[Event]: Beauty Journal x Purbasari Soiree

Thursday, November 16, 2017

"Meet Your True Matte"
Hello loves, Today's weather might be a bit gloomy but lets not get under the weather! Today I have a new event report of my latest event from the last Beauty Journal x Purbasari Soiree. The event was hosted at Kembang Kencur restaurant which was a place with large backyard and has a very strong traditional accent design every here and there in the interior. The venue has a very homey ambience, just like today the weather was gloomy 
and its was raining too that day. 

The event started as usual with an opening speech from our head of Beauty Journal Kak Mira Monika and then moving on to the representative from Purbasari Indonesia. Purbasari is very well known local brand that has been in the beauty and wellness industry for years however they are well more known for their body scrub and home spa treatment but they also manufactures cosmetic products. Purbasari is actually the first local brand that produces matte lip cream product and although it's kinda late for me to actually try them today but its better late than never, right?  I'm super impressed but the formula of their lip cream, its indeed worth the try! If you haven't tried it before check it out you'll most probably end up loving it as much as I do. 

Our beloved Head of beauty journal : Mira Monika

The Representative of Purbasari
Linda Kayhz
Okay, moving back to the event it was always a laid back event where we can all interact and ask questions at Sociolla Beauty Journal Soiree. The guests was one of the well known vlogger and Youtuber Linda Kayhz. She's so beautiful and I'm so lucky to sit right in front of her as I can gaze through her beauty and be so impressed during the whole event! Linda also shared about her personal experience with Purbasari makeup products and as a beauty enthusiasts she's has tried a lot of makeup product but the thing she pointed out about Purbasari makeup products are they have good quality at a very affordable price. Another interesting facts she shared is that since Purbasari is a local Indonesian product and the manufacturer is actually close to us that we can actually send them our feedbacks and the would actually respond and maybe even grant our wishes to our demand. The increasing demand of our local beauty products and make up products have made the producers producing with even more innovative cosmetics to meet the local demand, this is why Purbasari is also always on the go to hear out customers feedback and continuing to bring in new products that will meet the market demand. 

At the event we got a little sneak peek about the upcoming trend and the newest lip products that Purbasari will launch soon. After the fun sharing session we had a mini makeup workshop where each of us were divided into three different groups. There are three station the lips, eyes and face where each group are challenged to do makeup on the model representative of each group and present their makeup to the judges at the end of the competition. 
Lips Station
Eyes Station
Face Station
It was our lucky day! our team won the challenge! We went for a natural, fresh, cutie look with ombre lips, pinky eye makeup and clean base. 
The models from all three group
[From left to right: Brancy, Ellen and Sefin]
Yeah! Our winning team :)
Overall I had lots of fun at the event with Purbasari and I'm so happy to finally try out their lip cream... Below are little swatches of my lip cream I got from the hampers. Lastly thank you Beauty Journal and Purbasari for having me at the event... I hope to see more innovative and better packaging products coming up soon. 

The Hampers :) Loaded with goodness Can't wait to try out everything but so far I'm loving the Hi-Matte Lip cream !
I'm totally loving all the shades of the lip cream but if I had to mention one con. It would be the packaging, I do hope they come up with better and more sleek modern packaging! :)  
The shades I got :)

Love, Stevie 

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