[Review]: Urban Fix Flawless Matte Loose Powder

Monday, December 26, 2016

Hello loves, here's another review post about Beauty Box Indonesia's newest product that is the Urban Fix Flawless Matte Loose Powder. I know this post has been pending for so long but since there are four products and I just have one face so it's not possible for me to try out everything so quickly. That's why I'm writing this now because I've finally tried out all four of these Urban Fix Flawless Matte Loose Powder. I was really impressed to know that this is actually a local Indonesian brand and to tell you the truth their products aren't disappointing at all! Can you guess, which one of these are my favourite ? Will reveal it at the end of this post. If you want to find out about it, do read till the end. Well let's get started...

The package I received came in a black box like this and its so beautiful and I feel in love instantly with their packaging. They really did a good job in presenting their product because no matter how good the product is if the packaging isn't attractive is just a minus point. In addition I myself also has a weak spot for anything that is being well presented. When the box is opened you'll see another four smaller boxes before you can see the actual products but I don't mind opening boxes that are cute like these hahaha :) ❤  
There are four shades or types of Urban Fix Flawless Matte Loose Powder - Translucent, Natural, Radiant Pink and Brightening Lilac. 
Their packaging is very sophisticated with silver box and black illustrations of our local Jakarta's main building attraction as well as the iconic Welcome statue and Monas. Very cute and sleek at the same time.
The container is just the normal loose powder container with a sleek black packaging and some information details regarding the products at the back of the container. There is a puff included in every product which can be used for application and you can easily spot the colours of each loose powders because they have transparent container at the lower end.
The product claim to be having these following features:
-Super Light Mineral Powder
-Buildable Natural Coverage
-Soft Focus, Camera Ready
-Oil and Shine Control
I think all the products did pretty good with oil controlling and it leaves the skin feeling super soft and matte after application. However since I have kind of oily face I still get shiny over my T-zone in the evening, if I've been out since the day. I will blot even more if its hot but I think overall the powder help to hold my makeup pretty well throughout the day and even if I still get shiny and oily over my T-zone but it's still bearable and still look decent on camera. It kind of give the healthy skin glow :) 
Ingredients list in the Loose Powder, Tips: if you have acne prone skin it is very important to check out the ingredients in every makeup product you want to use. Why? because it'll help you identify if there's any ingredient in the product that might cause breakouts. Therefore always do your research. 
These Urban Fix Flawless Matte loose powders by Beauty Box Indonesia have three functions first is just like any loose powders that is to set makeup, control oil and colour correcting.

Transparent - Translucent Oil Capture (300)
This translucent powder is a colourless or transparent powder which helps to control oil, brighten up the complexion and sets makeup making your skin feels and look flawless. 

What I think about this product:
It leaves the skin feeling super smooth and matte after application however since it's a translucent powder it doesn't give any sort of coverage to the skin. However overall it did pretty much what the product claims to do.  

Rate 4.5/5

Natural (310)
This natural one gives a colour correcting effect in addition to all the product claims. It also help to finish your makeup naturally.  

What I think about this product:
It also leaves the skin feeling super smooth and matte however I like this one better compared to the translucent one because it has some colour in it. Therefore it helps to cover up imperfection with its colour correcting features, 

Rate 4.5/5

Pink - Radiant Pink (320)
This Radiant Pink also gives a colour correcting effect on fair undertone as it'll make the skin look fresher in addition to all the product claims. It also aim to gives a healthy and enlightens tired complexion.

What I think about this product:
Same as the other two powders it make the skin feel smooth and matte but this one kind of freshen up my complexion instantly after every use. It's most probably due to its colour correcting features as pink is suppose to cancel grey or dull looking skin. It also helps to even out uneven skin tone. 

Rate 4.5/5

Purple - Brightening Lilac (330)
This Brightening Lilac also gives a colour correcting effect on yellowish/tan skin undertone as it'll make the skin look fresher in addition to all the product claims. It'll also even out uneven skin tone. 

What I think about this product:
Same as the other loose powders it make the skin feel smooth and matte but this one kind of freshen up my complexion instantly after every use. I think the powder itself also has a very pretty colour and after using it my skin would look brighter and fresher.  

Rate 4.5/5


These loose powders really help to create a flawless and camera ready look. The texture of the powder itself is also very light and they glides in easily into the skin setting perfectly on the skin and a little really does go a long way as I usually only used a little and it's more than enough to set my whole makeup and face. The most important point is these loose powders didn't break me out (HAPPY GIRL). As someone who has acne prone and sensitive skin I've always been careful with my face makeup products because I wouldn't want to experience the whole troubled acne skin all over again. That's why I try my best to keep it happy and healthy! All these Urban Fix loose powders leaves my skin feeling very smooth and matte after every application without feeling too drying/ cracky. It also holds my makeup very well throughout the day, even though I still find my skin to blot at the end of the day but the shine is still very acceptable, as the oil gives kind of a healthy skin glow. I'm so happy to get to try all of these products and because of its colour correcting features in the Natural, Pink Radiant and Brightening Lilac it helps even better to hid the imperfection on my skin. 
I was lucky to get these babies ❤  Thank you Sephora Indonesia and Beauty Box Indonesia for sending them over. 
Would I repurchase?
Definitely! I feel this is a product worth investing in and your every penny wouldn't go to a waste. It cost Rp. 295.000 for a container containing 12 g of products. You can get them from beautybox.co.id  or Sephora Indonesia. 


Now is finally time to reveal my personal favourites and it is....

Well I had to choose two cause these two are constantly the ones I've been using non stop in my daily makeup routine. They are the RADIANT PINK AND BRIGHTENING LILAC.I was first drawn to their beautiful colours but when I actually apply them on my skin it really made a difference cause of their colour correcting features, Colour correcting may not make a significant difference in one's makeup but it'll definitely make a difference! Both the Radiant pink and Brightening Lilac tend to give me that healthy uplift glow after every application, it just instantly brightens up my complexion especially on days when I felt super sluggish and tired or on days when I lack sleep. These powders are my lifesavers! 
That's all for now, I hope you find this post useful and if you're searching for a new loose powder I would totally recommend this product by Urban Fix. Happy Holidays and Happy new year too guys, since its only a few days away. 

Love, Stevie 

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