[Fashion Show]: Patrick Owen - Little Stab

Friday, May 26, 2017

Hello again, I got a fashion show recap for you guys... It's the Patrick Owen's first solo show "Little Stab" which was held at The Pallas last Tuesday 23 May 2017. If I could describe the show in one word it would be "Stunning" !
Now let's move on to the collection, this show is in collaboration with Disney and LT-Pro, hence the designs shown are very relate-able and versatile. This collection itself told us a story as wee witness the combinations or daily office wears with some quirks, edgy cuts, pleats, velvets and coloured glasses just adds up to the whole sassy look. Definitely an amazing show with the perfect set up, models, designs and ambiance that created the whole grand and awesome fashion show all at once.  

To be honest its my first time attending a sole fashion show like this and it just not your usual fashion show.. Being able to witness it myself it purely blissful as a person who have always had this strong interest in fashion I felt so inspired by the pieces as they're all very wearable yet still stylish with its own uniqueness in every piece. It was a great show!!! 

The finale was beyond stunning having models run the runway with a cup of Patrick Owen's coffee in their hand and finishing their walk back to the pink office set up is indeed a very detailed and nice show as it has a story to tell more beyond than only the clothes... 
The Venue, stunning by itself

So here are some of the captures I got during the show.... Enjoy! 
This Yellow Shoes is so cute!! 
The Awesome Pink office stage set up...

I had tons of fun that night! hope you enjoy the glimpse of the show in this post... 

Love, Stevie 

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  1. seru banget ya acarnya. Busana yg di peragakan pun sngt bagus trend model masa kini 😊


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