Grand Opening: Bavarian Haus Bratwurst 'N Grill

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Today I'm going to share my experience on my visit to the newly opened German Restaurant, Bavarian Haus in Puncak on 1 December 2016.  I was invited to visit the Bavarian Haus for it's grand opening event. It's my honor to be part of the grand opening event and is also one of the few first guests among the VIP  who got to try out this newly opened German Restaurant. I'll take you on the journey to explore this new restaurant from its ambiance to its food in post. so let's get started.

The crowd on the Grand Opening 
Being able to start December while going on this trip to Puncak for this Bavarian Haus Grand Opening is a blessing because a gateway trip is very much needed. Since it's December and Christmas is near, this place is being very well decorated with Christmas decorations making it very Christmasy and jolly.  The ambiance of this place is also very cozy and homey, would recommend it for those who enjoy a laid back restaurant vibe!  I totally love the ambiance especially with all the Christmas decors, they just made everything a lot merrier! 

Bavarian Haus is an authentic German Restaurant with premium taste. The restaurant's building is designed just like the traditional Bavarian house, it is also the only restaurant in Indonesia with such concept and is also the biggest Bavarian house in Asia. It's located at Jalan Raya Puncak, Ciawi, which is approximately 1.3 KM from toll exit. It took us about 1.5 hours to reach this place from Jakarta, pretty quick right?  
Bavarian Haus is part of the Cimory Group, which is a company that has been engaging in agricultural livestock and dairy products. Mr.  Bambang Sutantio as the CEO of Cimory Group who has studied in German explains about his long endeavour to open up an authentic German Restaurant which has finally led him to open up this Bavarian Haus. He want this Bavarian Haus  to provide authentic German Restaurant with premium taste and be a premium restaurant located in Puncak area.
Finger food: Salami with Pickle and Deviled Egg

Open Kitchen 
In the middle of the restaurant once you've entered you can see a big glass house where you can see the process of making sausages. Here in Bavarian Haus, the  kitchen is an open kitchen so that the public can see how the meat is being processed in Bavaria Haus Butchery. Customers can also buy the fresh processed meat with authentic German taste at the butchery shop.
Another distinctive feature from Bavaria Haus Resto  is the quality of its meat products which is complied with German standard. PT. Bavarian Culinary Haus has received the “Fleischerhandwerk” certificate which is a mark of professional standard of Butchery of The German National Butcher Association. Bavarian Haus Resto is the only restaurant in Asia with this certificate. 

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 

Grilled Platter for 4 with different Sausages, Meat, Sauerkraut, and Potato Wedges
 Bavaria Haus Resto offers various authentic German menus that not only has the taste of Bavaria but are also being well presented. One of specialty menu of Bavaria Haus is Grilled Platter with Different Sausages, Meat, Sauerkraut, and Potato Wedges, which is cooked with German ingredients, accompanied with high quality German beer. Customers can also shop for meat products such  as sausages, beef salami,cold cut, meat loaf, and variants of smoked beef in German style in the Bavarian Bucthery Shop.   
Assorted Salami
I personally expected some pork knuckles at the restaurant, since it's a German resto but apparently they are the first German restaurant which is not using pork on its food ingredients (too bad 😥). Aside from that I find the taste for their food to be a bit too strong for me but I do love their grill chicken and desserts. Hopefully they can tone down the taste to meet our Indonesian taste bud but it's my personal thought only, others may have a different view of it, so I suggest you to give it a try! This place surely is worth the visit, at least for once, as it offers a different vibe of Puncak at this Bavarian Haus. 
Cute condiments in bulb packaging: sauces and seasonings
Garden Salad with Pan-Fried Chicken Breast
Juicy Beef Stew with Apple Red Cabbage and Potato Dumpling
Smoked Chicken Breast with Egg Benedict, Butter Carrots and Mashed Potato
Beef Broth with Marrow Dumplings
smoked chicken ham
Cold cuts 
Gourmet Dessert
Lunch Time for the guests
When we talk about German Restaurant beer can't be far from it and here is the beer served at  Bavarian Haus. I'm usually not a drinker cause I don't like the taste of alcohols but since it's a festive grand opening of a German Restaurant, I decided to take a sip and apparently it doesn't taste as bitter as other beers I've tried before and I could say that it's pretty good! Although I think I'm in no condition to judge beers cause my knowledge on it is very little but all I could say is I enjoy my glass beer! 
Medias, Bloggers photo session with Mr. Bambang Sutantio, Mrs. Liana,  dan Mr. Claas after the press-con
Mr. Claas Meinke the head chef of Bavarian Haus and Mr.  Bambang Sutantio the CEO of Cimory Group and the newly opened Bavarian Haus during the Press-con. 
Dining Area
The restaurant has 2 stories and you can either choose to dine on the lower ground or on the second floor but overall the dining area is very unique and each dining spots offers you a different feel and vibe but since the restaurant itself has many open area so you could still feel the cool Puncak breeze.
Bavaria Haus Butchery
In the Butchery shop you can find a lot of condiments such as chili oil, garlic oil, breads, baguette, etc. You can even shop fresh processed meat here too! 

The friendly greeters
What I Wore
Well when the place is pretty you can't help but take an OOTD shot right? here are what I wore on that day, I tried to keep my outfit casual but I added a long knit cardigan to brighten up the look and to add a pop of colour on my outfit.  
Bavarian Haus Bratwurst 'N Grill
Tlp: (021) 8252678
Address:  Jalan Raya Puncak KM 72 Megamendung 13405
I hope you enjoy reading this post! Once again congratulation Cimory Group for the newly opened German Restaurant, Bavarian Haus. I truly had a pleasant time during my visit, I wish you all the best and will most probably drop by again if I visit Puncak. For those of you who're seeking for a gateaway trip to Puncak I would recommend you to visit here especially during this festive Christmas season becasue the ambiance here is so good, It doesn't really feel like you're in Indonesia! 

 Love, Stevie 

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