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Friday, May 25, 2018

Hello loves, Can't imagine how quick time flies and now we're already in mid May. aaa  almost half of 2018 is gone, where have all the days went? >.< Well today I have a new event recap to share with you guys along side with my mini overview about the newest body serum from NIVEA. 
Do you consider body lotions or body serum essentials in your daily skincare routine? When we talk about skincare we often only remember to take care of our face but our skin is more than face. Skin is actually the largest organ in every human being and they work to protect us from any sort of harmful substances that are about to enter our body. That's why actually we have to really take proper care of its wellness so that it'll not only look good but also function well. 
If you're my loyal readers and part of my dearest online fame you might have known that last week I attended this gathering hosted by NIVEA together with Fimela for their NIVEA Radiant & Smooth Body Serum gathering. So today I'll be sharing all the fun I had at the event with you, shall we begin the journey? :) 

The event itself took place at Fat Shogun, Kuningan and I'm very happy to be able to. attend this event and learn more about this new NIVEA Radiant & Smooth Body Serum product. Actually I've already tried their body lotion before and as someone with hyper sensitive skin their body lotions didn't irritate my skin or cause itchiness or redness like other lotions does. They also have very soothing scent so upon arriving at the venue the first thing I did was try on their Body Serum and no doubt they have a super soothing scent just like their lotion but in an much more sheer formula which means their texture isn't as thick as their lotion so it absorbs much quicker into the skin. 

The packaging itself comes in a tube which is very effective and efficient for usage. Each tube consist of 180 ml formulated to cater to the needs of Asian woman (and man). The product itself is dermatologically tested. This new NIVEA radiant & Smooth Body Serum is formulated with a unique combination of deep white essence,3x active ingredients,  50x Vitamin C and NIVEA Double UV protection that helps to nourish, moisturize while protecting your skin as well. Even though they have UV protection but it still feels comfortable on the skin throughout the day and doesn't give that heavy, greasy, sticky feeling like sunblocks does. Regular usage of this body serum will deeply nourish and provide daily protection for our skin and making them look overall bright and healthy. The ingredient in the formula can also lighten and brighten our skin if used regularly. 

At the event we have three guests who shared more insights about our skin and the needs of body serum on top of our usual body lotion as well as how was can love our body by taking proper care of our skin. NIVEA has been continuously sounding this campaign of theirs which is #ILOVEMYBODY. First we have the representative from NIVEA, dermatologist, fashion editor of FIMELA. All of them shared some useful tips and tricks on how we can manage to take care of our skin properly and how to love our body. Learning about our own body and how we can compliment them into our style is also part of self-love. The doctor also explained that our skin needs protection against all the harmful external factors that may cause early aging or skin problems that's why we need to take proper care of our whole skin not only our face. The protection of UV is also very much needed as these days the harmful UV that have entered our earth is increasing due to the depletion of our ozone layer protection. That's why our skin needs extra protection such as this body serum from NIVEA with double UV protection to keep our skin healthy, and bright even though our skin is being exposed to direct sunlight often. She also shared that we should learn to know our own skin so that we can find the best solution and formula to protect it. The representative from NIVEA also shared more about this NIVEA Radiant & Smooth Body Serum giving us better product knowledge about the product and which even with body lotions our skin still need this body serum to bring extra care for our skin. 
NIVEA's latest campaign which is to shoot a Radiant Look book featuring influencers and their followers to create a whole professional looking look book promoting self love towards ourselves and our skin. 

Special new price Rp 29.900* for this new NIVEA Extra White Radiant & Smooth Body Serum  


After the fun talkshow session we moved on to the next activity which is also my favorite part of the event. It's the paper doll making workshop with Dinda Puspitasari (@dindaps). Arts and crafts have always been a part of me and I love the idea of creating my very own creation thus this activity is highly anticipated by me. So this is actually my second time making paper doll and this second time I feel like I did better! Self pat* Practice makes perfect guys. To be honest when I first started making it I had no idea what I'm going to making but once I started everything just fell in place. After its done I think I'm somehow inspired by Yayoi Kusama's designs :') 

The process of making this paper doll is very easy I would say or the process gets even faster after getting how to know it once. As usual ka Dinda's designs and illustrations are so cute and her patterns on the papers just makes everything easier and cute because the patterns kind of compliment each other. First you'll have to cute the paper doll and choose which one you'd like to work with. You'll need the starter kit which the team will provide at every paper doll workshop which includes a scissor, double tap, paper doll, paper tissue, pattern paper and some colored markers to work with filling colors of your paper doll. Then in no time after cutting off the paper doll you can start decorating it and its the fun part where you can't stop once you start. 
My final paper doll results,  what do you think of it?

As I've shared previously I'm actually already a user of their NIVEA body lotion so once I got this body serum I'm super eager to try it out and after giving it a good try I would say I'm loving it as much as their lotion. The only difference I notice is their formula and texture seems to absorb better and faster into the skin compared to lotion because its a body serum. It also penetrates deeper into our skin giving it extra protection within as well as brightening effect due to its Vitamin C ingredient in the body serum. The scent is also so soothing and calming ! The UV protection in the body serum has makes it easier for us a we can skip sunblock and just use one product. Even though I don't go out to the sun very often but I still need UV protection because are we aware that even indoor we're also exposed to UV rays from our monitor screens or light bulbs. Thus this product works well giving us the protection we need but feels totally lightweight and comfortable on the skin throughout the day of wearing it. Overall I'm loving it :) I notice that after a continuous use of it for about a week now my skin feels much smoother and hydrated as well. 
It would get the perfect score if only that come in other size variants like travel sizes to ease for us to carry around while traveling. Their current size might be a bit too bulky to carry around when traveling. 
Rate: 4.5/5 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy this little event recap and review on this newest Body serum from NIVEA :) till next time~ Always remember to take proper care of your skin loves! It's part of self-care ❤

Love, Stevie 

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  1. ������ nivealovers ❤ @stellachristyy (stella christy )

  2. Harus bangettt nyoba !! @stellachristyy (stella )

  3. Honestly i used nivea product dari smp sampe saat ini ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ love banget sama body lotionnya dan cocok di kulit aku. Kayanya nivea extra white radiant and smooth ini bisa jadi holy grail baru buat body lotion aku ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’“
    Muthia Lestari Fatqhi
    Instagram account : mutialfa

  4. I used Handbody Nivea, when i'am in senior highschool. Very smooth & make bright.


  5. Bnr2 must to try bgt nih yg ini๐Ÿ˜ beneran bikin smoother dan hydrated kah ci? Wahhh jd pengen nyobain jugaaa๐Ÿ˜ paper doll nya lucu bgt ciiii๐Ÿ’˜

    aulia cahya kamila , ig: @aulia.ck


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