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Monday, November 20, 2017

When we talk about the lipstick or lip cream there seems to never end to it and so we're here welcoming a brand new lip cream in town. This new lip cream comes in a very personalized concept which is very close to the hearts of its users. As a lady we're never satisfied with the amount of lipstick collection in our vanity the number of shades and variation in colors never seem enough. Everyday even on lazy days lipstick is a must to wear because it can easily brighten up the whole complexion and makes the face look more awake. 

Now coming back to this new lip cream from Dear Me, it comes into the saturated local lip cream market as a new brand specializing in lip cream that are made in a very creamy formula to be able to bring its users comfort while using it. One of its founder explained that the creamy formula in this Dear Me Lip cream helps to keep the lips moisturized and hydrated while using and not exactly drying as most lip creams. Another appealing point about this Dear Me lip cream is its scent it smells so so good! It smells just like chocolate... Below are some of the shades I choose from the whole eight collection: the three shades I got are Ella, Jenny and Anna.     
The whole complete shades collection from Dear Me 
Anna + Ella
Top to bottom ⇣⇣ Ella, Jenny and Ella

Let me take you on a little event sneak peek I had with Dear Me and Beauty Journal last Saturday. Its been my second Saturday consecutively spent together with the Beauty Journal team as always a lovely evening together. The event always starts with an opening greetings from our head of beauty journal, Kak Mira and continuing with the Brand representative from Dear ME and the guest of the day Lippielust kak Rissa. At the event we began knowing a little bit more about he brand philosophy and background about Dear Me. I'm actually quite happy to welcome a new local lip brand into the market especially when it comes in cute packaging. I have soft spot for products with cute packaging. :) Kak Risa shared that as a lips enthusiast she's tried various lip products and she said as many lip cream tend to be matte thus they're are more likely to crack but this Dear Me lip creams are more of a creamier formula which doesn't dry out the lips. She also said that the product tend to leave a hint of tint even after the lipstick is gone. ( A plus point which Ive already tested and its true!) 
Guest for the day: Kak Rissa, Lippielust her swatches are so amazing!
The complete shades come in a quirky, wearable nude and red shades. Leya, Jenny, Julie, Maya, Anna, Jessica, Ella and Kiki. 
Its cute polkadots packaging is super duper cute! Loving the whole presentation of this product. 

Lip Balm Making Workshop 
During the event we also had a very interesting workshop session which is making lip balm and decorating our own container. The lip balm masking alone is also very interesting and surprisingly very simple. Using Bee Wax, jojoba oil, VCO virgin oil and Vitamin E.  Mixing it altogether in a bowl and let it boil or melt tend put in a colored lipstick or in this case we used a lip cream from Dear me to add some color into the lip balm. It was told that homemade lip balm are only best to be used for a month and not more because we use only natural ingredients and not using any preservatives thus it can't be stored for too long like those lip balms in the market. That is my creation and decorated lip balm! Pretty bling bling don't you think?   
Here's the complete story of each names for the shades 
  • Dear Leya: Dear Beauties, Is it weird to say that i love travelling? I love the smell of new city, let my mind wonder and wonder. Eating and trying different stuffs. What troubles can life bring to me seriously? Xoxo, Leya.
  • Dear Anna: Dear Beauties, How long are you going to keep staring at him? You can do it, dont be shy. Together with me, we are gonna win his heart. Lets go girlfriend! Xoxo. Anna.
  • Dear Julie: Dear Beauties, I'm your perfect companion to your girlfriend's afternoon tea party, baby shower, weddings. Yup, I agree every girl is a sweety pie. Xoxo, Julie.
  • Dear Maya: Dear Beauties, I think every girl has their own dirty little secret, dont you think? My life is full of mystery, that I would never tell the world. And thats why they say, never judge a book by its cover. Xoxo, Maya.
  • Dear Jenny: Dear Beauties, Why try to fit in? We are born as one of kind. I would rather people call me weird than normal, because normal is boring. Xoxo, Jenny
  • Dear Kiki: Dear Beauties, Time is money. Work is my number one priorities. My mama told me to be an independent businesswoman, never rely on others. Xoxo, Kiki.
  • Dear Ella: Dear Beauties, They say confident women are very attractive. Believe in yourself, put me on, you're ready to rule the world. You go girlfriend!! Xoxo, Ella.
  • Dear Jessica : Dear Beauties, Their sweet talks will never win me over. Because i know to play a lovegame better than them. Watch out boys, I’m a game changer. Xoxo, Jessica.
Yay, I won a special gift on that day together with my other blogger babes:)  
You can now purchase and find all Dear Me products at Sociolla. It only costs  Rp 89,900 which is quite a good deal for the product. Don't forget to use my code "SBNLAWHU" when you shop at Sociolla to save up to 50k before checking out your purchases. 

Love, Stevie 

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