[Event]: KBEE 2017 - Korean Brand & Entertainment Expo

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Nowadays everyone is kind of influenced by the Korean culture in one way or another. The Korean wave fever is not over yet and its not only in terms of K-pop or idols but other Korean aspects like lifestyle, cultures, language, food, beauty and fashion has grown so big and catch attention of people from all around the world which makes Indonesia not an exception. I personally am a lover of Korea's fashion, beauty and food. Thus when I heard about this event I was so excited to visit and here at  KBEE 2017 - Korean Brand & Entertainment Expo we can see a lot of Korean brands from beauty, lifestyle, food to fashion and some of the beauty brands are new or even brands I haven't heard before. 

This KBEE 2017 - Korean Brand & Entertainment Expo event took place from 4-5 September 2017 at Sheraton Hotel Gandaria City and They also host special fan meeting with Song Ji Hyo and Super junior member Enhyuk and Donghea. Too bad I didn't get the tickets into their fan meet but I do had lots of fun at the event and let me take you along with me.This KBEE event is held every year in different nation and this year we're lucky they hold it in Indonesia. 
Through this event we met a lot of Korean beauty brand which turn into friends we made at the event. More on the products I got from Rejuvera a brand from Beauty Lab Co. LTD on my next post. 
Remember I've reviewed this similar bubble mask before and look what I found at the event the original maker of this product. After talking with the CEO apparently he said the products which I've already reviewed before is his product too which he created. Miss that post? check out here.

Spotted familiar faces? Yes, its Super Junior Donghae & Eunhyuk

Size is small that it can easily fit in your bag

Hope you enjoy the glimpse of the event, See you next time!    

Love, Stevie 

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