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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hey babes, It's finally weekend :) Have a great weekend everyone ! On this post I'll share about this Airbnb I stayed during my stay in Bandung a few days ago. If you have been following me on my Instagram you might have already known which Airbnb it is, but for you who are new don't worry I got it covered for you in this post. 
To be honest this is also my first time staying at an Airbnb but thanks to our friend we got the chance to try out this super cozy and aesthetic place called Convivia Home. The place itself is tucked in the middle of the busy Jalan Gatot Subroto Bandung  main road. The location itself is very strategic and is super close to Trans Studio Supermall. Just as its name Convivia has a homey vibe with a Scandinavian and a bit of bohemian touch to the house interior. 
This Bed and breakfast would be the perfect place to stay for a group of friends for both short or long stay. All together there are three rooms on the first floor with a bathroom making it a total of 6 people max capacity but they have a second floor too which consist more rooms. As a content creator its part of my instinct now whenever I see a cute place to make the most of it to create something. I'm glad this time I get to travel with my friends so we can help each other take shots. 
Below are some of the cute spots at our cozy and cute crib at Convivia Home. Enjoy! 
Kitchen area but the don't have stove to cook

Our Bed room
Toilet, It has everything you need ! they even provide toiletries, soap, and shampoo
Huge dining table is located on the second floor.

The other memorable part of my stay is they provide breakfast for us every morning at their restaurant which is located not far from their home. Breakfast is served everyday from 8-11 am at 
Srunding Authentic Cafe which is only 5 mins away from our Airbnb. Overall my stay there was pleasant but if you'd ask me fora downfall it would be the location is situated in a location with very limited parking space thus you might want to careful not to touch another car. Since its located not on the main road but inside the location you might need a car to help you travel around efficiently. Mas Donny which is the house man is also very helpful and swift to answer to all our phone calls and answers to our questions swiftly. 

Cutest spot with lots of colors 
Till next time Convivia Home
If you're looking for a stay in Bandung and not interested to stay at hotels give this a try :) It'll give you an experience you won't have at the hotel. Overall my stay at this Airbnb is pleasant, I would definitely go back other time. 

Love, Stevie 

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  1. Hay ce Stev, sebelumnya aku minta maaf kalo pake bahasa Indonesia karena pasti inggrisku ga sebagus ce Stev, hehe sesekali bahasa Indonesia donk ce.

    Kenapa aku pilih artikel ini Karena Convivia ini hits banget ya di Instagram, tempatnya memang instagramable ya ce. Bagus banget terus ada kesan lawas gitu, tangganya apalagi suka liatnya. Meskipun parkirnya terbatas tapi menyenangkan ya ce. Suatu hari kalau ke Bandung aku pengen kesana. Trims artikelnya bermanfaat

    Instagram @tulipakasia

  2. Actually sering banget lewat jalan gatot subroto dan gapernah tau ada tempat se cute dan senyaman ini 😂 thx ci for review this place. Gotta go there as soon as possible 😂💓
    Muthia Lestari Fatqhi
    Instagram account : mutialfa

  3. Aku pernah ngeliat salah satu tempat penginapan ini dari temanku, memang tempatnya terlihat sangat cozy dan tersentuh arsitektur bohemian, aku pun sempat terpikir untuk menginap disini tetapi waktu liburanku sangat sebentar jadi kurang puas rasanya jika menginap hanya sehari dua hari��

    Dan aku sangat suka sama artikel yang kak stevi buat ini karena recommended untuk orang orang yang ingin mencari penginapan daerah bandung kota��

    Nama: Ayu Ramadhanty
    Account ig: ayurmdhnty98 ��‍♀️

  4. Verry recommended, instagramble for take shoot.



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