[Review]: BSkin V-line Vita Advanced Intense PAF Concentrate

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hello loves, for those of you who've been asking me about this product review here it is... Bskin V-line Vita Advanced Intense PAF Concentrate. It is a Vitamin C serum that contain 20% concentration of stabilized L-Ascorbic Acid. I am a total fan of Vitamin C as I got some discoloration and acne scars which fades really well when I apply Vit C on them regularly therefore I love to incorporate Vit C to my skin care routine every once in a while to give my skin the boost it needs. 

So if you missed out my previous post on my review on B-Skin skin care which I've reviewed a few months ago, you can check them out here. Previously B-Skin sent me a whole skin care range from V-line with the W-line serum but after hearing that I'm a lover of Vit C they decided to send me another package of this V-line Vita Advanced Intense PAF Concentrate. Horray!! Thank you so much B-Skin... Can't tell you how much I love Vit C enough.. 
Direction printed at the back of the bottle.
Use the pipette to get the product and apply it on your face, as you can see the texture is kind of oily and very yellow in color. It also smell very citrusy.  
First lets talk about the packaging, similar to all the V-line products it come in an orangey and clean white packaging. This product to be exact has a bottle packaging and a pipette as the bottle cap where you can just pump it to soak up the product and drop it onto your face. Now about the product, when I first opened the cap I was kinda shocked by how thick and yellow the product looks like and it kinda feel oily too. The texture is a bit heavy compared to my usual Vitamin C serum but maybe its just because of the ingredients in it. But since it contain a high concentration of L-Ascorbic Acid I believe it is very effective to rejuvenate dull and sagging skin. I would usually put a drop or two onto my cheek and spread the rest of the product evenly on my entire face because it surely look like a product with high Vit C formula I don't want to overuse and cause irritation on my skin. Vit C is good but using to much on your skin may not be good and on sensitive skin applying Vit C can also cause irritation and might sting too. Here's a tip when you're breaking out you can apply more concentration of the product on the active acne to accelerate the rate of healing as the Vitamin C serum will boost as an antioxidant for your skin but on broken skin or irritated skin I would suggest you to skip Vit C as it might sting and cause discomfort. Give your skin a rest as it heals by itself! 
Its best used 12 months after you opened it :)
After giving this product a try for a good 1 month by now by incorporating it on and off on my skin care routine, I can really see the effect of this product on my skin. Every time I woke up the day after I applied this product my skin will look a lot more glowing and radiant. It also help to make my skin look firm and more even as it evens out my discoloration and acne scars. To be honest after reading that this product contain oil, I was kind of hesitant because of the mindset that I have for oil products as I fear it would break me out but since this product is a Vit C concentrated product I decided to give it a shot and I don't regret my choice. It really show good improvements on my skin but the reason I use this on and off is because there are some days that I feel my skin condition don't really need the boost so I save it for the days when I need it. I would totally recommend this for those with dull and sagging skin because this serum do penetrate deep inside and you can really see the improvement after several use. For my skin type that is sensitive and acne prone this product didn't break me out till now so I guess my thought that all oil product isn't right for me is kind of wrong.. or maybe its just that my skin condition has changed over time. 
You can purchase it directly from www.bskin.com for authentic products, when it come to skin care always seek of authorized seller. Don't get it from some random online store just because its cheaper you're risking your skin to absorb counterfeit products which can result in a negative reaction to your skin. Thank you for making it to the end of this post to too! see you soon... Let's continue to live positive and beautiful inside out...

Love, Stevie 

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