3 Ways to Style one Dress by Love, Bonito

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Rise and Shine loves ! 
Let's get the morning started with a new fashion post... In this post I'll share my styling tips to style one dress into three different look. I know styling can be daunting for some or some are just clueless how to style up. The key is actually to be confident with what you're wearing and feel comfortable in it because over the years I've learned that its impossible to feel 100% confident if I'm wearing something uncomfortable and doesn't compliment my body shape. 
 In this post I'll be featuring a dress that I got from Love, Bonito for this collaboration project with Clozette Indonesia. Through this project I got the privilege to shop at  Love, Bonito webstore which turns out super fun! I really had a hard time choosing which one to pick cause all the designs are very modest and chic. I'll also share some styling tips and how I style this one dress into three different look. 
Love, Bonito is a clothing brand founded in Singapore with a message to empower woman and not just your usual shop that sell clothes. In May 2015, Love, Bonito first came to Indonesia and since then has been receiving warm welcome from our local market by providing stylish, simple and chic daily ready to wear clothing. I personally love the message and purpose  Love, Bonito wants to promote through their brand cause through style one can easily feel empowered and inspired hence leading to a better and positive surroundings. 

You can easily shop through Love, Bonito web store from your PC or mobile phone but it would be better to use PC cause it has bigger screen giving you better insights of the products but both offer easy and convenient shopping experience. It would be better to register/ sign up first before proceeding with your purchases cause you can get RPp. 75 000 discount for those who first register. After completing registration you can now click onto shop and start choosing your favourite pieces. Choose "New Arrivals" to see the latest collection and the webstore is also so convinient that you can also shop base on category like tops, bottoms, outer, dress, accesories, shoes. If you're wondering about the size make sure to check out the Size Chart before proceeding. I know the struggle and confusion to find the right size when you shop online but if you measure and look into the size chart carefully you can avoid purchasing the wrong size. After completing your shopping chart you can now proceed by checking out and completing the order and payment.  Love, Bonito offers free shipping service for regular shipment but they also offer other shipping methods like Gojek or quick one day delivery. 

My decision finally landed on this Bealla Colour Block Dress - Olive which has a simple loose fit cutting. The reason I choose this dress is because of its simple yet modest design. I can really imagine myself styling this dress into different looks thus I choose it because I really love to buy pieces that I can easily mix and match. This dress actually come in two different color choices but I choose the olive one just because it has a more subtle and pastel look. This dress comes in a very lightweight fabric that feels so comfortable on the skin. It is a combination of spandex and polyester. The ribbon on the shoulder is adjustable and it has a loose cut that isn't elastic. I do love the color block on this dress also which makes it look simple but significant and says its own story.   
Front Look -  a three color block combination of salmon carol, beige and olive.
Back Look - Only Olive Color    
 Now let me introduce you to the three looks I created with this simple Bealla Colour Block Dress - Olive from Love, BonitoHope this can help you find some styling ideas for your daily look. I differentiated the look into three called Summer Love, Edgy Twist and Feminine chic. Let's see more about it below:
❤ Summer Love ❤ 
Wear the dress as it is!! It is the simplest way you can wear this dress because the dress itself already has a point even though it has very simple cutting. The color block and the ribbon makes the dress look simple but cute. It would definitely make the perfect summer dress due to its light fabric that is very airy for hot Sumer days. I paired it with a rattan hat and rattan bag just to add a little tropical feel to the look.  

❤ Edgy Twist 
Throw your favorite denim ombre jacket over it to make the look more edgy and cool. The jacket will give you more coverage and will also make you look more boyish and less feminine. The color of the dress itself is also very neutral hence it can easily compliment with any outerwear you put on actually but I would suggest a denim jacket to make it look more poise but still fun and edgy. 

❤ Feminine Chic 
This third look is actually my current favorite style. Recently, I've been loving layering as it can make the look seems more poise. I personally think the bell sleeves on my white top compliment with the dress, thus making it more lovely and feminine! If you want a more simple look opt for a simple white tee and layer it over this dress. 
Overall I had a fun experience shopping at Love, Bonito and I hope that this three different look will give you some styling inspiration on how to style a dress into three look with a completely different vibe. Basically all you need to do is experiment and find the best clothing style that compliment your personality and body. Always remember to wear your confidence too, cause no look is ever complete without it!
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If you need any help while shopping contact Love, Bonito Customer Service through:
LINE: @lovebonitoid (Use @)
WhatsApp: +6287883001010

Lastly, Thank you so much Clozette Indonesia and Love, Bonito for this opportunity! 
See you next time ~ 

Love, Stevie 

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