Bobbi Brown Cushion Foundation and Retouching Wand - Retouch on the Go Duo Kit

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Hello loves, back again with another mini review post which I'll be sharing about this two new products by Bobbi Brown. First of before it, I'll share with you my little event recap during the launching last month with Bobbi Brown! During the event we had fun gaining more insights about the product and there was a fun challenge to try out Bobbi Taxi.. Below are some of the shots and highlight of the day I managed to capture in between the events.
The new Bobbi Brown Cushion Foundation- They come in 9 different shades but I'm not sure if the darker shades are available here in Indonesia but originally Bobbi Brown has Porcelain, Extra light, Light, Light to Medium, Medium, Medium to Dark, Dark, Deep and Rich. But during the event I manage to see these four Extra light, Light, Light to Medium and Medium.

The crowd of the day!! Always a great time..
Introducing the new Skin foundation by Bobbi Brown in Cushion form. It claims to be able to instantly give your skin a glow and natural finish. The refills are available for purchase separately. Each Cushion foundation compact comes with one foundation capsule and a puff. 

What happened inside the Bobbi Taxi, we were all divided into teams of three to do a makeup challenge where we do "retouch on the go" as per the tag line of this new products launched by Bobbi Brown, the Bobbi Brown Cushion Foundation and Retouching Wand. So we're given 15 mins to go on the ride in this Bobbi Taxi and do the makeup.. Inside the car there's a mini vanity filled with Bobbi Brown's product and of course the star of the day both Bobbi Brown Cushion Foundation and Retouching Wand. The look we opt for was an everyday makeup look suitable for both night and day! Basically the simple everyday look... 
My Team members: Clara and Dela Taken right after we've completed the challenge and I was chosen as the model for that day... 
With Kak Agnes ❤❤ And taa-daaa that's my final look.. what do you think? 
After all the teams completed the challenge all the model representative of each team was called in front.. I didn't see this coming when I said yes to be the model :') but yeah.. It happened and might as well enjoy and seize the moment right? hahaha Thank you for capturing this candidly.. Only knew this picture was captured when I sort out the picture during that day. Thank you Clara for capturing.
Smelling something sweet! It screams cupcake.
Now moving on with the mini review as promised...
By now it's no secret that my key makeup point would always be my base makeup which put it essential for me to apply the right base makeup which is foundation and concealer to help me achieve my flawless base makeup look, as I love to opt for simple and natural look therefore base makeup is everything and I'm also a person who don't fret to spend long hours getting ready so having a base makeup products that can easily help me conceal my trouble areas and achieve my clean base makeup would be a plus point. That's why I really love cushion products. 

Bobbi Brown Cushion Foundation 
So just like normal cushion product this Bobbi Brown Cushion Foundation comes in a similar packaging and add ons (puff included). The formula of this product is very light, it has light to medium coverage and doesn't leave your skin feeling like you have tons of makeup on once you applied it. It sets in smoothly into the skin giving the that smooth and dewy finish.. However if you have some trouble areas you can use the concealer to add more coverage onto your skin. But I love the finish of this cushion product as it gives a dewy and smooth finish to my skin and most importantly it doesn't feel heavy on my skin. As that said this would make the perfect everyday cushion foundation which you can easily dab on your skin to quickly finish up your base makeup as it evens out your skin despite of its light- medium coverage. It comes in SPF 50 PA+++ so it helps to protect your skin from the harmful rays that might ruin your skin, just enough protection for everyday needs. The good news is once you finished with the product you can just buy the refills at Bobbi Brown counters at Department stores and you can reuse it again.. Well as per my own personal experience a cushion will last around 1-3 months if you use it continuously everyday, depending on the amount you use*. For me usually I'll go with double layering which is about 2-4 re-pumping of product, depending on the coverage I need as some days my skin tend to be better than the others...  Another thing is I realize that this product doesn't have any significant strong fragrance or scent to it, so I believe it won't irritate my skin cause so far I didn't notice any breaking out cause of using this product. So far so good! Way to go Bobbi.. I'm loving it.. 

Mine in the shade Light ❤
This is what the cushion look like underneath the seal, once you opened it you can see the cushion inside and this cushion has a very unique feature as it has a tiny hole in the middle which will also push out products when you pat your puff onto the cushion. Therefore the concentration of the product will be around the hole making sure overtime you pump the product will evenly be distributed around the hole. 
This is the puff that comes in with the cushion. It's just like the normal cushion puff and yes, it does its job helping the product to set onto the skin.
The shade of my Bobbi Brown Cushion Foundation - Light, this shade suites my skin very well. But if you have fairer skin than mine you can get the extra light or porcelain shade. 

Bobbi Brown Retouching Wand - Concealer
Now the next star of the show the Bobbi Brown Retouching Wand concealer, this product is kind of different from the usual concealer that comes in the market in terms of packaging as this product required you to turn/ twist the end of the product for the product to come up and there is this tiny cushion like of buffer on the top end which I believe is intended to easily help us to blend out the products evenly on our skin. In terms of formula I think this concealer do help to cover up areas that needs more coverage and it also blend in easily onto the skin without feeling chunky or heavy. I love the litter buffer on the top end as for a retouch on the go case where you need to fix your makeup quickly in the car this buffer can come in handy as you wouldn't want to use your finger as it can get messy when you have no access to wash your rights right after the application, so yeah... a good innovation and a great plus point for this product. Same as the cushion foundation I really love that both these products seem to have no strong or disturbing scent which is great! 
Again I chose the Light shade because I don't want anything too light..
So this was the cushion like buffer I was explaining earlier... Once you turn the bottom end the product starts to come out at the upper part like this. 

Both these Retouch on the Go Duo Kit would really come in handy for those who have a busy lifestyle that requires them to fix their makeup on the go or simply getting ready.. because this new products by Bobbi Brown really does its job. Another great cushion foundation available in the market worth the try same goes with its retouching wand. Due to its size I would suggest if carrying a cushion is too bulky in your purse you can bring just the retouching wand cause event by itself it can help you fix your makeup and conceal all the areas you need more coverage with. The size and product of the Retouching Wand  is just the perfect travel size, mini as the size of a pen which you can easily throw in your bag but if you opt for a full flawless base makeup I would suggest to use both. To be honest I've only tried Korean cushion foundation/ base makeup products so far cause I've always had this skeptical perception about Western makeup brand to be heavy and after trying out this Bobbi Brown Cushion Foundation it changed my whole perception on it. Maybe the Western makeup trend has caught up with the Asian trend of natural makeup look with flawless base makeup with " just my skin but better" concept which means only little application of product but is powerful enough to cover up trouble areas and create a flawless base makeup. My personal though is this Bobbi Brown Cushion Foundation isn't lacking in any terms compared to the usually highly loved K-beauty cushion foundation.. I can say they are on par. Give it a try and see how you feel about it. Below are some of the image of my face after using the both these products and a little review on the staying power I can say it's pretty good even without retouching for a whole day the makeup still stays on point even though I didn't apply any powder afterwards. The natural sebum that my face produce blends in with the product as it creates a healthy glow by the end of the day but I do see creasing a bit on my nose area but if you go on and retouch it should be fine but you know me if possible I wouldn't bother retouching my makeup.. hahahaha 
On my Face:
Base Makeup:  Bobbi Brown Cushion Foundation and Retouching Wand
Blush: Rollover Reaction- Prudence (for the blush I decided to do something a bit different by putting it over my nose bridge too to give the cute flushed blush look.)
Lips: Clinique Matte Lip liquid- Sweetheart Pop
Well that's all for todays post.. I hope you enjoy it and let me know if you have tried this new products by Bobbi Brown and what do you think of it? I would love to read your thoughts. See you soon! 

Love, Stevie 

*** Sorry for the difference in image quality and lighting cause I took it on different days and in different set up. 

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  1. wow Bobby Brown ??Itz amazing. Aku blm pernah mencobanya. Tapi jika membaca review dari ce Stevie Wong aku jd tertarik ingin mencobanya. Dan tahan seharian juga yaa... wahh kerennn... Seharian ttp aja wajah tmpk segar 😊

  2. Banyak baca review cushion Bobbi Brown ini dan rata" bilang bagus semua jadi pengen coba deh~ Sayangnya harganya lumayan ya cii hehe

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  3. I have seen very good reviews about this brand. I am willing to buy a foundation from this brand. I got super oily, acne-pore skin and sensitive also. Should I try this one? I just recently did make-up lesson London , by Lina . I don't have much idea about makeups. Will you please suggest me a shade too for nc40? TIA <3

    1. I'm a fan of Bobbi brown cushion :) as for the shade I guess it would be much better if you head over to the store and do the swatch test to find out which shade matches your skin better. I personally used the light shade. I would suggest you to try out Estee double wear foundation too!! If you need a full coverage foundation double wear is the best..


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