauty bloggers and vloggers who are all beauty and makeup ethusiasts ! I'm so grateful that Emina invited me to this event as we learn more about Emina's products as well as making our own sushi ( Have I told you I'm a great fan of SUSHI?) 

To be honest I haven't tried out any Emina product before this event but I'm aware that Emina is a big local brand that has made its way well in the market, Especially among youngsters or teen because of their fun and cute packaging and way of presenting their products. So I'm excited to try them out, cause I'm a lover for anything that is cute and their products apparently have good quality too! Aside from that I'm totally loving the philosophy or tagline of Emina "Born To Be Loved", I believe this phrase has a strong message not just for the brand but for the user of the product to remind them that they're loved and everyone is born to be LOVED! No one should ever make you feel inferior or less beautiful because of your features and yes, Emina you won my heart instantly with your tagline! Will be doing another post dedicated for the product reviews but on this post I'll give you a little throwback to all the fun we had at the event. 
The Emina Representative 

The cutest thing is that each of us got the goodies in a Bento form! The cutest ever! Hands up to the creative team. ❤
Double Bubble Face Wash, Green Tea Latte Face Mask ( This literally smells so good like greentea ice cream), Sun Protection SPF 30 
Eye Do Eyeliner, City Chic compact powder, Creamatte Lipstick, Dirtless Cleanser

 The creative  and event team totally nailed it to create the ambiance that resemble Japan, look at these little details they provided. 

My Creation 
With my fellow beauty and makeup blogger & vlogger
Another group shot❤
What I had ! Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Thank you for Inviting me kak Salis ❤❤❤

Join this Emina Around The World - Tokyo campaign and who knows you might be the lucky winner to explore Japan! To find out more about this campaign you can visit their website : www.eminacosmetics.com
I hope you enjoy reading this short event recap, and super sorry for the delay ! Now I'm all excited for my upcoming trip to Korea ( which I will blog about once I get back, stay tune) ... See you on my next post! 

Love, Stevie 

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