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Friday, April 28, 2017

Hello there, I'm back with the second part of this month's travel post in collaboration with HIS and Beautynesia. In this post I will share some more information regarding travelling transportation in Japan. 
Most of the time in Japan everyone prefer to walk as their own means of transportation as public transports such as bus, train or taxi can be very costly! Therefore planning your most preferable means of transportation before your holiday trip will save you a lot of time and cost too! Through HISGO you can not only purchase flight ticket at the best price but also your JR Pass, not to forget buying your domestic flight will be made even much more easier with  HanaviHanavi allows you to book your domestic flight to multiple city in Japan together with hotel packages! Everything planned easily just through your computer. 

HIS has indeed made booking and planning your trip to Japan a lot easier with its online travel agent service. As for travelling in Osaka you might want to try out Osaka City Pass which include Osaka Wonder Loop, Subway and Osaka Wonder Cruise to travel most part of the city and see more about Osaka from different perspectives. It will give you a better travelling experience by trying out all these transportation. You can book your Osaka City Pass from HIS 
Osaka Wonder Loop Bus
Considering about the transportation right when you arrive in Japan is also important, like which mode of transportation will you choose to travel to the city center cause arriving with lots of luggage will be inconvenient if you go and search for your transportation choices at the airport cause it will not only cost your money but you'll also waste your time. 
How about considering this airport transport with Keisei Skyliner , it'll help you reach downtown in convenient and purchasing before arriving in Japan can save you some penny as they offer discounted rate for those who purchase through travel agent outside Japan.  
Another option to get you to downtown is by Airport Limousine, its a bus that will transport you from the airport to city center as it's considered as the most friendly To Go transportation. You can also book your ticket through HIS. 

Back again JR Pass is the most convenient travelling transportation within cities in Japan aside from flight that's why booking it prior to your visit will save you some hassle during your travelling experience.  

HIS has made booking all your travelling needs to Japan much more easy through HISGO. So now you can just plan, book and you're good to go for your holiday to Japan! Enjoy😼

Like usually don't  forget to BEAUTYNESIA for more information about beauty and lifestyle! I will be back with more fun and hopefully informative travel posts next month... ssst next month's post might be very useful for those planning on the upcoming Lebaran break holiday. That's all for now see you on my next post! 

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