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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hello loves, today I'll be sharing something super exciting, it’s the latest lip product from Maybelline The Powder Matte Lipstick. After their launch with the bold series which I've reviewed previously now I'm back with the new Powder Matte lipstick review. This is a collaboration project with Beautynesia and Maybelline Indonesia! Thank you for the opportunity to make this post possible. Want a whole product review, swatch and my honest thoughts? I'll break it all down in this post.

Let’s begin shall we?

Maybelline The Powder Mattes Lipsticks are the latest lip product collection from Maybelline. They come in a total 20 shades but I've got 19 shades from their whole collection and below you can check out the whole swatches and let me know which of them are your favorite. This whole Maybelline Powder Matte Lipstick has four different hint of shades which is divided into nude, orange, pink and red.
19 Shades of #ThePowderMattesLipstick 
Nude Illusion
Barely There
Make Me Blush

Orange Treat
Orange Obsession
Coral Passion
Orange Shot
Avenue C

Pink Shot
Mauve It Up
Fuchsia Flash
Pink Potion
Technically Pink
Up To Date

Cherry Chic
Plum Perfection
Get Red- Dy
Noir Red
My personal favorites are the Make Me Blush, Mauve It Up and Noir Red. 
Formula and Texture
This Maybelline Powder Matte lipsticks come in a very powdery and creamy texture. The color sets in beautifully and it is also said that this lipstick is suitable for those with black lips as the color would pop in just right. More over because the lipstick is super light on the lips so no matter how many times you layer the product it wouldn't make your lips feel uncomfortable or heavy. Thus, people with darker lips or naturally black lip color you can apply the product over and over without having to experience discomfort or clumpy lipstick. I really love the overall formula and texture of this Maybelline lipstick because the colors are long lasting and they still leave a hint of tint even after the lipstick is gone.

Now let’s move on to the fun part :) I did a little challenge given from Maybelline it’s the Torture Test. Well so I tested a matte lip cream over the new Maybelline Powder matte lipstick and you can see the clear difference between the two. I applied both for over 10 to 20 times time or more (forgot to count actually) but surprisingly the Maybelline Powder Matte felt so light on the lips even after so many layers of lipstick. The color also shows perfectly without looking clumpy, while on the other hand the matte lip cream looks so dry, clumpy and felt so heavy on my lips. Cause I layer tons of it over and over it felt like I'm wearing a lip mask on my lips super uncomfortable. The layering makes the X brand matte lip cream to actually define my lip lines and making it look super unhealthy! :'(

Sometimes matte lipstick can just make your lips feel dry or cracky especially for sensitive lips like mine but this Maybelline Powder Matte lipstick doesn't dry up my lips but instead it kind of gave a moisturizing kind of feeling to my lips even though this lipstick has a matte finish. I truly adore each and every shades they are all very wearable ! The formula also enables us to easily apply the lipstick without getting messy. You can also apply layer over layer without feeling like you're having a heavy lips. Every shade is just so perfectly made. Since each tone has a different shade so every skin tone can find their perfect match with the wide color varieties from this new Maybelline Powder Matte Lipstick. Honestly I've never had such experience of having a lipstick feeling so powdery and light like this one before so I was actually quite impressed myself. Totally love this product :) cause usually even normal lipstick that isn't matte would dry off my lips and feel kind of heavy but this one doesn't❤

Where to buy?
Lazada, Maybelline Counter at Matahari Dept. Store, Drugstores and other cosmetic stores
P.S. I got a tip from insiders that all the 'Touch of Nudes" products are currently out of stock :( So make sure to get your favorite shades soon before they ran out of stock again!
Did a little experiment and here's my two tone lips with Maybelline Powder Matte Orange Obsession and Up To Date. 

 "This is the perfect matte! It feels like nothing on my lips yet it looks perfect!" Now saying #ByeHeavyMatte cause this latest Maybelline Lipstick products are just so good. They are long wearing and also feels super light on the lips making it feel comfortable.I would encourage you to try out this new lipstick from Maybelline not only to join the hype but also to try it out yourself! It would break all your Matte lipstick perception once and for all. 

Updated: 12/12/17

As you guys know previously they only sent me 19 shades out of the whole 20 shades because "Touch of Nude" which is their best selling is sold out but then Yesterday I received a package from Maybelline consisting this shade. I'm super excited to swatch it and fell head over heels for this color. Let me know what you think of this shade in the comment section below.. This shade is very wearable for everyday look, it has a subtle coral tint to the nude shade which makes it perfect for daily look! Love it :) So happy now I have the complete collection ❤

Updated February 2018

Hello loves, Here's a little update on Maybelline matte lipstick newest lip colors. After their previous launch of 20 shades of Powder Mattes Lipsticks now they're up to six beautiful new shades this year. Same as the previous formula they felt so light on the lips even after several layers of application (they don't clump up). The color payoff is also great as in a single application you can already see the vivid and intense color. The texture feels a bit creamy but the result is matte on the lips :) thus leaving you with a moisturized and beautiful vivid matte lip colors.

The six new shades are: Almond Pink (Hero Product), Honey Cherry, Raw Cocoa, Rosewood Red, Toasted Brown, and Walnut. Find your perfect matte lipstick with Maybelline's 26 shades of Powder Matte lipsticks. Try these lipstick for a matte finish lipstick that still feels comfortable on the lips even after layers of lipstick, you'll definitely love the results. Now they have a new price, it costs Rp55.000 each which is a very affordable price for lipstick.

Below are the swatches of the newest six shades: 

Toasted Brown MNU 11

Raw Cocoa MNU 12

Walnut MNU 13

Almond Pink MNU 14

Honey Cherry MRD 14

Rosewood Red MRD 15

Love, Stevie

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  1. My favorite lipstick all the time love the color of touch of nude and toasted brown.
    My instagram name is : nenifitriarahayu

  2. My favorit shade is make me blush teksturnya ringan banget walaupun dipakai beberapa layer
    Instagram : @irmajune_


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