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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Hello loves, I'm back with my Japan travel post again... Since another holiday season is approaching have you prepared for your holiday trip yet? Japan is always a great idea as there are endless things to do, places to explore and good food to eat. When everyone thought of only Tokyo but Japan has far more to offer in other cities such as Osaka. 

Osaka is also a very vibrant city with lots of tourist destinations as well. When it comes to traveling especially personal individual tours you'll need to manage your own transportation media and choices which can be a little difficult or even pricey if not being well planned before your trip. In Japan the system has been made is much easier if you plan out all your transportation plans like your trains passes prior to your arrival in Japan as they offer better prices if you purchase them online. 

Now with HISGO you can actually purchase your Osaka City Pass which includes all the transportation passes in the city for you to use. This will enable you to travel the city more convenient  and efficiently. as we all know transportation media in Japan are kind of pricey so it would be better if you have settled all your payments before arrival just to worry less about those excess transportation cost if you've purchased them all before your arrival.    

Osaka City Pass allows you to hop on and off all the transportation in Osaka from subway, Osaka Wonder Loop and Osaka Wonder Cruise. All these transpiration will enable you to explore the city much easier and you can even reach to your traveling destination or anywhere you want within Osaka with Subway. The inclusive of prices in the Osaka City Pass enables you to actually become more flexible to choose your transportation mode in Osaka. HIS online booking service enables you to choose your passes and you can easily book it through their website. 

After purchasing your Osaka City Pass through HIS online booking, all you need to do is pick up your Osaka City Pass when you arrive in Osaka. Below are the list of places where you can pick up your Osaka City Pass. So if you intended to visit Osaka I would recommend you to get this pass and make sure to book you Osaka City Pass prior to your departure as this will surely be very useful to help you travel around the city.     
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