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Monday, April 17, 2017

B-Skin is a skincare that has a philosophy that "believe beauty is a state of harmony and balance with all of life." Their skin care products doesn't contain any harmful ingredients therefore they aim to help balance the need of your skin by protecting and nourishing it in order for it to be healthy ! 

Speaking of which I am also a strong believer that your skin should be well maintained and nourished so that when you apply your makeup it will set in easily. For me skin care always comes first and makeup second, because once you have a smooth and healthy skin your minimal makeup would already make you look so on point. However even though I'm always eager to try out new skin care products from different brand but I'm always hesitant because I can't say I'm blessed with naturally flawless skin and I do have a very sensitive skin which always stop me from trying out different products cause I don't want to experience the whole troubled skin all over again! Before my skin have experienced serious acne that's why I do still have some past acne scars and discoloration on my skin but nevertheless I'm always grateful because I learned that despite our flaws we're all beautiful in our own ways. Well that's going to be a completely different topic but yeah, I guess no one is willing to risk their skin condition to worsen because of trying out different products right? 

However B-skin contacted me and asked if I'm willing to try out their range of products, same scenario I did my research and ask the staff about their products however after noticing their brand philosophy and beliefs I decided to give this one a shot. It's actually my first time leaving my old skincare which has been my top fav till the vary moment to try out a whole new range. After a few discussion and consultation with the B-Skin doctor they decided to send me the V- Line (BSKIN VITA ADVANCED Line) range and W-Line serum because I told them about my sensitive skin so they decided to send me the W-Line one instead of the V-Line Serum because it contains high Vit C which they're afraid might cause irritation to my skin. 

So finally after trying it out for a good 2 months I'm finally revealing my thoughts about this whole skin care by B-Skin. Let's begin ... please do note that every person has a different skin condition so what might work from me, might not work for other people but I do hope that what I share can help you get a better insight about B-Skin product ranges (especially the ones I used). 
B-Skin skin care consisted of 5 steps, I changed my whole skin care to B-Skin products to try out their effect on my skin. The products I used were from their V-Line: Soft Bead Cleanser, Natural Balance Essence, Active Day Cream and Regenerative Night Cream as for the serum it was substituted with their W-Line Enriched Brightening Serum. 


I've always believed cleansing is the ultimate key to a healthy skin because without cleansing thoroughly you'll be risking your skin being clogged with dust, dirt, makeup that will eventually make your skin look dull or even cause acne... This V-Line Soft Bead Cleanser contains like a tiny soft beads that is meant to function as a soft exfoliating tools to help you get rid of dead skins daily as you might already know that dead skin is also one of the major cause of a dull looking skin. I really love the smell of this cleanser because it kind of reminded me of citrus-y scent that is fresh but somehow it made my skin felt a little tight ( squeaky clean) feel. Aside from that I do love this cleanser as it makes my skin feel extremely fresh and clean after every wash. 

Usually for my second step I would have my toner but in B-skin skincare they have essence coming up directly after cleanser, I believe that this product is meant to nourish, restore and balance out the pH level on my skin after washing my face. It is also an alcohol free product and have kind of a watery formula that easily absorbs into my skin. Once it absorbs into my skin it leaves it felling fresh and smooth.

This brightening serum has a thicker texture compared to the essence, it comes in an opaque colour gel form, usually I would use 2 pump for my whole face. Since I'm going to layer up products so I've always tried to use a little bit of everything. (here's a little tip from me if your skincare requires you to layer, remember to always use a little of each product. Using too much may not bring you the results you want and it can even make your skin stress out). After using this it kind of make my skin look firmer, plumper and more radiant as it acts as a serum that brighten up and reduces pigmentation on our skin. 


I always consider day cream important as I like to use it as a moisture to prep my skin prior to makeup. However this day cream hydrates my skin and moisturizes it without feeling greasy which is a plus point. Even thought the cream's texture might be a little thick but it absorbs in quickly into my skin.This day cream also act as a UV shield therefore it will help you avoid other problems that UV rays can create on your skin. I noticed that my makeup sets in better too with this cream as it doesn't leave any greasy residue on the surface of my skin.  


This night cream kind of have a soothing scent with a little citrus-y scent that the whole V-line has. This night cream is said to clam and relaxes the skin by nourishing and helps the skin to regenerate. After trying it out I do enjoy using it as it makes my skin looks supple and dewy every morning I woke up. The texture of the cream itself is also thick but it absorbs quickly into the skin without making my skin feel greasy. 

So far I'm loving this whole skin care from B-Skin and will most probably continue to use it while I explore with other skin care too and trying to incorporate my old love (read: skincare) into it. This whole skin care by B-Skin do make my skin feels plumper, fresh and supple which I believe is the key for a healthy and youthful looking skin. If you ask me which of all is my fav I would say its the step 2 (essence) and step 3 (serum) as both of this instantly felt like a boost for my skin making it feels smooth and fresh! I would rate it 4.5/5 for my whole skin experience with B-Skin. Actually while trying this out my skin has not been it best condition but I know that the problem does't come from the products cause before it did an amazing job and even though I have break outs every here and there but the whole skin care accelerate the healing process and making my skin complexion to still look fresh and bright despite of the acne that's going on. The problem with my break out is actually due to my imbalance sleeping hours and the level of stress I've been pressuring myself and thus my skin turned angry.😱😵 Another thing I noticed is because the V-Line contain Vit.C in their ingredient , maybe that's what help my acne to heal 💓 even though I still have some left. I tink the problem itself won't subside if I don't start to balance out my lifestyle and control my stress level. Therefore for those who're experiencing acne better stop stressing out cause you might just worsen your condition. I know acne is not permanent therefore don't worry about it too much it will go eventually ! One tips from me is to stop stressing out and have a balanced lifestyle that is a key to happy life as well a healthy body and skin!  
To know more about the science and clinical research behind each product ingredients to visit their website. I'll not go into details about it cause you can easily access the information from their site. However I would really suggest this B-skin Skin care for those who'd like to have a bright, healthier and plumper skin, cause it really does the job! I was impressed by how it made my skin complexion looks a lot fresher and brighter. Indeed a great skincare for your dull and sagging skin. 

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Love, Stevie 

* Products are sponsored but all the opinions and thoughts about the product reviews were my own personal honest thoughts. 

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