[Event]: CIMB Niaga Indosat Ooredoo Card Launching

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

In todays world where everything is so advanced and digital we're almost on our smartphones 24/7 and it can basically do everything from work, leisure, getting bank transfers done, shopping etc. You name it and your smartphones can get it done for you thus noticing this face growing trend in the digital society has made CIMB Niaga and Indosat Ooredoo noticed the need to provide this new product as an answer to the needs of this growing digital market. Slowly and gradually everything today has shifted into the digital trend thus to keep up  CIMB Niaga and Indosat Ooredoo realized the only way they can reach out to a larger market and flourished is by joining hands.
That's why on lat Thursday 19 April 2018, PT CIMB Niaga Bank collaborating with PT Indosat TBK ( Indosat Ooredoo) and PT JCB International Indonesia released their : CIMB Niaga Indosat Ooredoo Card. This credit card comes with JCB Platinum as their principle and is meant to be able to cater to the needs of Indosat Ooredoo users as well as CIMB Niaga bank customers as the trend is converting into a digital era. It was my pleasure to be among the first to know & see about this new credit card product from CIMB Niaga and Indosat Ooredoo.
This event might look far more formal compared to the usual beauty or fashion events I attended because once I arrived at the venue everyone is either medias or professionals from the banks and partners. There's also other fellow bloggers but we're only among the very few attendees however I'm honored to be part of this event to celebrate the launching of this new CIMB Niaga Indosat Ooredoo Card. However If you thought the event would be boring its far from it, since they wanted to catch the attention of the millennial generations they wrapped up the event in a very fun

First, we have a little greetings and opening speech from the representative of each company before the official launch. Today our lifestyle is so fast paced and our society wanted every fast, easy and efficient especially with the integration of technology everything today starts to shift to a cashless society. This is a reason that made CIMB Niaga Indosat Ooredoo Card
Left to right :
Presiden Direktur PT JCB International Indonesia, Koichiro Wada, Direktur Consumer Banking CIMB Niaga Lani, and Chief Business Officer Indosat Ooredoo Herfini Haryono
One of the main highlight among lots of the other privilege that a CIMB Niaga Indosat Ooredoo Card holder can enjoy is a FREE 2GB data plan from  Indosat Ooredoo with a minimum transaction of RP. 800,000 per month. They believed that this promotion can attract more Indosat Ooredoo users to use CIMB Niaga credit card.  Using the tagline #KartuKreditJamanNow they wanted to bring customers with better promotional deals with the collaboration for this card trying to reach to the young, fresh and energetic market but this doesn't mean it stops right there everyone else who wanted to own this card can also apply and its not limited only for the millennial's. With this card both CIMB Niaga and Indosat Ooredoo hopes to be able to reach out to a larger market by generating customers from both end. The representative of JCB Indonesia also added that before JCB would only reach to the premium sector but now they wanted to reach a larger mass market, so they believed that through this new card with CIMB Niaga Indosat Ooredoo card they can realize their goals. JCB Premium offers a lot of benefits or perks for its card holders especially for those who love to travel, JCB cards offers airport lounges and JCB plaza which can be enjoyed by their card owners. JCB also offers a lot of promotions and special deals through Japan thus if you're a travel junkie you might want to consider yourself to get this card.

JCB is known for its vast and well established payment network throughout Indonesia as well as abroad. This makes this credit card safe and efficient for our needs. JCB also offers a lot of privileges for their card holders at a lot of merchants like restaurants, travel agents and e-commerce channels. This card is also designed to bring convenience in transactions by their Quick Pay service to ease your monthly bills payment for electricity, telephone, handphone, internet with only this one card.
Some of the privileges offered for this new credit card holders. ↑↑↑

At the event we also had two guest stars that shared their experience with credit card and the new CIMB Niaga Indosat Ooredoo Card. Being in the creative and entertainment industry has made both these beautiful talented artists to rely so much on credit cards. They also shared how credit card has made their life's far more convenient and efficient. Credit card these days help us to shop online through e-commerce channel easier and the best part is usually credit cards of manage our finances properly and shop smartly. One shared that credit cards also offers a lot of benefits when traveling especially when you're abroad and wanted to make any unforeseen shopping we can just swipe the card.
Knowing that this new credit card from  CIMB Niaga Indosat Ooredoo Card target to reach to the young professionals or millennia's generations, they've made the product with lots of perks that benefits them like a lifetime FREE annual fee, 0% installments without interest, cash backs and many more. They also offer a low interest with tenor of 3, 6, 12 months. Moreover each transactions made with this card you'll earn PoinXtra which can be exchanged for various interesting gifts like shopping vouchers and flight mileage. All this privileged is given to make its users have a better and much more convenient transactions experience.

They hoped that this new credit from from CIMB Niaga Indosat Ooredoo Card can bring an even better outcome to all parties including JCB, Indosat Ooredoo and CIMB Niaga. Answering to all the needs of today's society CIMB Niaga and Indosat Ooredoo strongly believed they would be able to provide their customers with an even better transaction experience with this card. They have officially launched it and you can now apply to get yours hand on your own card now.

I personally feel credit card is a must to own today, as someone who's very mobile due to my work I often lost track of payment dues thus having a credit allow me to make auto payments. Credit card also ease the process of making purchases online, its definitely so much easier and faster compared to bank transfer which might take even longer process. We today lives in a fast paced world where we are demanded to be swift and quick in our actions thus credit card is one of those things we essential need to ease our daily activities. In addition to all the perks that this card from CIMB Niaga Indosat Ooredoo Card with its free annual fee totally helps us to save up more because sometimes annual fee payment can be hefty but since its removed all you have to pay is only your purchases/ transactions that will definitely benefit us as the user.
The new CIMB NIAGA Indosat Ooredoo Credit Card 

Once again congratulations CIMB Niaga, JCB and Indosat Ooredoo for the launching of this new credit card as well as having me at the launching event ! Looking forward to see many more innovations and promotional deals exclusive for this card in the future.
Thank you for reading !

Love, Stevie

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