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Thursday, June 29, 2017

In continuation to my previous post (which if you've missed out, you can just click on the link),  I will share about the best time to travel to these five countries & continent  that are still being the hot places to travel these day: Japan, Korea, Bangkok, Australia and Europe. This is another travel post in collaboration with Beautynesia and HIS, thank you for the opportunity to contribute for this project. Holiday has become something so essential these days that without traveling one just kept themselves away from all the amazing thing that the world has to offer. Now let's begin right away shall we? 


Best time to Visit:(March to May) is Late Spring and (September to November) is late autumn. Both these seasons are usually the best time to visit Japan as the skies are clear, little rainfall and mild temperature. On Spring you can get to see the Cherry Blossom and during Autumn the beautiful fall hues of the autumn leaves that is definitely a plus point to visit on these two season. I personally love Autumn better than spring not that I don't enjoy the blooming season but I love how the fallen leaves just create an amazing fall mood that is so stunning. Spring is of course not less beautiful cause you can see all the blooming sakura and cherry blossom filling out the city like decorative. 

 If you're from a tropical country like I am you might want to experience winter, it would be fun also to travel during winter cause if you're lucky you can see snow but for traveling I wouldn't suggest you to go on winter because the temperature can drop so low that is inconvenient to walk around and explore. 

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Best time to Visit: It is recommended to visit during which last from April to June as it is during Spring you'll get to see blooming Cherry Blossoms decorating the whole city. Same as Japan, Korea has four different season: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Since I've been to Korea on the transition period between winter and spring the temperature can still drop so low even during the transition period so I guess traveling during Winter to Korea would be a lot of hustle as you'll need to bundle up, so I would recommend you to come on Winter if you're seeking for winter activities if not you might want to opt for other warmer and milder season to visit. 

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Best time to Visit: Same like Indonesia, Bangkok is a tropical country which makes it just like us we only have the Sunny or rainy season and we're both hot and humid throughout the year. There is no ideal time to visit Bangkok cause the wether is pretty much the same all year round, however its usually peak seas between November and March. March, April and May are usually the hottest out of all the months in a year. 
Here are the map for the markets locations, Bangkok is famous for its shopping markets where they sell affordable and stylish fashion items.
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Best time to Visit: Australia is one huge continent not just a country therefore there might be some climate difference between the states.  Just the opposite to the rest of the world Australia has its Winter during June to August; Spring is in September to November; Summer starts on December to February;  Autumn is on March to May. The Northern States are warmer year-round, while the Southern States have cooler winters. 
If you'd like to explore most of the country I think Summer would be best although it might get scorching hot but in Summer you'll get bright skies and you can experience the beach cause Australia is surrounded by many beautiful beaches and Ocean. 


Best time to Visit: May, June and September are considered as the most ideal time to visit Europe as the weather is pretty favorable, not high season therefore lesser crowd and the price are reasonable. When it comes to traveling it wold be best to travel during not the not peak season, as peak season will have tons of tourist flocking into the tourists site which will not be comfortable to travel in such a crowded area as you won't be able to enjoy the most of the place. 
Which part of Europe do you want to visit?

If you ask me, I would say Paris, France and Iceland are on my top list... Cause who can say no to the city of love. Iceland is still so untouched by human that going there would really rejuvenate my mind and soul being away from the hustling bustling city life and enjoying the most of nature. I really would say if you give me a choice of America and Europe I would still choose Europe not because I don't want to visit America but I think Europe just have a lot more cultural and classical historical sites and architectures that I'm more fond of. I enjoy seeing historical sites and buildings with a historical story and culture and I think Europe has a lot more to offer in that field. 
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Now when you've sort out when is the best time to visit, you can start planning your trip. Going to new or far away places might be a challenge that's why now we got HIS that will help us sort out all our traveling needs.   

   HISGO offers lots of International traveling destinations which you can easily book online through their online travel agent service. Not only you can book your flight tickets but you can also book for your amusement/ theme park tickets, JR Pass ( for Japan Trips), Hotels, accommodations etc. They even offer a lot of land tours and group tours packages too for both domestics and international destinations such as: Japan, Korea, Bangkok, Australia, Asia, Europe, etc!  
Now what are you waiting for? book your ticket and get your holiday planned out.  The sooner the better, always hunt for special promotions cause its during holiday season that tours and travels offer special rates for flight and tour packages. Guess that's all for now, I'll see you on my next post and just a simple reminder check out Beautynesia for more updates on beauty and skin care products that you might need for your traveling necessity.

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