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Sunday, September 03, 2017

Hello loves, How's your long weekend going? 
It's been quite a fun week to get a long weekend in the midst of our busy lifestyle, isn't it? 
Well today I'm going to share an interesting topic about the newest nude collection from PIXY ... I bet every lady will agree with me that we can't own too much lipsticks, we may have similar shades but all are different and have their own distinct uniqueness that's why I'm pretty excited trying out this latest collection by PIXYWhen we talk about lipstick or lip cream, it seems like a never ending rotation of trend from formula and colors. In this post I'm going to share a bit of the fun at PIXY Nude Series Lip Cream launching event, which took place exactly a week ago, my review about the whole Nude Collection and of course swatches! Excited🖤🖤🖤 
Last Saturday, together with all the other beauty bloggers from Clozette Indonesia we gathered to attend the launching of PIXY Nude lip cream collection at Ecology Bistro Kemang with the theme " In The Mood for Nude"This event is also attended by Rommy Andreas (MUA), Adiezty Fersa (Public Figure) and Diaz (PIXY representative- artistic team) which were the speakers for the event. Rommy Andreas (MUA) showed a makeup demo on how to use PIXY Nude lip cream collection to create a day to night makeup look. It was a fun session learning more about makeup and getting know more about PIXY products. I'm thrilled to know that the PIXY lip cream can also be used as blushes... You know how much I love multi function lip creams :) 🖤 These new shades are just perfect to create the current MLBB (my lips but better) trend.. 

After successfully launching 6 bold and vibrant lip creams last year, this year PIXY decided to come out with a Nude lip cream series with another 6 wonderful and beautiful nude shades. This new collection would make you fall head over heels if you're a lover of nude shades, just like myself~ Curious about the colors? Let check out this swatches video on my Youtube channel which you can watch below. 
Can you guess which one is my favorite shade? 
Make sure to read till the end cause I'll be sharing my personal review and thoughts about this nude collection in this post. So make sure to read till end, let's get started shall we?

6 beautiful Nude series from PIXY
Just a little background about the brand, PIXY is a local cosmetic brand manufactured by PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk under the supervision of standard Japanese manufacturing technology. Their ingredients are also made from natural products which are safe and not harmful for our skin. Each designs and product are highly influenced by the Japanese culture and trend in Japan. 

Now let's move on to the product, PIXY latest Nude series come in lip cream formula which has a sleek packaging. The product comes in black packaging with sweet star pattern design on the tube while the cap is in bright fuchsia pink and you'll get to see the shade at the lower part of the container. It's definitely those handy packaging which will pop up in your makeup pouch. The applicator of this lip cream also comes in a thin and precise shape which will easily helps us apply the lip cream easily onto our lips. 
PIXY nude series come in 6 shade variations with a hint tone of pink, orange and chocolate on each lip cream. Two of each lip cream have a hint of either pink, orange or chocolate which differentiate  PIXY nude lip cream series from the usual nude shade in the market. Even though we can also find other nudes with such tone but I can really say their position of each tone is just perfect! 

This PIXY Lip CreaNude Series have  pretty good formula cause usually lipstick would crack and dry my lips but this lip cream doesn't. I don't feel or see and cracking on my lips and the product glides in easily with the applicator on my lips. The texture of the lip create also feels super light on the lips and not tacky or sticky at all. The staying power is not bad too, as I've tried using it for a day and it leaves a stain on my lips even after eating and drinking. So it's not so bad but it isn't kiss-proof so you'll need to touch up to make sure your lipstick stays on all day. However if you leave it as it is you'll see the color gradually fading after you eat or drink but you can still see a hint of the stain on your lips. 🖤

PIXY Lip CreaNude Series comes in 6 shades: 07 Vintage Rose, 08 Delicate Pink, 09 Glam Coral, 10 Sweet Choco, 11 Gaudy Orange, and 12 Mild Peach.

07 Vintage Rose and 08 Delicate Pink are the pink squad of this PIXY Lip Cream Nude Series. You can easily spot the hint of slight pink in each lip cream! 
Very sweet looking~
07 Vintage Rose

08 Delicate Pink

 09 Glam Coral and 10 Sweet Choco are the chocolate squad of this PIXY Lip Cream Nude Series. You can easily spot the hint of chocolate nude in each lip cream! 
Deliciously looking great~ 
 09 Glam Coral

10 Sweet Choco

11 Gaudy Orange and 12 Mild Peach are the orange squad of this PIXY Lip Cream Nude Series. You can easily spot the hint of orange/coral in each lip cream! 
Fresh Orangey~ 
11 Gaudy Orange

12 Mild Peach

I personally feel nude are the most wearable colors for everyday use. Nude lipstick/ lip cream tend to be the safest shade to easily suite everyday makeup look without looking too much but sometimes nude colors can be tricky. Nude can sometime make one look kind of pale or sick, that's why choosing the right nude color for your skin tone is the key!   
PIXY has really took it into consideration into creating a nude color that will generally look great on all skin tone by giving the hint of each pink/ orange/ chocolate tone. This will definitely make ones complexion look brighter. Overall all these nude lip creams won't make you look pale and they'll most probably be your best daily wear companion. The wide varieties will help suite different look you're trying to achieve. They can instantly lit up and change your look into different mood. 
My personal favorite from the pink squad would be 08 Delicate Pink because I've been looking for a subtle pink that doesn't make me look pale and the composition of pink in this shade still makes my skin complexion pop even though the pink is very soft and subtle. From the Chocolate squad I really love 09 Gals Coral because its just great for daily wear. The neutral shade that will definitely match with any kind of makeup look. Lastly my ultimate fave from all the nude series and also from the orange squad its the 11 Gaudy Orange! If you've seen my video you may have known the reason. If you haven't seen it, check it out and find out :) 
Overall this whole PIXY nude series is definitely worth the hyped I love all of them! No complain from the shades, formula to texture. The best part of all is it cost only IDR 45.000,- and you can easily purchase them from  PIXY counter or any cosmetic or beauty store. Hey! who says affordable local products are bad? PIXY has proved you wrong.. I highly recommend you to check them out, you will love them for their quality and cost friendly ❣
Check out more about PIXY here: 
Lastly I'd like to thank Clozette Indonesia and PIXY for having me at the event and of course gave me the chance to be among the first to try and review this whole nude series collection! I hope you enjoy reading my whole swatch, review and event recap sneak peek:) Make sure to check out the swatch video too❤  

Love, Stevie 

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