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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Can't imagine how quick time flies and its Saturday again ! Tomorrow is finally the winning day for all Moslems celebrating Hair Raya Idul Fitri. In Indonesia Hard Raya Idul Fitri and the whole holy month of Ramadan is pretty great deal and its one of the longest holiday season everyone got in the whole year... First of I'd like to greet my fellow Moslem Friends all across the globe a joyful, peaceful and prosperous Hari Raya Idul Fitri. 

When it comes to Hari Raya Idul Fitri, usually everyone is busy preparing everything new for the big day! It definitely includes shopping for new clothes which will be the main thing I'll share in post. I'll share some of my styling tips too... Even though some of my styling tips might not be suitable for the upcoming Hair Raya event but I hope it can inspire you to mix and match your look in the most comfortable way you like. Back again styling is about 'you', get inspired but always wear what makes you feel confident and compliment your own body structure.  

Before we start I'd like to thank Number 61 and Clozette ID for giving me this opportunity to collaborate for this project. I've picked up three different clothing from Number 61 and I could really say that Number 61 has a very stylish and modern look to all their apparels, not only for woman but they also got lots of varieties for man. I've listed the details of my look below each OOTD and you can get all my Number 61 clothing from their stores or webstore. Number 61 has many outlets all around Indonesia and you check out their stores list below.
I chose to visit the one at Citraland Mall because it was the closes mall to my home. I've always known Number 61 as a store that sells very affordable and up-to- date clothing styles. They've been around for quite sometime and I've grown up knowing about their brand. So when Clozette proposed on this project I was super eager about it, cause who's not excited when it comes to shopping right? Have you got your new clothes for tomorrow's Hair Raya Idul Fitri Celebration? Even though I believe that the event is made special not because of the new clothes or anything that appears on the outside but I believe that its made even more meaningful with the renewal of the spirit and the winning over temptation throughout the whole Ramadan month. However there's nothing wrong to present yourself better and make the celebration even merrier with new clothes. 
Now let me share with you some of the pieces that caught my eyes in the store. The store at Citraland Mall was kind of spacious and bright filled with a lot of clothing with different models and style. They got a special corner specialized for the monochrome black and white section. I've always loved oversized sweaters and they got a lot of those kind of pieces in store too. Many printed tees with statement prints are also found. As for the store in Citraland doesn't have anything specific for Hair Raya like Kaftan etc.. but there were many long pretty dresses with sleeves that can be suitable match for the celebration.  
Always had a hard time deciding my choice
Decision, decisions....
 Since there isn't any specific Ramadan clothing section in store, so slip on dresses like this can be a cute choice, Slip on dresses will make you look leaner and you can hide your tummy as usually during celebration we tend to over eat all the yummy served right? So this will keep your appearance in check. Here my little tips when it comes to shopping don't overspend and pick up the pieces that you'll be able to mix and match that's why I would suggest on invest on classic timeless and basic pieces. Cause they'll be the ones that will help your look different as you mix and match them around with your other clothing. Following the trend is okay but remember that not everything on sale is suitable for you. Not all style and clothing cutting suits your body type and structure, I'm not saying any kind of body structure is less beautiful or attractive. Everyone is beautiful is their own ways but there will always be part that we might not feel right about then choose the clothing that will compliment your body and make you appealing. Fashion is all about you, its not about imitating another because you should find your own style that will make you look stunning and I believe that clothes that will make you shine will be something that you're comfortable to wear.  
Monochrome Area ( Everything in black and white from top, bottom to dress)
Loving the little stitch details
Off shoulder Top

Not only clothing but they also sell accessories like cap

Love this from the moment I saw it.

Very affordable stylish pieces can get some cute tee with only Rp 50,000 πŸ–€
Mandatory fitting room shot 
Men section, you can find shirt, tee, jeans and they're all looking very up-to-date style too!
Che cker Prints and Basic never go out of style

They even sell jeans, in various style... 

Ripped/ distorted Jeans are also available! This is still hot in trend these days
As you can see above I had lots of fun in store, picking up the clothes I wanted. Below are the lookbook that I mix and Match with the my own old clothing and the clothes I chose from Number 61. Hope you like my styling and it can give you some styling inspiration for tomorrow's event or for any daily occasion. They are all very simple and are just the usual style I would wear on daily basis. I created three different looks with all the three different outfit and Let's begin shall we... 
White cut-off shoulder top : Bought in Hong Kong
Stripes Light Denim Jeans outerwear: Number 61
Jeans: Someday
Nude Sandal Platform: Charles & Keith
Hand Bag: don't remember where I got this cause I had it since I was kid :) hahaha
Love how flowy the white satin fabric layering inside the outerwear. Its just adds up another dimension to the look.
Look Number one is more of a casual daily look, I paired one of my current favorite jeans with little ruffles detail at the edge with my white cut-off shoulder top. In order to give the look more dimension and structure, I added the outerwear to it. This outerwear has a unique design as its a double layer outerwear. Underneath the strips print soft denim there is this white satin layer which soften the look of the outerwear. It's a design that is very well balanced in terms of material and as you can see the flowy material make this simple look instantly sophisticated. 
White Bell Sleeves:
Grey vest outerwear: Number 61
Nude shorts: DIY (cut my old pants made it into shorts)
Nude Sandal Platform: Charles & Keith
Hand Bag: Bought in Hong Kong
This second look is more poise as you can mix and match this look with some pants and use it for your daily office wear. I think the grey vest outerwear by Number 61 has made the look pulled together. This would be a look that I wear for a meeting or something more formal. I chose a more neutral tone to match the look to make everything look subtle as the prints on the vest make the statement. Sometimes simple can look classy and timeless!
Top Navy Sweater: Number 61
White bush pants: N/A 
Nude Sandal Platform: Charles & Keith
Hand Bag: Bought in Hong Kong
Look number three would be the look you'll see me on my daily basis.. just a sweater and some baggy pants. Even though I love styling but I love when my clothes are comfortable and this is definitely my go to look when I'm lazy to style up. This look will definitely be my laid back look. This sweater by Number 61 has this very intricate details on the front and the fabric. 
Even though it might not be visible but you can see those embossed pattern on the sweater which matches so well with the detail on both the side of it. I do love simple designs with intricate little design that makes a subtle statement in the piece itself. 
Promotion Alert*
If you noticed in all this three look I have one thing in common is the pair of footwear I chose. It was the same for all three but as you can see with different look the platform just matched and doesn't look out of place. Therefore another tips is when you choose to buy your footwear or shoes make sure you can pair them with different look. It's because shoes tend to be distorted over the storage period so if you store them for too long and not wearing them often you might  experience the usual problems of shoe sole dropping out etc. Eliminate all those problems by choosing the pair you'll use often and the ones you can easily mix and match and that goes well with all your outfit and lastly the most important one comfortable (trust me walking in uncomfortable pair of shoes is just a big no no) . Not that it'll save you some money but you wouldn't have to feel heart broken seeing your shoes that you rarely wear be spoiled. Basically I just shared my own personal experience cause this happened to me before. The pair I rarely wear just turned bad even before me wearing it for the third time. I got it because I love the design but kept it in the storage cause it hurts so badly wearing it for the whole day. πŸ˜“πŸ˜’

Another tips for styling is when it come to mix and match use neutral colors tend you'll never go wrong because neutral/ basic colors like white, nude, grey, black will balance out the whole look so you'll never look to much. Remember always feel free to style yourself, style to express who you are and to make a statement and identity of who you are! Don't  dress up to impress or imitate cause you'll never be the other person. Be you and you'll definitely shine through your own personal style. 

I personally love sweater or big over sized top even though I kind of have a petite size and figure which people would say those big oversized sweater will drown my structure but they are so comfortable to wear that I can't give up wearing them. I like to style them with shorts so that my small, petite figure can still be seen even with the baggy big oversized top. Shorts will help to elongate my legs and that will help to make my figure not completed drowned in the top.Another tips is, if you have a small, petite figure like myself even though if we are talking about the Asia market then my size would still be considered normal but for western I'm quite petite is to wear a belt or to tug in your top into your pants this will help to define your waistline that will eventually frame your figure better. 

If you know me then you would know my kind of style is kind of unique and I don't really wear everything that's displayed on the shop display just because they are in trend. I love to mix and match what I have with the latest trend but I don't really keep up with trend because for me fashion and style is about the person wearing it. I would wear something that is so colorful or full of patterns on days when I feel like it and wear something very simple and basic on the other. It's all about the mood and how I feel to style that day. For me living would be boring to wear the same kind of clothes in the same way over and over again, that's why I enjoy mix and matching what's in my wardrobe. Even old clothes that are dump in long in your wardrobe can be the next trendy 'it item', who knows? Actually when we search well our wardrobe has all clothes we want, it just how we style them that matter. Designers will offer you with a whole collection of designs every season but if you intend to get all of them then you'll never find your own true color. Choose the ones that best expresses you and the one you feel most 'you' in!
Hoping everyone have a great and wonderful Idul Fitri Celebration with your beloved ones ! Happy shopping and Happy holidaysπŸ–€

Love, Stevie 

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  1. Look 3 ! How too cuteee ciπŸ˜πŸ’™

  2. iyah ci kualitas 61 emang bagus dari aku kecil
    I am deeply in love with their collection

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  3. bagus banget ya koleksi baju di sixty one . wah bss tampil kece niha pas hari raya karena ada sixty one jd gak perlu bingung lg deh mau cari baju yg kece and keren πŸ˜‰


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