[Event]: Sociolla Soiree with Mustika Ratu

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Good Morning! Rise and shine loves... 
Today I'll share my event report from Yesterday's  Afternoon Sociolla Soiree " What's your lipstick Philosophy? " with Mustika Ratu Matte Lip Cream and a little product overview too. Are you ready? Let's get started...

The event was held at Rock Paper Scissors a beautifully decorated cafe serving very good food too! During this event like no other event it was very casual and we got to enjoy our meals in the midst of chit chatting with the other guests (read: my fellow blogger babes). We can take pictures and enjoy the most of the event as we  On this event we were given more insight and information regarding this new matte lip cream by  Mustika Ratu. To be honest I've not tried much of Mustika Ratu's product especially their makeup product, therefore I don't really know what to expect from their products but no, their products didn't disappointment me. 

Mustika Ratu launches 6 matte lip cream colours ( Amusing Asoka, Hotshot Hibiscus, Radiant Rose, Lovely Lily, Cheers Columbines & Precious Poppy) that are all very wearable for daily basis... They claim their matte lip cream formula is ultra moisturizing and free from Paraben and Benzophenone. The texture of this matte lip cream is also very smooth and it's easy for application without leaving your lips cracky afterwards. It consist Virgin Olive Oil as the moisturizer in the product and one thing I noticed about this product is its very long lasting although its not completely kiss-proof but its lasting power is beyond normal cause even after eating the product is still there and still look pretty decent even without touching up. It also has a very pleasant scent, very sweet floral and vanilla scent. 
Swatches (1)Lovely Lily,  (2)Radiant Rose,  (3) Cheers Columbine, s (4) Precious Poppy, (5)Amusing Asoka,  (6)Hotshot Hibiscus

Opening speech by Kak Mira from Sociolla Representative
Opening speech by Ibu Putri the CEO of Mustika Ratu

Now moving back to the Sociolla Soiree event,  once everyone gathered the event started with the opening speech by Ibu Putri the CEO of Mustika Ratu (She's beyond gorgeous, hopefully I can be like her when I'm her age)  then followed by Kak Mira the head of Sociolla's Beauty Community. Afterwards we had some chit chat about the products and the Makeup Artist by Mustika Ratu gave us a beauty demo on the proper way to apply the matte lip cream. We were then asked to share about our own philosophy about lipstick as for mine is lipstick equals to confidence as it can initially boost our mood and make us feel confident even when we haven't finish our whole makeup look but with lipstick it'll brighten up the whole complexion instantly. 

Makeup Demo

 Ibu Putri the CEO of Mustika Ratu
Ibu Putri ( CEO of Mustika Ratu) shared that the matte lipstick trend that has been a hit these past few months or years have made Mustika Ratu to finally launch their very own matte lip cream line. Being an Indonesian myself, I feel very proud to have many local beauty products that are popping up in the market and this matte lip cream is no exception. They fall under the matte lipstick that are very moisturizing and not cracky! Major love for both the formula and colours.
My lunch ( Strip-lion Don) 

Happiest Girls with their pink boxes 
After finishing lunch, the evening begin to approach the event gets a lot more fun as we're asked to make our very own decorative packaging for our matte lip cream. This activity is so fun as we began creating our very own creation, mine was pretty simple just a little bouquet inspired kind of packaging for the upcoming mother's day pressie. 

GM of Mustika Ratu Ibu Retno explaining more about the brand and matte lip cream product. 


It's been forever since I met this girl! Finally we met again on this event.. I miss her to bits

WIth the GM of Mustika Ratu Ibu Retno ❤ She's such a lovely person!
So what's yours Lipstick philosophy?
Yeay, our group shot! Totally loving the colour scheme on our Sociolla Soiree event! Overall I had lots of fun at the event and of course thank you Sociolla and Mustika Ratu  for having me at this event! I'll see you on my next post~ BYE

Love, Stevie 

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