[Review]: Cathy Doll- AA Matte Powder Cushion Oil Control Spf50 #23 Natural Beige

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Hello loves, How is your day going so far? Today I have a new product review to share with you guys. Its this cushion which Cathy Doll sent me a while ago and you might have already seen me reviewing a bit of it on my Instagram as well a video I made with this product. So without further ado let's begin, at first I was kind of shock to know the shade I got was #23 Natural Beige because my shade usually is #21 or the lightest. Having the first thought that this product will not match my skin tone has got me half hearted to try at first but I'm really grateful I picked it up and tried it because it is amazing! I'll discuss more on the amazing specs of this cushion below so make sure to read till end. Continuing with the shade apparently it matches my skin tone even though its #23 upon application it might seem a bit dark but after a while once the product sets it kind of blend in with my skin tone making my complexion looks healthy and fresh not dull because its too dark cause apparently this shade matches my skin tone too. That's why for you guys here's a little tip whenever you want to purchase a base makeup like powder, foundation or cushion I would suggest you to go to the actually counter to try out the products and see if it matches your skin tone. 

Texture & Formula 
As seen on the image above the coverage power of this product is great. I would say it has a medium to high coverage cause through my little test of this cushion covering up the eyeliner mark on the back of my hand on the left image you can see that after application on the right image the liner seems to be less visible with only a single layer of this cushion. Now you can imagine how much coverage it'll have if I layer more products on top of it. Its not impossible that the eyeliner might be fully covered. The product formula also feels lightweight despite its awesome coverage. However one unpleasant thing about this cushion is their scent I would say because they kind of have a herbal scent but its not disturbing / still bearable. If you're looking for a daily cushion that have great coverage you might want to give this a try. This AA Matte Powder Cushion Oil Control also contain SPF50 PA+++ which gives you enough protection for daily activities. The cushion also claims to have 9 effect of AA which are listed below. 

Comes in an ultra cute packaging color combinations of pink and baby blue. Its vibrant color will make it pop in your makeup pouch so that you can easily differentiate it from all your other makeup products. 

All the information regarding the cushions can be found at the back of the packaging

Overall I would say I'm liking this cushion from Cathy Doll. This product is definitely underrated and should gain more attention cause they do have very great properties and coverage as a cushion. To begin with my currently irritated skin didn't flare up even more after using this product so I would say it didn't break me out. However if you have sensitive and acne prone skin I would suggest you to always check the ingredient list. Currently enjoying the coverage power of this cushion as it helps cover up my blemishes. 
Rate: 4/5
Make sure to check out my simple one brand makeup tutorial with all these Cathy Doll products on my Youtube Channel
You can purchase them at any Cathy Doll booth or counters or at their official website. It costs Rp 288 000 which is quite affordable in terms in cost for a high coverage cushion product. Guess that's all for this post ! I hope you enjoy reading :) 

Love, Stevie 

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  1. Whoaaaa cushion with 50 spf, must try items nih. Makasi ya ciiiii reviewnya 😘💓
    Muthia lestari fatqhi
    Instagram account : mutialfa

  2. Dgn harga sekitar 300k dgn hasil yg high coverage dan spf nya tinggi itu menurut ku worth it to buy 💖 pengen ikutannn coba jga ahh 😍 tp muka aku berutusan ci, kira2 ingridients nya cocok ga yaa buat yg lg bruntusan?

  3. Dgn harga 300k sama hasil yg kita dapetin yaitu high coverage dan spf tinggi itu worth it to buy sihh menurut aku😍 suka bgtt ama packaging nyaaa 💖💖💖 pinkeuuu gituuu... Aulia cahya kamila,Ig : aulia.ck


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