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Friday, September 08, 2017

On 7 September 2017, I was invited to attend to the launching of Excellenz lens brand by PT Roemah Lensa Katamata at Shangrila Hotel Jakarta at the Gapopin 2017 event. Excellenz is the newest brand PT Roemah Lensa Katamata and at this event their brand ambassador is also introduced its no other than Afghan Syahreza! One of Indonesian most loved male solo singer. Excellenz is being wrapped in a pop art theme to mark it as brand new lens innovation with the latest Nanomite coating technology to catch the attention of the public and the younger market.   
Strike a pose and shine! Make sure your reading glasses lens is as bright as your vision!
Cool kids in the hood! 
The event officially begin
Afghan Syahrez brand ambassador of Excellenz
Mr. Budi Riawan, the representative of PT Roemah Lensa Katamata for Excellenz brand
First the event starts with an opening speech by Mr. Budi Riawan as the representative of PT Roemah Lensa Katamata for Excellenz brand. He explained a little about the brand and the Excellenz lens, as he elaborated he shared that the main difference that differentiate this lens with other lens in the market is its technology that help to tackle infrared rays and not only UV rays or blue rays like usual lens. He shared that this was a dream from their company to actually have a whole range of eye wear not only focusing on softens but also venturing into the reading glasses, lens and complete eye wear range. He said that this vision of the owner that came out with this dream to create something that is different from what's available in the market and bringing new innovation with the latest technology of lens that finally results in this new Excellenz Nanomite lens that is able to protect users from Infrared rays, UV rays and blue rays and is also able to tackle all five the usual lens problems like dazzle (anti- reflection), scratch, dust, water repellent to oil mark(anti-smudge).
At the event  Afghan shared his experience with glasses as he told us that he's been using glasses all his live and he's never tried softens before and as we all know he's one of those singer who has a close image of glasses stick to him. He told us some of the issues that most glasses or lenses: scratch, dazzle, easy to get water stain, get dusty easily, etc... all these are some of the common issues that he shared and would most probably be relatable by all of us (reading glasses users). He then shared that after using the newest lens by Excellenz he don't have any more issues about the problems her stated above.  Afghan also shared his reason why he decided to partner and collaborate with Excellenz because he said Excellenz lens isn't just the usual lens that will help for reading or eye sight but Excellenz lens can also help to protect the eyes from harmful Infrared rays, blue rays and UV while still looking on point. 
This is the newest lens by Excellenz and below are the pictures that differentiate Excellenz lens brand to other usual lens. Let's see the test result:
Infra Red Test
Spotted smoke behind the lens
No smoke visible. It means its protected from the Infrared rays
Blue Light Test
Spot the difference?
Super Water Repellent
Anti Dust
Anti- Smudge
The crowd 
The highest quality of Excellenz lens have all these three quality: Blue Cut, Nanomite and Vivo
The basic quality of Excellenz lens have all these two quality: Blue Cut and Vivo
The latest coating innovation technology by PT Roemah Lensa Katamata that help to protect our sight from harmful infrared rays
Excellenz is also currently hosting a giveaway for three lucky winners who purchase Excellenz  lens  to get a chance to have dinner with Afghan. More information regarding this event is coming up soon on their page so don't forget to follow Excellenz  on their social media. Instagram and website.
Excellenz is said to be available in your local optic stores which have Excellenz logo on. You can easily check Excellenz website and check the store directory to see which stores carry Excellenz lens. Excellenz lens price range from Rp 800 000 to Rp 10 000 000. They also said that Excellenz lens will not only be available for reading glasses but for sunglasses too starting next year. Excellenz come with a tag line "Bukan Lens Biasa" (Not a usual lens) that is shown by its quality and coating technology that differentiate Excellenz lens with usual lenses in the market. 
Blogger Squad with Excellenz brand ambassador Afghan Syahreza and Excellenz brand representative Mr. Budi Riawan
Crowded media and cameras 
Afghan sang two songs to all the guests at the venue, just the best way to end the day listening to his sweet songs. Thank you for reading! see you on my next post! Don't forget to join Excellenz event to get a chance to dine with Afghan🖤

Love, Stevie 

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