Christmas Thoughts

Sunday, December 25, 2016

This Christmas I just want to take a moment and give thanks for all the goodness I've been receiving throughout the year and it's only a few days away from 2017.
Really ? Where has 2016 gone...
The first half of the year was pretty rough I got lots of issues going on and it really messed with my head. You know once your problems keep ending up and your situation keep on pressuring you, you end up being super stressed! That's how my first half of 2016 went. Everyday seems to pass so slow and everything just to fall out of place and that was one of the point I felt the lowest because they're just time when you feel completely helpless and nothing you can do to make the situation right. So all I had to do was battle with the negativity that keeps on consuming me everyday. Slowly losing hope and faith that the situation wont get any better.
But after a few months everything start to change, the wind starts to blow in a different direction. I began to do something I loved but was never brave enough to try! Because this girl who's writing this loves writing so much but she fear when she put her thoughts out there people would judge her and lable her ( Like they used too, and she’s afraid that she’ll still care even though she has promised herself not to get caught in those kind of thoughts anymore). But little did she know that it doesn't matter if she did right or wrong if they want to judge and label her they would because that's how the society works. No one is ever enough for anyone! We are all flawed and no one is perfect the only thing we can do is try not to choose the bad side and continue to be good.
So short story long this girl started to challenge herself when she decided to take up the offer as a content writer after a few months doing it she realized it's something thing she love and enjoy doing. Once she gather up another bunch of courage she tried to open up her personal blog a space where she would pour out her thoughts about fashion beauty and lifestyle which is the blog your’re reading now.

After all this blogging which happened on he second half of this year, everything just seems like a skip! Time jut moved really fast and i can’t seem to find the break. I grateful and feeling super blessed that i could make and meet new friends that share the same life stories, experiences and even interests as me. It's so beautiful to really see a bunch of ladies who empower and encourage each other instead of playing cat fights and spread competition and jealousy. I totally feel loved and energized being surrounded by positive people because their energies are contagious!
Just a few months ago I sign up for another project which requires me to speak up in front of camera and create videos. At first just like all the others it was intimidating but I was lucky that the team was all so supportive that I successfully pulled it off, so down is the video I made. I know I’m still lacking in one way or another but as much as I love writing I do love creating content so I’ll try my best to put in more effort to create more interesting videos in the coming future.

BTW please show some love and support for this video as it can help me win a chance to Japan ! So every view would mean a lot, I would really appreciate if you’d also share it with your friends and families. Thank you very much!
Lastly Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas may the warmth and light of Christmas shine over you and your families J Every Christmas is special for me but this year I just can’t seem to Thank Him enough for all He’s done this year in my life, Life is something very unpredictable yet I believe if we keep the faith and hope in our hearts nothing is impossible and if your wishes aren’t answered yet maybe it’s not God’s time yet. Just believe He has the best time for everything, just be ready cause He has the power to change your situation instantly! Happy Sunday guys! 

Love, Stevie 

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