[Review]: Charis X Hair Diva Combo by Vodana

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Hello loves, So today I'll share my review on these two hair styling tools that I've been using non stop since I got them. If you've followed my Instagram you might have known about the Vodana Pocket Mini Flat Iron which I got during my Charis Beautiful Journey trip. Before the product wasn't available yet for sale but now they're available on my Charis Shop!!! It's very handy and small but trust me its super powerful and I'll also review about my new Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron which are super duper cute cause it comes in pink!! Who can say no to both these beautiful products... I personally feel the presentation of these Vodana products have won against most hair styling products in the market !! Do you agree with me?

Vodana: Glamwave Curling Iron

How I would Curl my hair?

1) I would usually part my hair into two different sections the upper part and lower part. So that I can evenly curl my hair and finish my hair styling. I realize that doing this increases the efficiency process of getting the work done.
2) Then I would start with the lower part first and start curling my hair following with the upper part. I would usually curl my hair in two separate directly inwards and outwards so that the curls become more natural and not clump together into one huge curls.
3) Continue the step till you finish all your hair.

Another thing I love about this curling iron is that it allows the hair to fully cover the barrel and I can easily twist and rotate the barrel without having any of my hair strands stuck on the clasp of the curling iron. Usually I would have a few strands of hair stuck in between the clasp which make me cannot rotate the tools easily but with this Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron I can easily twist the barrel and my hair would smoothly rotate and cover the barrel. Resulting in a very natural looking waves/ curls. 

I would usually use both the Vodana Pocket Mini Flat Iron and Vodana Curling Iron to help me create my whole hair look. Both these hair styling tools can easily help you to create a natural looking curls and look effortlessly natural... Usually when I have extra time I would actually do a double curling with the Mini Flat Iron to add a little more define curls that are more done so that my hair would look more shaped and dynamic as the Curling Iron comes in a big barrel of 36 mm I can't hardly get any defined curls with this tool that's why it makes the most natural curls ever.
It comes in a beautiful pink ceramic kind of barrel
Mine is in the size 36 mm, This Vodana curling iron comes in two different size 36 mm and 40 mm. The size of the barrel may seem bigger than usual curling iron its because Vodana curling Iron aim to help create a super natural hair curls/ waves. Therefore they offer bigger size barrels of curling iron. 
Controlling panel for on off and heat level. When it turns on the red light will start to beam. 

Final Look with Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron 36 mm
I totally love how the curling iron helps me to create natural looking waves instantly and easily as this curling iron heats up quickly and it has various heat temperature for us to adjust. As for myself I like to keep it at 140/160 cause I've read somewhere before that using a hair styling tool above 180 can cause serious damage to your hair. It always doesn't make my hair look frizzy or dead after styling which is a plus point since styling damage hair can be tricky.. If you're not careful you can even create more damage to your hair and it just won't style perfectly but this curling iron helps to shape and create the natural voluminous effect on my hair.  

Vodana: Pocket Mini Flat Iron 
Flat Iron can be used as both for straightening or curling tool which is indeed the same with this mini flat iron. It might be mini in size but don't worry about its performance because it have a powerful working performance. This Mini Flat Iron heats up easily and you can finish styling your hair in no time. Despite its mini size you can actually take it anywhere with you and you can easily get your hair done in no time with this tool. 
You can use it to curl your bangs too! To add some shape and dimension to your bangs. I love to use it to curl my bangs a bit everyday so that my bangs don't look too flat and as I said earlier I like to use it to add more define curls to my hair. I used it once as a straightener and created a c-curl at the end of my hair and it's indeed very effective for that too. Loving how this little tool can be so multi-functional!

The Mini Flat Iron is even smaller compared to the size of my book. Thus making is very convenient to bring anywhere when you travel as you can just pop it into any bag or even handbag. 

Shop your Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron or Vodana Pocket Mini Flat Iron or Vodana Hair Diva Combo here

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Love, Stevie 

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