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Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Hello loves, 
Wish everyone a fabulous new month! Today I want to share about this foundation by Maybelline which I bet is no longer new for all of you; Maybelline Fit Me Foundation . First I would like to thank Maybelline Indonesia for the opportunity to create this whole review post :) I've been a fan of the product that's why I'm so excited when they actually asked me to write a whole review on this Fit me foundation. Now let's begin shall we? 

The Maybelline Fit Me Foundation comes in two different variant that is FIT ME Dewy + Smooth and FIT ME Matte + Poreless. Now they have a total of 26 shades thus making it much more easier for everyone to find their perfect match, as you know a foundation that doesn't match your own skin tone will make you look like you're wearing a mask and its definitely a big no no for me. If you tend to have oily skin I would suggest you to use the FIT ME Matte + Poreless but if you're normal to dry try using the FIT ME Dewy + Smooth. The foundation is made to cater to every skin types and also designed to be lightweight thus very suitable for daily use. 
“Fit me like no other.” 
This tagline is just so right! The Fit Me Foundation has a very light formula and texture that it blends in so well with my skin making it feel just like my own skin but better. It's definitely #FitMeLikeNoOther !

✓ Suitable for normal to dry skin
✓ All-day hydration with SPF 18
✓ Available in 10 shades

✓ Suitable for oily to combination skin
✓ Matte finish, blur pores 
✓ Available in 16 shades 

Now let's talk about the packaging, to be honest their packaging isn't one of my favorite type of packaging. why? Because it comes in a glass bottle and no pump so you have to pour out the product and often we get to pour out too much which in the end cause wastage of products. It would be much better if they come in pump but I saw some of Fit Me Foundation  in Korea already comes in a pump form packaging I hope soon we'll also get the same version. Nevertheless their product it self is great but the packaging can have a little improvement. Aside from that the packaging is actually pretty practical cause one you pour out the product you can easily mix it with another foundation or some oils if you need, but you might want to use a spatula to take out the product instead of pouring it out free hand. The glass container is also  prone of breakage especially on traveling , make sure you wrap it well so it don't mess with your makeup pouch. 

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation are one of the best drug store foundation I've tried and it's basically approved by almost all beauty gurus and enthusiast. The foundation provide full coverage yet feels super light on the skin. Now with their whole new 26 shades everyone can find their perfect match according to their skin needs as well! 
Look at the significant differences between my bare skin and after a layer of foundation 
Now let's do a little comparison test between Fit Me Foundation  with my usual daily cushion product. As you can see the image on the right side looks more flawless cause the coverage of Fit Me foundation is amazing! Hands up to the coverage it provides even without any additional concealer while on the left image you can see some visible redness ad discoloration caused by my acne scaring cause I've been experiencing pretty mild breakouts these past few months. Fit Me Foundation by Maybelline is no secret has made it to my top list foundation :) I absolutely love the formula and texture of the foundation which can be easily blend out because of it light formula thus creating a flawless and natural finish on the skin. 
The shade I used is both the lightest shade which is Ivory 115. I combine  FIT ME Dewy + Smooth ( Ivory 115) and FIT ME Matte + Poreless ( Ivory Ivoire 115) for the look I created on this post. 
1,2,3 Magic !! All my blemishes and discoloration from acne scars are well covered with Fit Me Foundation . Even though it has amazing coverage but the foundation feels super light weight. That's why I love to use it on daily basis :)
The products I received was no. 115 which is the lightest from both the dewy and matte series. It's because my skin tone is pretty fair so I have to use the lightest shade to match my own skin tone. The foundation itself don't oxidize much throughout the day so the color stays even all day long. The texture of FIT ME Dewy is much more watery compared to FIT ME Matte which feels a bit thicker in texture but even so the FIT ME Matte also feels light upon application on the skin. Using them both by combining them is the best way of application I prefer because I like when my base make up is semi matte instead of too matte. 

Here's how the foundation look on my skin after 8 hours without any retouch only oil bloating paper. I truly love that even after the foundation mixes with my natural oil it skin looks natural and not messy at all even without touch up. I personally am someone who hates touch up and I like everything quick and effective that's why this foundation has been my best friend because it has amazing coverage, feels light on the skin and is not high maintenance even without powder and touch up you'll still look decent all day long.

Before I would only use the dewy one because I prefer healthy dewy finish compared to matte look but after receiving both I tried to mix them and use them for this look. As you can see the result after 8 hours is still pretty good. I would say mixing both the dewy and matte gives you a much longer lasting effect as it balances out the finish look to semi matte :) thus the makeup last longer.

My final makeup look after application of Fit Me foundation mixed of both dewy and matte giving a final semi matte finish. 
I didn't bloat or touch up through the whole day and finally bloated once I reach home for about 8 hours after the application.
After bloating this is how the foundation look on my skin after 8 hours. I personally feel the result is marvelous cause my skin kind of gives of a natural glow with the combination of the foundation and my natural oil. This is only after bloating off the oil and I didn't retouch cause I'm just too lazy to retouch on daily basis.  Don't you think my whole base makeup still look pretty decent? 
Make sure to check out www.maybelline.co.id for more information regarding this Fit Me foundation. You can purchase Fit Me foundation at any Maybelline counters or drug store :) They have a very pocket friendly price tag of Rp. 149 000 only but their quality is on par with any high end foundation which provides good coverage. 

Love, Stevie 

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  1. it surely one of my top list drugstore foundie, but one thing i'm curious about is the shade of matte and dewy range seem a bit different :o


  2. ini foundation favorit aku! dan jadi foundation pertama juga waktu aku belajar makeup. aku punya yang matte, tapi bacanya reviewnya jadi pengen punya yang dewy juga hihi (ig: @yoselyn.eunike)

  3. Aku team matte. Buat makeup sendiri ataupun ke client foundi ini cucokkk. Suka banget!! ! Tp harus pinter2 pilih shade. Agak oxidasi tp klo pilih warna 1 tingkat lebih cerah bakal oke kok.
    IG: @distiqueen (distika)

  4. My fav drugstore foundationnn 😘🎉 i really love maybelline products, affordable tapi kerennn. Cocok buat mahasisw kaya aku 😂
    Instagram account : mutialfa

  5. Maybelline foundi packaging isn't one of my favorite type of packaging. I am agree with u. (ig: @elvani.sbt)

  6. ini one of my fav foundie drugstore💖 tahan lamaaa bgtttt hasilnya flawless walopun yg matte gabkin cakey💞 cuman aku nyesel nya karena oxydize nya ituu:( aku beli shade yg sesuai tone wajah aku malah bkin muka aku agak gelap sesudahnya huhu:( overall bagusss banget parah ,jatuh cinta 💖 liat muka cici make foundie ini jd seger bgtt💖 freshh bgtt. Aulia ,ig: @aulia.ck


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