How to get to The Peak View ? + My secret discovery

Friday, May 11, 2018

How to get to the peak not by Tram but by Bus. Here's an alternative of how to travel to the the peak without having to spend a lot of money on the Tram transportation that has quite high rate.
With the increment of Hong Kong Dollar due to currency exchange I wanted to travel on budget and find a good alternative other then using The scenic Tram which will definitely gives you a view like no other but the view on bus is no different too. 

You can enjoy a long drive approximately 40 mins to the Peak from the Central Pier hub. I was a bit lost on the journey up and only rode the bus on their third stop causing me not to have a seat on the bus making me have to stand throughout the trip. 
It was pretty challenging I might say because the road isn't straight its way curvy up the hill and the bus driver isn't driving slowly either. So if you want to take this route I would suggest you to either hop on the bus from their first station or hold on tightly on to the handrails or else you might fall flat on your feet. 

So the bus you have to catch is bus no. 15 which can be easily found at the central pier the fare for one trip is about  HK $9.80. By using this bus it'll lead you up to the Peak reaching the bus station which isn't far from the Peak Galleria Hongkong where Madame Tussaud is located. Now once you've reached the destination you might want to try this track which needs a little hike that I took on my previous trip to find a breath taking bird view of the beautiful concrete jungle for Free. 

First you might want to prepare your feet and wear comfortable footwear because its gonna be quite a distance to finally reach the distraction free view of Hong Kong. Right on the same road as you head outside the Peak Galleria you'll find a small alleyway with lots of greens and that's the right track. Keep on walking into the woods you'll find yourself walking through a beautiful hiking track that is very well paved and might as well bumped into lots of other hikers too. The view from the beginning is very beautiful and it smells so fresh being a city girl its rare for me to find a place like this to walk and its just excites me to see whats more in front. Keeping that in mind the walk doesn't feel long at all and below you'll find the small hint I've found for you to find the distraction free place to take lots of panorama pictures till your heart content. 
You'll find yourself walking into this road sign saying Lugard Road that means you're on the right track
If you find this kind of view keep on walking 
Until you see another road similar to this then continue walking, you're just a few minute away From the beautiful magnificent view. 

Once you feel like you've found the place, you might not until you see a clear view without any more distractions from the trees, so keep on walking. and viola.. you can see the whole city :) Enjoy some of the shots I managed to capture although that day was kind of hazy. 
I hope you find this post useful especially for those who'd like to travel to Hong Kong The Peak ! This might be a great traveling option aside from using the Tram as well as experience a free observatory by doing a little hike up the road. Till next time :) 

Love, Stevie 

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  1. Wow this is so good. I think the view is good and refreshing. And the picture of the whole city got me like woah bagus bgt instagramable gitu🙈 anyway i joined ur giveaway on ur ig with nyxs cosmetics. My ig is surfilala i hope i get the chance to win some lipsticks💕

  2. Usefull banget nih ci, next time kalo mau ke hongkong pasti baca ulang blog cici yang ini. Thankkkkks 😘
    Muthia lestari fatqhi
    Instagram account : mutialfa


  3. this place is beautiful and perfect. I'd love to be there.


  4. Tempatnya nyaman dan fresh bangett yaaa ci💘 udaranya pasti seger banget disanaa secara banyak pohon2 dan oksigen disana💘 makaasssiiih banyakk riview lengkapnyaaa , kalo aku ke hongkong ,gabakaln absen deh ketempat ini💘 *Aulia Cahyab,ig:


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