Watsons Introducing E-commerce Shopping Platform

Friday, September 15, 2017

Watsons has recently launched their E-Commerce shopping platform for both PC website and mobile app. To be exact it's on the 9 September 2017 Watsons launched their E-commerce platform and they even held a launching event at Mall Kelapa Gading. Watsons is a large retail company that focusing mainly on beauty, health and wellness and this time they aim to capture the large online users and shoppers here in Indonesia by launching their e-commerce platform to ease their shopping needs. You can easily search the hype of Watsons online shop with these hashtag on Instagram #URTheSpecialOnes and #WatsonsID.

These days mostly everyone shop online through various e-commerce shopping platform because its very convenient and time saving. Maybe its because these days everyone get so busy to actually go out and shop in store that's online shopping is a solution and its like the new retail therapy as today we can find almost everything online.
However shopping beauty, and health products online can be tricky if you purchase through random online shops because we never know if they really sell authentic products. Since beauty and health products are usually consumed or applied on skin if the products are not authentic then it may cause harm and irritation on our skin and body which will eventually cause a huge mess and problem. Therefore it's very important to always take note of where you shop and only shop through trusted online stores.  Watsons is the right E-Commerce shopping platform you can try if you're about to shop any  beauty, and health products as we all know Watsons is a well established beauty, and health retail store so you don't need to worry about purchasing counterfeit products through Watsons.

To make it even easier Watsons launched both  (website dan mobile app) through which you can choose which ever you're most convenient. The mobile app hence make it even easier as we're basically on our phone everyday this app and its interface can easily help us choose what we are about to shop. If you are apple user you can get the app from App Store or google play store for android users. You can find any kind of beauty products from makeup, skincare, body wash to health care vitamins etc. 
Products variations at Watsons are so complete, as I've already said earlier Watsons has everything from health, wellness to beauty products. You can easily browse the products you want base on categories such as cosmetics, skincare, health & fitness, personal care, haircare, food & Sundries, Only@Watsons (for brands and products that are only sold solely at Watsons), Brands and Promotion. Free Delivery is available for all purchases of your favorite products at Watsons online store ! Get free delivery with minimum purchase of Rp. 50,000 only (Jawa & Bali)! 🚚
Let me show you a little guide on how to shop at Watsons online store:
-First,I would suggest you to register to make your experience easier for later dates.
-Then choose the products you'd like to purchase
-All the items selected will enter and appear on the basket/ cart 
-Then you'll be redirected to the sign in/ sign up page if you haven't sign in
-After that you can easily proceed with the payment and shipping details

Now let me break it down to you the package that I got from Watsons for this project. Watsons Indonesia sent me a huge package filled with various products from Watsons. I'll share with you my personal thoughts regarding the package and what are inside my package.. Are you excited let's get started, shall we? 

First I'll discuss about the packaging, when the package arrives it come in a box that is securely wrapped with their Watsons tape neatly surrounding the package to make sure no spillage is possible. The box itself comes in a thick brown cardboard box that is very stern and will protect the products from any wear or tear. 
In the front they'll have your address clearly stated and everything is safely sealed with the Watsons tape. Cause they send me a lot of products they box I received was kind of big but everything is securely packed in the package. Once you open the packaging you'll notice some cardboard inside the box too to avoid the products from shaking or moving too much through the shipping process. 

I really love their cardboard packaging as they look so stern and durable!
More cardboard
They also make sure all the products are wrapped in bubble wraps to make sure none of the products will break or spill. So safety packaging measures are really taken care off as those bubble wraps will securely protect the products especially any glass bottles from breaking. 

Bubble Wraps to keep all the products safe especially fragile items 
What's Inside?
Now let's see what's inside my box, unboxing has always been exciting for me and I'm beyond thrilled to open this box from Watsons Indonesia. I got various products from different categories available at Watsons including my favorite biscuit snack. If you know me pretty well I kind of have this biscuit in my bag every where I go, because its just so handy and comes in a pack consisting of two yummy biscuit just enough to hold my hunger. I got so many products from toothpaste, snack, multivitamin candy supplement, body mists cologne, makeup remover, comb, shampoo, eyeshadow palette, nail polish and body lotion. There are just so many that I'm kind of stoked ❤ 
They wrapped my nail polishes in another bubblele wraps to protect them from bumping into other products. Very safe and secure! 
Beautiful pinky shades of nail polishes
This seems like a very interesting shampoo, I've never heard about this brand before. I'll most probably give this a try once I finish my shampoo. But the packaging looks legit good!
Beautiful eyeshadow palette from Loreal 
So this is all I got! Thank you so much Watsons Indonesia
I would say that Watsons Indonesia e-commerce shopping platform offers products at a relatively competitive price as those in the market and sold in stores. To make it even better Watsons Indonesia often have special promotional prices or packages too which you can check directly at their web store or apps. 
 Overall shopping through Watsons would be so convenient as now we can shop through our phone apps or Watsons  e-store which only one click away. The delivering time isn't long too, mine arrived around one- two days after they told me they're about to sent me the package. So I believe that their shipping system is well managed to ensure they deliver their customers with the best online shopping experience by providing a convenient shopping experience, quick shipping process and good after sales service. Now its your turn, give Watsons e-commerce a try!! Have you tried using Watsons e-commerce shopping platform before? share with me your experience I would love to read about it. 
Don't forget to check out Watsons website and social media to keep up with their updates and promotions:

If you happen to experience any difficulties during your shopping at Watsons through their email support.watsons@watsons.co.id or call 021-2521131 

Love, Stevie 

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  1. nah ini yang aku suka, packaingnya itu di bubble wrap per setiap produk yang kita order ya

  2. Asik banget deh kalo udah online apalagi banyak promo di watson jd lebih mudah ga ribet ke store bisa dimana saja & kapan saja ya Stev

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