Beautiful Journey Seoul, Korea Trip Pt.2

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Crazy days!! Its been a hectic couple of months and today I finally decided to stop everything and finish up this part two which has been pending for way too long. As I've shared on my part one this post is meant to help me cherish and treasure my memories of the wonderful days I had during the whole Charis Beautiful Journey trip. 
Despite traveling for first time abroad all by myself, it was indeed a memorable one. Thanks  Charis for the warm hospitality.. They say along the road you'll meet people that will eventually be friends and I'm just happy to be able to meet every single Charis fam who've been very warm and welcoming. It wouldn't be a memorable trip if it wasn't because each and everyone of you who have made this trip perfect. 
Not to forget its been raining present in Seoul or in my room to be exact! All thanks to Charis for spoiling us ❤
 Good Morning beautiful Seoul!

So let's throw back to the third day, it was a packed day with lots of schedules. We had to move to our next hotel and its outing day. We went shopping at Lotte Duty Free, visited the flagship stores of Line at Itaewon and did a Yoga session at Tao Yoga and ended the long night with a hearty dinner... 
The pictures below pretty much sum up my whole day three.. Long, hectic but super fun!  
Line store 
First stop Lotte Duty free shopping spree~ but before it we visited avenue of Stars where they got mannequin of Korea's top Stars. 

Line Store 


This was where we had our lunch, Western meal it is!

After the fun Line store tour now we're off to Yoga! Yoga or simply exercise is just not my thing :') It was so difficult but some of my friends are so flexible hahaha. I did hot yoga before and I think I like that better compared to this normal yoga. Overall it was a fun activity to keep us warm in the midst of the cold weather. It feels great to sweat a little. 

DAY 4 
The final day, in the morning it was raining I remembered seeing snow that morning... It was freezing cold and  our first schedule of the day was to go for another round of shopping spree and a beauty makeup demo by VDL. It was actually free time after the VDL workshop but since some of us had no plans we decided to grab chicken before the closing party. Charis do know exactly how to party all night, although I'm not the party buddy but the place was indeed lit.. But too good its about time to finally say goodbye~ 
After the VDL event
Chicken before party!

My OOTD, I kinda bundled up cause it was freezing cold ! Added some patches onto my dress that I got from the Charis Day the other day. 

Through this trip I not only got to tour the Line flagship store but I got the chance to try out Line character themed room which you can read the full details on my post here if you've missed out. It was definitely cuteness overload!
Boxes that came in the other night!
These smell super good...
My kind of snack, missing banana milk right now.
So long Seoul, I'll soon be back! Thank you so much Charis for the super fun trip !! I had an amazing time during the Beautiful Journey trip, getting to know friends from different nations who share the same interest is a total bliss.. Till next time :) 
P.S. Currently missing everyone..Hope to see you guys soon! Missed part one or the vlog ? Check them out Beautiful Journey Seoul, Korea Trip Pt.1 and here's my bonus video..

Love, Stevie 

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  1. Kak kamu beruntung banget buat bisa ke korea bareng Charis. You deserve it. (ig: @elvani.sbt)

  2. Hope it would be one of the most exciting trips for you in Korea.
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