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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hello loves, What are you guys up to? I hope everyone is doing well, if not don't lose hope! Remember this too shall pass~ Now lets discuss new interesting lip products from Maybelline, The Loaded Bolds. I bet every girl won't have enough lipstick so this new lipstick range  will definitely add the hype in the lipstick variation in the market. Buckle up this is gonna be quite a long post as I'll be sharing my first impression, review and swatches in this post. 

Maybelline has been a well known go to makeup brand that has wide product variations and good quality products at an affordable or reasonable price. This new lip product range just adds up to the joy as they have very beautiful bold and vivid shades. The black and white lipstick caught my eyes first when I saw the products but those two colors are the mixing shades you can add black over a lipstick to darken the color or white to lighten it. I personally feel that its not only black and white but the blue and chocolate one are also meant to be the color mixer to help us mix our own lipstick base on our own preferences as blue mix with red/pink will turn purple. 
What differentiate this Maybelline The Loaded Bolds with other bold lipsticks in the market is that this Maybelline The Loaded Bolds lipsticks have strong color payoff just in one swipe and you don't really need to try hard for its color to come out because just like its name, the lipstick has very pigmented color just in a single glide. Trust me that it is so pigmented but the formula is creamy matte but it doesn't feel drying at all on my lips. The bold colors may not be your usual daily lip color such as black, white, or blue but these colors would be perfect to make editorial or themed looks (such as for the upcoming halloween, maybe?) I'll share my thoughts on them below. 

Packaging+ Formula
The packaging is sleek and handy with a silver hand, a dark blue glossy cap and sticker of each color code at the bottom. The texture of this lipstick is creamy that in one swipe you can already see the bold and vivid color. The lipstick also keeps the lips feeling moist even though it has a creamy matte finish.  
12 very saturated bold and vivid lipsticks swatches, now let me show you how each shade looks on my lips! They are indeed very pigmented in terms of color.












All of them are so bold in terms of color and it would be total opposite to my usual lip color because I tend to love shades that are more natural or subtle however these lipsticks just made me fell in love with bold lipsticks. The colors are all so beautiful and eye catching, my favorite goes to (10) Smoking Red, (15) Berry Bossy, (16) Fearless Purple. More on this color can be seen on my post here. Do you want to try out these Maybelline The Loaded Bolds too for free? Win 2 of them by joining my giveaway. Check more about the terms here (make sure to follow all the rules).
Maybelline The Loaded Bolds would be a great investment for bold lipsticks if you're a fan of lipstick or love to play with makeup as they are very affordable in price and have great formula and quality to help you achieve various look you aim on creating. You can grab these Maybelline The Loaded Bolds Lipsticks at Sociolla, and use my discount code SBNLAHWU to get 50k off with minimum transaction 250k!

Love, Stevie 

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