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Monday, November 06, 2017

Hello loves, Welcome back! So this post is made possible with the collaboration project with Beautynesia and Pegipegi. As many of you may have known already traveling is part an essential these days which is why Traveling websites or online travel agents are a thing these days because it helps all the booking process easy through online. All you have to do is pick a date and set your whole trip itinerary, book and you're good to go. 
Pegipegi is one of the online travel agent that has been established since Mei 7 2012 by The Minister of Travel and Economy at that time Mrs. Marie Elka Pangestu. to serve all the customers all around Indonesia to meet the needs of hotel, flight ticket, and railway ticket. Today Pegipegi is connected with more than 7,000 hotels in Indonesia with the best guaranteed price offering  (Best Price Guarantee) and Last Minute Booking; has more than 20,000 airway routes everyday for all domestic and international flight and even offer railway tickets for more than 1,600 routes. There are a lot of interning offers that make Pegipegi different from all the travel agent available in the market, they offer customers with booking service via website ( both smartphone and computer) and even apps on Android and iOS. They offer various payment method either through Credit cards, Bank transfer, ATM transfer, Internet Banking and even direct cash payment through Indomaret. Customers can even reach the customers service through phone, e-mail, Line and WhatsApp.    
Pegipegi will soon be having a big promo with its 11+11 sale promotion. This is special for those who've been Pegipegi member you can enjoy a special 22% discount for hotel booking ( Maximum discount Rp 600.000), and discount up to Rp 220.000 for flight ticket purchases. This promotion is valid for transaction via desktop, mobile web, and Pegipegi apps. However the biggest discount up to 22% is only available on the Pegipegi Apps. This promotion is valid from 9 till 11 November 2017, starting from 00:00 - 23:59 WIB. Don't miss out this promotion download your apps to your smartphone now!

Download on iOS App Store

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This make the booking process even easier as you can download the Pegipegi Apps which is available on both iOS and Android. Hustle free and super easy!! Make sure to have the apps on your phone to easily book your next trip or flight. With the apps on your palm you can easily keep track of the special promos or news that are available at Pegipegi so be the first to know and get good deals.
When it comes to holiday or trip what comes into your mind? Of course booking your flight is the first and most important thing to sort out while planning for your trip. Don't forget to utilize the special discount offers to save up some cost which you can spend elsewhere during your holiday. Enjoy the discounts for flight tickets up to Rp 220.000 through Pegipegi Apps! For airplane ticket booking you can click here, through this channel you can easily book your flight for your upcoming trip easy and hustle free!
Choose your dates and destinations and Pegipegi will help you sort out all the available flight and the different prices for you to choose. Before booking your flight tickets make sure to compare the price, layout period (transit), baggage because per my own experience sometime even budget flights can end up being equally as expensive as the premium one after adding all the add ons. So make sure to check that prior to booking.
Now I'll share with you a little bit about my personal experience after trying out the Pegipegi apps. First find the apps on iOS App Store since I'm an iPhone user then download the app. After downloading you can see this various features on the App and it has very user friendly interface that can ease customer's experience using the app. When you choose to book a flight for your upcoming trip you can click on the flight and start searching for your most preferable flights. Then the app will sort out the whole list of available flight for that particular chosen date of yours. You can book a single or a round trip ticket. All the prices that appear on Pegipegi apps are Tax and Airline fee inclusive thus you won't be seeing any additional price in the end. What you see is what you pay! 
Choose flight ticket to book the flight! 
Pick a date and fill in your flight options 
After confirming your order you can fill in the contact information or if you are already a member you can log in into your Pegipegi member which will help you fill in your  information automatically. Afterwards you'll need to fill in the passenger details which will follow with the method of payment where you can choose which payment method is most comfortable for you. Then once you've completed your payment you have successfully ordered the ticket and you can just sit back and relax for your upcoming trip.     
Overall I do love the interface of this app, it helps me compare the prices of each flights which is something I like cause having all of them on the same page just allows me to compare them directly without having to open several tabs to check the prices. I will definitely use Pegipegi app to book my next holiday flight ticket. 
Make sure not to miss out the special 11+11 promotion discount which can be very useful for you who are busy planning for year end or Christmas holidays flight ticket by downloading the  Pegipegi Apps.

Make sure to check out Pegipegi website and social medias to keep track of the latest promotions and news.

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Love, Stevie 

Disclaimer* This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Pegipegi and Beautynesia 

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