Idul Fitri Lebaran Holiday Break Destination Choices

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hello loves, back with my travel post in collaboration with Beautynesia and HIS , this month I'm not going to share about Japan but instead let's talk about our local domestic tourist attraction shall we? In regards to the upcoming Lebaran / Idul Fitri holiday have you decided where to visit? Or maybe its the time to the year for "mudik" the term in Bahasa Indonesia which means returning to hometown during the Hari Raya Idul FItri just to gather with families. 
Usually when we talk about Lebaran break its most usually link to "Mudik" which include long traffic rides with cars therefore airplane flight is highly suggested to avoid the overly congested roads during holiday. However I know during high season like this tickets usually rise high but now with HISGO you can also book your domestic flight tickets and get them at the best prices as this online travel agent website will help your sort out the best rates for you to choose according to your preferences. 

When its holiday season it's usually packed everywhere therefore planning it beforehand can save you a lot of headache during the holiday season, such as hotels and accommodations. Everything can be fully booked during Holiday like Lebaran therefore booking everything beforehand is very handy. You can book your hotels and holiday packages through  HISGO for hotels around Indonesia while you travel with your family.  HISGO ease the overall planning process for your upcoming holiday, now let me share with you some of the Holiday Break destination you can visit with your beloved families during this coming Idul Fitri holiday. 

Going back to hometown is good because living in big city like Jakarta can be completely exhausting. So when you got back to countryside there's always something nice to enjoy from the simplest joy it had to offer. Such as visiting Borobudur if you're heading to Central Java for your Mudik session. Borobudur is a place that is so rich in heritage and culture that is worth enjoying and sharing with your families.
Now how about something that requires some physical training like hiking to the Dieng Plateau. Although you might need to hike a little but the track isn't difficult and the view on top should worth every effort you put in seeing how beautiful the greens landscape would be. It will surely be breathtaking and mesmerizing view from above.

If your hometown is closed by this newly hit tourist destination visiting would be a good idea, Museum Angkut in Batu East Java. It's a place sort off like a theme park that'll be the perfect travelling destination for your family holiday.
The top tourist destination in Indonesia will most probably still be Bali and now let me share with you another islands close by Bali its the Gili Islands. They're very well known now for its beautiful turquoise waters and underwater reefs and corals beauty. It's a place to visit to consume enough vitamin sea for your soul. A place very much still untouched compared to Bali but now its been gaining more tourist therefore do visit before it gets even more crowded.  There are three islands of Gili, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air all three are indeed worth visiting, what do you think of island hoping? 💓💓

Guess that's some of the many travelling location here in Indonesia, now go book your flights, hotel and accommodations needed for the upcoming holiday through HISGO and make this holiday a memorable one! So where and what are your plans for the upcoming holiday? Share with me on the comment section I'd love to read about it.

When it comes to holiday don't forget your skin care and beauty needs, confuse what to pack? Check out Beautynesia  for more information regarding skincare... Lastly I'd like to thank you for keeping up with me all these months for my travel post and even after this project ends, I'll try to update some more regarding travelling and sharing my travelling stories with you guys too! Bye for now... 

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  1. aku pernah waktu itu liburan ke museum angkut dan pertama kalinya gak ngantuk sama sekali main ke museum hahaha. by the way, di jogja juga banyak banget tempat holiday seru, wajib banget ke Gunung Kidul karena ada banyak pantai super indah! ❤

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