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Monday, June 19, 2017

    Last Friday, I was invited to attend Bring Back The Moisture of your Beautiful Skin during Ramadan with Dove event which was hosted at JS Luwansa Hotel Jakarta. Thank you Sociolla, Beauty Journal and Dove for having me at this event. In regards with the current fasting in the Holy month of Ramadan, they also hosted a dinner session together to break fasting together. It was indeed a magnificent event with very few invites to make the event feel even more intimate. So I'll take you on an event recap on this post as I give you my honest review regarding the latest Dove facial foam products. Make sure to read till the end, Let's get started shall we?

During Ramadan especially while fasting they discussed how much our skin can be dehydrated as those who fast won't be able to drink till its time to break fasting. Which will indeed cause dehydration for the skin because they lack the amount of water needed to keep them moist. However during this event the dermatologist explains and share with use some useful tips and also the uniqueness of this latest facial foam product from Dove. When we talk about Dove most of the time we'll think of bathing soap and hair shampoo but now they launch a face facial foam.  Actually when I hear Dove I already have this brand image in my brain that say "moisturizing"  because that's what the brand promote about their product since day one! (or at least since the day I'm aware about the brand)

Head of Sociolla Beauty Journal, Mira MonikaπŸ’–
Before starting as usual kak Mira will say some greetings and opening speech which was followed by the representatives of Head of Marketing Face Care PT Unilever Indonesia TBK, Ms. Fiona Anjani Foebe and R&D Manager Skin Care PT Unilever Indonesia TBK. At the event we discussed on how to maintain moisture on our skin during Ramadan season. During Ramadan and specially for those who are fasting they would loose more moisture in their skin because they're not able to drink therefore it was said that a special facial wash is needed to help maintain the moisture in our skin. 

According to the dermatologist dr. Melyawati Hermawan SpKK normally facial wash in the market are not designed or formulated with any formula that will help increase moisture on the skin as cleansing is usually associated with cleansing deeply which requires stripping off all the dirt/ makeup/ or dead cell on our skin which will eventually strip off the moisture level from our skin. Therefore during Ramadan season when absorbing moisture from drinking water is a barrier they who practice fasting should be more careful with their choice of facial foam and that's where DOVE latest facial foam cleanser comes in handy with it beauty serum formula. 

 From right to left: Dove Facial Foam Beauty MoistureDove Facial Foam Inner GlowDove Facial Foam Deep Pure
This marks the official launching of Dove Facial Foam
A corner where we can check our skin moisture and demo corner.
Look the foam is so smooth and soft that it can hold on to the plate! The foam lathers so well that the bubbles created from this Dove facial foam is so small that it can cleanse thoroughly. 
Now lets move on with the demo section, here the Dove representative explains on the newest product and showed us how well the product lathers. 
First she only put a pea size of the facial foam on the hand and put it onto the face wash medium to help create the foam for cleansing then she spray in water an start  squishing until the facial foam lathers, it lather so well and look so smooth that it even look like snow.  
Here's a little tip shared by the dermatologist, she said that every facial foam should be lather into foam on our palm before rubbing it onto our skin, because it is the foam that cleanse the dirt and using the foam after lather on our hand will help minimize the risk of stripping off all the moisture and damaging our skin layer. The foam from Dove facial wash is also something that differentiate it from all the facial foam in the market as it is super soft and puffy that is said to be he secret formula of Dove facial foam to avoid moisture lost after washing our face.  

My fellow bloggers 

Yeah!! We won Sartob πŸ’– Thank you Sociolla and Beauty Journal

Thank you once again for having me at this event and now moving on to the products. On the goodie bag I got all the three facial foams, a face wash band and a furry MattπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– Thank you so much Dove you surely know what we love and need! Cause I received all three but I only have this one face I can't probably try them all so I'll just share my thoughts regarding the one I have already tried and give you a brief overview on the rest, okay? All the facial foam by Dove contain Nutrium Moisture Beauty Serum that is the secret formula of Dove facial foam. It is the combination of Stearic Acid and Glycerin, which are moisturizing formula that helps to improve the condition of skin barrier and increase water level in our skin. By that being said making Dove facial foam different from other facial foam as it help to maintain the moisture on our skin after every wash while cleansing thoroughly without stripping of the moisture. There are three different varieties of Dove facial foam: Dove Facial Foam Beauty MoistureDove Facial Foam Inner GlowDove Facial Foam Deep Pure. Aside from these Dove also comes with a 3 in 1 Makeup Removing Foaming Cleanser
These three Dove facial foam varieties are made to cater to different skin concern. I'll discuss a little product overview, to be frank I was kinda hesitant to switch facial wash because my skin is sensitive and it acts out quickly if something is new or not suitable for my skin. However I decided to give the normal one a shot because I believe Dove would be a gentle product, even though I'm still gambling on how my skin will react to it. But guys the good news is this product doesn't leave my skin feeling squeaky clean or stiff. The beauty serum which is also the main ingredient in this facial foam making it the only product in the market with Nutrium Moisture beauty serum is the key factor that ensure that even though we're cleansing our face but the product won't strip off all the moisture from our skin but on the other hand helps retain and boost moisture in our skin.   

Dove Facial Foam Beauty Moisture 

This is the Dove Facial Foam Beauty Moisture is suitable for normal, sensitive and dry skin. This is also the only product from all three variant that I've tried and I really like how it leaves my skin feeling smooth afterwards. As I've explained above, a great facial wash option for you when you feel your current face wash is stripping of your moisture or overly cleansing your face. The beauty serum makes the skin feels smooth and moist after every wash.  
100g: Rp. 33,000  | 50g: Rp. 22,000

Dove Facial Foam Inner Glow 

This Dove Facial Foam Inner Glow is suitable for normal and dull skin as it gently exfoliate the dead cell which will eventually make your skin look more healthy and glowing. Can't say much cause I haven't try this out however if you feel your skin is looking dull give it a try!   
100g: Rp. 33,000  | 50g: Rp. 22,000

This Dove Facial Foam Deep Pure is suitable for oily and combination skin which makes it great for those who have excessive sebum production. The micro-puff particle help to clear and cleanse deeply into the pores without stripping off the moisture in our skin because of its beauty serum formula. 
100g: Rp. 33,000  | 50g: Rp. 22,000

3 in 1 Makeup Removing Foaming Cleanser

Actually this is not in the goodie but it come in my gift package that I got for winning the best photo content during the event. However it was one of the product I'm very curious to try because as someone who wears makeup often cleansing is essential to maintain my healthy skin condition as my skin is very sensitive so extra care is needed. I would usually go for double cleansing no matter how tired I am but there are days I wish I can finish cleansing in just one step thats why this product caught my eye as it is a facial foam which is also a makeup remover. I love this innovation which makes it as an option or lazy bums like myself to finish cleansing in just one step. Aside from the time effectiveness actually too much cleansing can cause the moisture in our skin to diminish so actually by minimizing the step we can help retain the moisture level in our skin and avoid it from being dehydrated. I've tried using this for the past two days because I got kinda lazy to double cleanse and jump in directly with this product when I came home to cleanse my face. It's definitely a gentle foaming cleanser and even though its gentle but I can feel it really cleanse my face thoroughly. After skipping my usual double cleansing steps and only using this product only I was afraid that my skin would react badly but good news, it didn't break me out which means this product really help to eliminate all the makeup/ dirt residue on my skin even with just this product! Good one. This product is said to be 3 in 1 which means it is a makeup remover, facial foam and beauty serum all in one in this one product! It comes in 150 ml which will be good for a while since a little goes a long way. 
Price: Rp. 100,000
Where to Buy?
All Dove facial foams are available at Sociolla, you can also get additional discount by quoting my code before checking out your shopping cart use SBNLAHWU to get Rp 50.000 off your purchase with a minimum of Rp 250.000.
Guess that's it for this post! I hope you had fun reading and find this post informative, I'll see you soon! 

Love, Stevie 

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