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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Hello loves, getting closer to the long holiday what are your plans? I wish everyone well for this upcoming holiday and in this post I'll share a little event recap and introduce you to a new ( not so new) website called Priceza. It was last week that I got invited to Priceza Indonesia Intimate Blogger Gathering, it was indeed very private and intimate that we can all mingle and talk throughout the event. Nothing formal just a casual gathering of people sharing the same passion for shopping, fashion and beauty. Not like usual that day I came in very early like around 10 mins before the actual schedule in order to avoid hectic traffic jam that day as a result I got the whole event venue for myself (read: let's take more pictures).

Now back to the big question, what is Priceza? easy, I'll definitely share more information regarding the service the offer in this post make sure you keep on reading. Before it let take you on a little sneak peek on what actually happened at the event through the pictures below.
Came early that day so why not let's take some pictures first ! 
Kak Tazty from Priceza Indonesia thank you for having me at this event. She said a few opening speech marking the start of the event. 
The research itself has shown that people from all across Indonesia have already tried using Priceza even those in Papua. 
Afterwards the representative of Priceza Indonesia started explaining about the website and the background of the brand itself. Priceza  was actually founded in Thailand in 2010 and it has already landed in Indonesia since 2013 but was officially launched on last May 16 2017. Then she continued explaining on how benefiting is this e-commerce comparison website platform has only helped end users (customers) but can also link and benefit sellers. Now there are a lot of big merchants or well known brands that have partnered with Priceza. Those merchants include: Elevenia, Berrybenka, Tokopedia, Lazada Matahari Mall, and many more... 
What is Priceza?
so now the big question what is PricezaPriceza Indonesia in an e-commerce comparison website platform that acts as a shopping search engine together as a price comparison website. Here at Priceza you can search anything you want to shop from electronics to fashion, all you have to do is type in the thing you want to shop and let the website do the rest. Priceza will eventually display a page full of the product you're searching from all different stores that sells it while comparing all the different prices from the different online shops. Now you can choose which one you prefer then once you've selected the one you want, the page will direct you to the respective online shop. Even though all the purchase or transactions are done through each respective online shop but don't worry if you purchase online using the service by Priceza you can also send in your feedbacks or inquiry about your order through Priceza as they'll also link and check it with the online shop. Back again when it come to online shopping security and trust is needed that's what Priceza is trying to build with their users. To enable its users to get the best deal of price through their comparison service that will make shopping a lot easier in one page instead of opening a separate page for each different stores to compare prices. Shopping online made a whole lot easier with Priceza!! 

Make sure you signed up for an account at Priceza to make your shopping experience a lot better as Priceza would usually come up with special promotional discounts and offers special for its members. In regards with the upcoming Ramadan holiday they also come up with a special promotion called Ramadan #BersamaPricezawhere you can get discount up to 50%.
Moving on after the brief introduction presentation another guests are called to share with us some styling tips for Hair Raya Lebaran they are the stylists from BerryBenka. Several lookbooks were showcased and a little tip from them is to style that you're most comfortable with. Right after finishing their explanation some of the guests are called to be the contestant for the sudden styling contest. Both the contestants are suppose to choose from the apparel prepared by Berrybenka including the accessories and they're asked to pitch about their choice. 
Some of the Lebaran outfit cookbook inspirations that Berrybenka stylish prepared, you can even shop Berrybenka's product through Priceza. 
The Fashion Styling challenge contestants
The contestants are pitching for their choice of style based on there own preferences. It was so fun looking at their mix and match preferences! As the evening gets deeper its finally time to break fasting so that day all of us had our dinner together as we chit chat throughout the rest of the event. Back I still got some more moments during the event therefore I'll share it more below. 

Thank you so much for having me, super fun night! ♥

So what are you waiting for? Use Priceza now to get your best shopping deal! Especially during this upcoming Ramadan holiday... Have you shopped for Hair Raya? If not go go check out Priceza. Hope you find this post useful and happy shopping! Cheers, happy holidays everyone.

Love, Stevie 

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  1. wahh pengen nyobain deh blnja menggunakan Pricezaa.. baidewei acaranya seruu yahh keren lagi.. Makin cantik pakek baju oranye... cuter banget 😍

    1. Yuk belanja dri Priceza jd bisa compare harda dengan Mudac :) Thank you dear!!

  2. Setwlah tau Priceza, Aku jadi sering buka portal ini :)


  3. akhirnya satu event babe, see you soon :*

  4. you looked so cuteee as always! til next event steviee :)


  5. Halo stevie.. nice to meet you again.. I love Priceza too, it's very helpful 💝

  6. my new fave website now: Priceza.
    it was fun to meet you Stevie..

  7. Stev... cantik bgt siy, aku jg suka bgt sm Priceza komplit deh kalo mau belanja semu ada.

  8. Belanja online jadi makin asik ya Stev semenjak ada Priceza *_*

  9. Lengkap banget infonya kak Stev <3 thank you for sharing

  10. This looks so much fun! I have always been interested in fashion. Wish I could have been there. I am in the middle of shopping for my wedding. I am getting married this June in one of the New York venues. Have a great year!


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