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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Unwanted hairs on the body are troublesome and may make you look less appealing with see through dresses or tops but now you longer have to worry because there are many treatments in the market that provide services and treatments to remove your unwanted hair.The most common options are usually shaving and removing using hair removal cream. But I personally felt shaving makes the hair grow faster and they become more rough in texture. So today I'll share my experience and review on my whole treatment at Wax Haus in this post. Yesterday I went to Wax Haus to do my flawless body (full body) waxing treatment, so if you're interested in waxing make sure you read till the end! ^^ 

When I first came to the shop I was greeted by the reception and she asked on what treatments I'd like and my data. After that I was asked to wait for the to prepare everything before I can enter into the treatment room. Not long after waiting they finally called me in. I noticed that the staffs at Wax Haus are all very friendly and they tend to smile a lot which makes me as a customer feel cozy and comfortable in there. Each customers are assigned one therapist to handle them throughout the treatment. 

Wax  Haus provide different waxing treatments from the top of your head to your feet, name it and  they have it all. Below are the menu and price list of their treatment. You can choose single treatment or package treatment too. 
Menu for all the treatment at Wax Haus
In order to maximize customer satisfaction Wax Haus provides a 5 days guarantee and  if you find any unwanted hair remaining within the time limit you can go back for another session for free T&C Apply*. They also have many branches across Jakarta, Bandung and Bali. 
Make sure to read this before your waxing session
Before starting the treatment I was taken into your assigned treatment room and was asked to change into their brown tube dress. This is to avoid my clothes from getting dirty since they used caramel for waxing and it might smear on the clothes throughout the treatment. 

After changing my therapist came in to start my treatment, She's very friendly, well-trained and skilled, she make sure all the unwanted hairs are being removed . 
The treatment room is pretty small with a bed and essentials for waxing treatment only but the ambiance was made very comfortable with bright and white walls.They also have a curtain cover in front of each room to maintain each customer's privacy but the room isn't fully isolated and you can actually hear the conversation from different rooms.
This is how the room look like, small yet comfortable. 
They also follow strict and clean procedure with no double dipping and only uses fresh caramel and new applicator for each customers. I'm so happy that they make sure to maintain the cleanliness throughout the whole treatment. At Wax Haus they only uses fresh caramel for waxing which makes it safe and would avoid causing any irritation because it's natural. The caramel was preheat prior to the treatment so that it'll be more effective for the waxing process. 

Aside from waxing they also provide Brazilian waxing, eye brow threading treatment to shape the brows and uses threading technique to pull out tinier and softer hairs that won't come out with waxing. At Wax Haus the therapists make sure that all the unwanted hairs are completely removed and customers get the best treatment and they are also very careful and precise in their treatment. 

I am never a fan of anything that would cause pain so I told my therapist about my little fear and she assured me that it would not be that painful and also performed her task very well. Throughout the whole treatment I realize that the pain was still bearable and it was not as painful as I thought. 

Here's my final thought on Flawless Body Package (Full Body Waxing):

  • All your unwanted hairs will disappear in no time, now you can raise your hands as high as you want no more shy armpits
  • Your skin will feel a lot more smoother
  • It will take a while for those hairs to start growing again, because with waxing the hairs are being pulled out completely thus the growing process will slow down compared to shaving. 
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation
  • Since the hair growth is slower so you'll no longer need to shave daily as you can still enjoy your smooth, hair-less and flawless skin thus saving more time! 
  • Hair growth and density may reduce as you wax regularly
  • Waxing helps to exfoliate skin too as it will also lift dead skin cells on the body making your skin look a look cleaner and brighter
Being blessed with natural thick eyebrows can be bothersome to shape but today I requested my therapist to not shape my brows too thin cause I like a more natural looking brows without any  harsh and high arcs too.  So happy with the result!

Meet my therapist Mba Chika :) 
Wax Haus
Outlet Branches: 

1. Plaza Semanggi 1st Floor #44, telp 021-29026497
2. Kota Kasablanka LG floor #62, telp 021-29488620
3.  Emporium Pluit Mall 2 Floor  #2-02, telp 021 - 6667 6622
4. Sumarecon Mal Serpong 2 BA #13, telp 021-29310612
5. Bintaro Exchage B1 Floor #4, telp 021-29864648

Dipa Junction C4-6 Jl. Aria Jipang No.1-3, telp 022-4241955

Beachwalk Bali B1 Floor #A15, telp 0361-8465573

Here are the goodies I got from them :) Lastly I'd like to thank WaxHaus for a pleasant waxing experience and also Clozette Indonesia for giving me this opportunity to try out this awesome full body waxing treatment.

I'll give a short review on the creams that WaxHaus gave me to try out. So they gave me the Lansley Armpit Beauty Cream and Lansley Groin Area Skin Beauty Cream, these creams are meant to even out the skin on those areas that may have uneven skin tone especially on under arms and groin area. The cream claims to:
  • Stabilize and even out skin tone
  • Gently yet effective to remove dead cells on skin surface and clear away melanin on skin surface to help absorption of whitening ingredients.
  • Sooth and calm skin. Leave the are feeling smooth and soft 

After waxing the therapist told me a few things to make sure in order not to cause any irritation on my skin. So she said not to bath on hot water for the first day after waxing and scrubbing is only allowed after day three. 
After three days I gave this creams a try, I've tried the Lansley Armpit Beauty Cream and it has a very light texture and glides in smoothly into the skin, leaving my skin feeling soft and moisturized. This cream is white in colour and do have a slight perfumey scent to it but not that overwhelming tho but I would really love it if it doesn't have any scent to it. I do have a sensitive skin but I've realized after trying it for a few days this product doesn't cause any irritation to my skin.So, so far so good!   
This Lansley Groin Area Skin Beauty Cream is green in colour but I'm surprised that it has lesser perfume scent compared to the Lansley Armpit Beauty Cream. The ingredients do say that it contain perfume too but I smell that this cream has a more subtle scent to it. Ok, forget about the scent, what I feel about this cream is pretty much the same as the armpit cream but after using it for a couple days I've not yet seen any drastic improvement to my skin tone but as usual trying skin care products need patience and persistence. So maybe I'll need to tr it out for a little longer to let you guys know how effective are these creams.    
If you're interested in these creams you can get them at WaxHaus outlets for Rp.145 000 each. 

Well that's all for now, hope you enjoy this post and find it useful. See you soon on the next post! Have you ever tried waxing or do you have any other ways you prefer to remove your unwanted hairs ? Share in the comment down below and I'd love to read about it.  

Love, Stevie 

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