GD Concert: 2017 World Tour Act III, M.O.T.T.E

Monday, September 04, 2017

I'm super thrilled and excited to share with you guys (as some of you may have known already) I just watched GD concert last night!! Sorry for spamming on my IG stories but as always GD rock his show and I'm feeling super blessed to get the chance to see his solo concert live. Actually Yesterday was just a usual Sunday for me, nothing special and didn't plan on going to the concert even though I knew before hand that he's going to perform last night but since I decided to save up and not spent recklessly I didn't buy the ticket. However just like a sudden surprise on a beautiful Sunday evening my phone screen lit up and a friend messaged saying she got extra ticket to the concert, I can't think twice but to say Yes to it.... So that's how I ended up at the venue 1 hour before the concert!
Big Bang has been my ultimate favorite K-group and GD always had his quirks and twist that would just stunt every audience that's why being able to see him live is just so exciting. Can you imagine getting the news 2 hours before the concert begin and wearing a high platform to the concert just adds  up the thrill. I really got no time to change worrying that I would be late to the event so I rushed with the super comfy outfit I wore for a super laid-back Sunday (which turns out the other way round, but I don't mind, cause it's GD 🖤) . That wraps up my mini story of my thrilling and super exciting last minute GD concert moment. Now let me take you along with me to the concert with some of the picts I managed to take at the concert. Overall the concert was fun and as always GD just had his way to rock his stage even though his condition isn't very fit but he got it covered with his stage performance. 

P.S.Please excuse my blurry pictures due to low light as they are all taken with my phone.

Last song, my favorite song!
Yesterday's party people!! :)
Once again! Thank you kak @weddewi for the ticket :) I had a blast, Lazy Sunday turned out to be a turned up night with Mr. Kwon Ji Yong. Catch more of the concert on my IG stories before they're gone.. Till next time :)  

Love, Stevie 

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