Hide No More

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Don't open up
Keep your feelings hidden
Hide your true self
Never show your weak and vulnerable side to the world
Or you would be eaten by all the hungry wolves out there

It's not only prince don't come in white horses
Enemy and bad people don't come in black dark cloak either
These days you can't hardly differentiate the bad and good
Friends and foes

But I choose not hide any longer

For the matter of fact I do know how it felt
I know how bad it hurts
I know how lonely it could have felt

Cause I've been through it
Just because I don't say a word
Doesn't mean I don't notice
I notice tiny little details even to the extend to the tiniest and least important matter
So when I play cool its not because I'm a fool
It's more like I don't want to create even more drama
By extending the problems

Some people say you need to voice it out
Some say hide it deep
I say voice it to the right person and as far as I know
No one is a better friend than God

He listens
He understands
He stays
He's not judgmental
He don't cut you off halfway while you talk
He don't make you feel inferior

He's the almighty but He's always there
With His arms open wide to welcome you home
To wipe off your tears
To reassure your tired soul
To calm your broken heart
Today I choose to open up
To break, tear and fall
To accept chances
Change no longer frighten me

Cause one thing for sure
Even at my lowest point
I still have a friend in me
Someone who won't leave

Walk with faith
Eliminate toxic
Keep your heart content

Love, Stevie 

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