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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Thinking of purchasing pre-loved item but worry about the condition (good state or not)  of the items. If so, I got it covered for you, let me introduce you to a brand called Tinkerlust . It is an online shopping marketplace website for pre-loved items. At Tinkerlust you shouldn't worry about buying preloved items in a bad state because the Tinkerlust team will only select the items that meet the standard to be sold at their site and they don't sell counterfeit items. Not only that through Tinkerlust you can also shop from Indonesia’s top influencers/ public figures such as Olivia Lazuardy, Emily Jaury, Pupu Paula, etc closet’s at an afforable prices. 
Tinkerlust offers preloved items from more than 100 brands which includes top brands like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Gucci, Zara, etc. They even make shopping much easier by categorizing their items from: bag, shoes, clothing, accessories, and makeup. 

Buying second hand items isn't something we should be embarrassed with because I personally feel that if the products being sold in store can cost us a  lot of money if we keep on buying new products just to keep up with fashion trend. However as a girl I wont be naive and say that keeping up with trends isn't my liking but yes, I don't really keep up with trends and I don't wear the newest arrival shoes, clothes or bags on the counter but I like to mix and match things and shopping is of course in my blood! ( every girl has that heredity, I think! ) hahaha SO buying accessories and clothings regularly is just too much and by having this option of preloved onlline shopping it ease us (customers) to get the things we want at a cheaper price compared to those retail shops and even get a good product which is not only still in a good wearable condition but some may even seem brand new. 

So are you a shopaholic? Try out Tinkerlust, you may find your dream fashion items at better price. You can shop almost all your fashion needs at Tinkerlust. Happy Shopping!

For me fashion isn’t about price or brand but its more about our own personal style. 

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