[Reviews]: VOV All Day Strong Lip + Eye Colors

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Hello February! It's the month full of love and I'm back with a beauty review for you makeup lovers, it's the VOV All Day Strong Lip + Eye Colors. 
So last Thursday, 2 Feb 2017 I was invited by ClozetteID and VOV Cosmetic to attend their gathering event. It was a very intimate small gathering where each guest can mingle and really play around with their All Day Strong Lip and Eye Colors products, well its never complete without a teaser of their upcoming Mineral Illuminated collections that are coming up this March.
So now I'll give you a little sneak peek to the upcoming collection: 
Aren't the colors beautiful and of course those packaging makes it look even more elegant and timeless. 😍😍😍

Here's how the event look like,
My Clozette ID babes ❤
Kak Kiki being the model of the day! Happily getting her makeup done 😘
The Star of the show, All Day Strong Eye and Lip Colors

VOV Cosmetic is a Korean cosmetic brand under LG company that is the only cosmetic company that sticks with cosmetics and make up product without having any skincare lines in their products. Therefore it make their brands consistent and focused on bringing and producing only the best cosmetics product that will help you create your dream K-makeup look. 

The All Day Strong product range consists of the Eye Color and Lip Color. Similar to its name these products claim to be able to last all day long! The All Day Strong Eye Color consists of 7 colorsSilver, Blush, Deep Orange, Brown Killer, Khaki, Purple and Nude Foundation Color. The colors tend to be shimmery/ glittery but they're all very pigmented. 
The All Day Strong Lip Color consists of 7 colors too: Peach Cream, Pink, Magenta, Coral, Orange, Red and Smoke Red. All the  All Day Strong Lip and Eye Colors come in a stick form, which makes it very efficient to be carried in your makeup pouch. and all the shades offered are also very vibrant.  

Now let's hop on to the review,
 All Day Strong Lip Colors
It's quick & Easy to apply. High pigmentation and long lasting. 
The two All Day Strong Lip Color I chose were these beautiful orange shades, since I haven't got any proper orange lipstick yet so I opt. for them. They are Orange Gangster and Peach Cream. These lip stick has a sheer-matte finish and it's formula felt super smooth on my lips. It also doesn't make my lips feeling cracky or wrinkled like most lipstick does to my lips. Same as it's name it really does stay on my lips all day even though it does transfer and fade over the days but by the end of the day you'll still see a hint of the color on my lips. The texture also feels creamy and they're highly pigmented since I only used one layer of it on my lips and I can already see the vivid color of the lipstick. Since there are a lot of lip products in the market that are now kiss proof or transfer proof I think it would be even better if they come up with similar products but with the transfer proof quality then it would eventually make me love this product even more. These lip color can easily help you create an ombre lips cause of its easy application and you can blend it off easily.   
 All Day Strong Lip Color - Orange Gangster 
This is a bright and vivid orange shade, making it the perfect vibrant summer lips color.  
All Day Strong Lip Color - Peach Cream
This is a more subtle peachy shade that is very suitable for daily wear.

 All Day Strong Eye Colors
The three eye colors I chose are more neutral and more shimmery. It's because I tend to love to keep my eye makeup minimal and natural that's why these colors will easily help me achieve the look I want. All I can say that these eye shadow sticks are super, highly pigmented and I'm not exaggerating or  anything but it is. Even without using any eye shadow primer the color came out perfectly on my eyelid with a single application. However since it has a creamy kind of texture although not as smooth as the lip color ( maybe it's because of the shimmer/ glitter component in it) but once you've applied it you'll need to blend it off quickly. Why? because once the color sit on your eyelid it tend to remain there and it's quite difficult to blend it out then. These eye color really stick on your eyelid all day even without retouch and it won't turn oily. It's also waterproof, so don't worry if you're a cry baby 😘😎 It won't fail you cause it'll still stick with you even after a good long cry ahhaha. They explained that the lips and eye products both actually contain the same formula so you can basically used it as both lip and eyes product and some may even be used as contouring and blushes too. Making these products very effective and efficient for those you are travelling often and can't carry tons of makeup products. 
Swatches! I'm never a bold eye make up lover that's why I chose these three shades that can easily help me to create a natural look. Let me tell you a little secret, I tried to wash off this swatches with water but even after using running water to get rid of it I can still see a hint of the shimmer silver and pink color as for the brown its still vividly seen, throughout the day even after several washes. Until I finally used makeup remover to get rid of it completely. 
All Day Strong Eye Color - Brown Killer 
This color is very versatile and you can use it as a base color or to define your eye and make your eyes look more bigger and awake by adding a little dimension. This color is everyone's mvp on that day! 

All Day Strong Eye Color - Silver Salt
This color is perfect for the outer corner of your eyes to brighten up the eye makeup and you can also use it on your underline to create aegyo sal which is very popular in Korean eye makeup look. Since it would make your eyes look more innocent and cute. 

All Day Strong Eye Color - Diabouquet
This color is similar to the Silver shade it comes in a shimmer pinkish color and I usually add this on the middle put of my lid as well as on the outer corner or lower line to create aegyo sal too since the color isn't too vivid or bright. 

Did a little Sweet Valentine makeup look with these products and this is how it turns out. What do you guys think? Would you want to see me do a makeup tutorial on this look? If you do please comment down below. 
Where to Buy? 
Jakarta :
SOGO Central Park, SOGO Alam Sutera, SOGO Kelapa Gading Mall, SOGO Kota Kasablanka, SOGO St. Moritz,  SOGO Central Park, Matahari Taman Anggrek, Metro Plaza Senayan, Metro Pondok Indah Mall, DEBENHAMS Senayan City, CENTRAL Neo Soho, AEON dept.store BSD.

Jogja :
CENTRO Ambarukmo.

Surabaya :

Matahari Tunjungan Plaza 3, CENTRO Galaxy Mall.

Facebook: VOV Indonesia
Instagram: @VOVMakeUpID

Official hashtag : #VOVMakeUpID

Hope you enjoy reading this~ Till my next post 😘

Love, Stevie 

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