My Top List Must Visit Destination in Indonesia

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Coming back from the first post in collaboration with Beautynesia and HIS this month, I'm going to share some of my top wishlist "Must Visit" places in Indonesia. To start off it's kind of a blessing to be born in this beautiful country mother nature has blessed us with. Indonesia is unique since we're a country made up of thousands of islands making us an archipelago country filled with tons of natural scenery to explore, we got the mountains, sea, dessert you name it and you can find everything here! 

However even though I was born and raised here most of the time I haven't really got the chance to explore much of this beautiful country but thanks to technology these days we can get information and resources from everywhere making us travel the world more often even by sitting at our office chair. So here are some of my top "Must Visit" destinations in Indonesia that I really wish to visit for holiday in the near future... 

Raja Ampat
I've always love the bright blue ocean and sky whenever I'm at the beach makes me really wanna visit Raja Empat. It is located in West Papua and it's nature is still untouched leaving tons of forests and nature raw and beautiful. Despite seeing it on screens I've already fallen in love with it, can't imagine seeing it with my own eyes would be such a bliss. Raja Ampat is rich with its coral and underwater beauty and of course not only the waters are worth the view but every side of this place is indeed paradise! 

Labuan Bajo 
Another beach on my top list, I find beach soothing for my soul they calm and refreshes myself.. Labuan Bajo has been on my top visit due to its untouched nature too, and definitely its pink beach is something worth to see. The combination of hills and blue seas are the perfect duo you'll see when you visit Labuan Bajo. It is located  at the western end of Flores in the Nusa Tenggara region of east Indonesia. Turquoise and crystal clear waters are everywhere there, get your swim suit ready to jump in and swim...

ljen Crater
This is the perfect place if you love to hike, I've not tried hiking before because all my life I've been living in the city and rarely do I explore the nature but this is one of the place I'll want to visit someday. Even though it requires hiking to reach the destination... Visiting at night and if you're lucky you can witness the Blue Fire volcanic phenomenon. Have you ever thought of visiting the Northern lights In Iceland? Why go so far when you can see a similar view here in our own Country at Ijen Crater. 

Mt. Bromo 
Dreaming of the Sahara dessert's sand dunes, here in our own country we got our own sand dunes but at Mt. Bromo you can see both the mountain and the sand.. It's on my top list to visit cause I've never visited it before and seeing many people visit it to see Sunrise just makes me even want to visit it more as I'm a lover of Sunrise and Sunset and I have this one small desire in life to explore and live to catch the most beautiful Sunrise and Sunsets all around the world but definitely before conquering the world let's  finish what our domestic local nature got to offer. 

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Once again thank you Beautynesia and HIS for this opportunity to contribute for this project... Do make sure to check out Beautynesia , they got lots of beauty information as well as travelling too !! Never forget that skin care is also essential when it come to travelling to keep your skin healthy.. 

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Love, Stevie 

Picture Credit: H.I.S, Wonderful Indonesia and Google 

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  1. wow ada kawah ijen. Kawah ijen dekat kalau dari rumah aku ce. Pemandangannya indah banget . Apalgi pas malam itu laharnya brwrna biru git. Asik deh pokoknyahh ... πŸ‘πŸ‘. Yuk ce maen maen kesini yukk ke Bondowoso 😊😊😊. Tentunya akan sngt senang sekali jika mau berkunjung ke tempat kami . Apalagi kalau pakek travel Hisgo yaa 😊

  2. Have you go to Pulau Pahawang cii?
    it's so amazing ! I'm snorkeling and hold many nemo in Pahawang😍🐠


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