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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Last Saturday I was invited to visit the Colony Collection Market which was held at JCC Hall B from 3-4 Dec 2016. Colony Collection Market (CCM) is toys and games fair/ exhibition where there are 100+ toys and games tenants, 20 communities toys and games, talkshows, workshops, cosplays competitions, food area, and many more. It was actually my first time visiting a toys and games fair like this, so I was pretty excited and wasn't sure what to expect but luckily on that day I got to explore the place with my friend, want to know who? do read till the end😊. Let me warn you this post will be flooded with cuteness! 
At the main entrance you'll see the ticket booth and exchange booth for those who have already pre-ordered their tickets. Tickets to the event was Rp 50.000 but you can even get 20% off the ticket price if you pay with SAKUKU.  #inovasiBCA #colonycollectionmarket
The main stage
When I've heard that its a toys and games exhibition I came being well prepared not to be easily swayed by cute toys because no matter how old I'll be, I think I'll forever be a child at heart. As I have this weak spot for anything cute or lovely. Once I step foot into the exhibition hall everything starts to look super cute and I just wished I was a kid again when choosing toys were my only concerns! 
Remember all the Pokemon GO euphoria recently? Where everyone's out catching Pokemon and Pikachu is one of the rarest to catch, Here's the real Pikachu toys. So cute right? 
At the event one could also build their own Lego at this area..
Moving on to the signing area, guest stars will give their signs and photographs and this one was a cosplayer from Korea, Saida. My knowledge on cosplay and anime is very limited but she's very beautiful in person, no wonder the crowd was super packed during her signing session and it took me a while to slip in the crowd to get this shot.    
For those of you who are Star Wars and Marvel Heroes fan, you shouldn't have missed this event because there are a lot of Star Wars toys as well as Marvels. As someone who enjoy watching their movies I find it fascinating to see real life size of the things I see in the movies as well as miniature toys that make everything even more cute and interesting. 
Met the real size Stromtrooper and we can't help but pose with it! with Mei aka Japobs 
There's also a collection area where collectors show case their collections and everything being displayed is so cute, I think I've overly abused the word "cute" in this post but can't help it as everything here is literally so cute!
Being the official partner and sponsor of this event, you'll be able to spot a huge BCA booth in the fair, at this booth you can apply for your BCA credit card, Flazz, Sakuku, Tahapan Xpresi, and other BCA products there. So as I've stated above with Sakuku you can get 20% off the ticket price, so what is Sakuku? Sakuku is like an electronic wallet that can be used for the payment of expenditure, reload phone credit, transfer, cash withdrawal, and other banking transactions.
They also provide ATM machines just in case you ran out of cash, you can always withdraw them on spot without any hassle.  It would have been super annoying if you're in the middle of the event capturing every moments and your phone suddenly ran out of battery but luckily BCA provided charging stations at their booth, isn't it so considered of them?  As we all know we're living in a digital era where we're all bound to our gadgets making power banks essentials and charging station an even better option.
There are also many promos going on during the event with BCA such as:
1.    Signing Session Voucher for BCA customers who show their purchase receipt with payment of 150rb using Sakuku/ Tahapan Xpresi on this event.
2.    Signing Session Voucher for BCA customers who opens Tahapan Xpresi bank account Stages (applies to the first 10 persons per day)
3.    Happy Hour Promo starting from 1 pm to 3 pm at tenants who have Happy Hour Sign like shown in the picture below.
Super cute Looney Tunes Flazz Cards, you can get them at the event too!
Cosplay participants gathered at the event.
While I'm mesmerized in capturing moments, totally candid but I love the result thank you Mei for the shot. 
These Lego pieces are irresistible want them all. Can someone get them for my Christmas present 😏😉? 
Here's another booth that caught my eyes, as this booth display everything about Ferrari, and all the displays are very interesting.  
Aside from all the toys, there are also food stands and game centers. Such as this one its a VCR where they can play in their own virtual content. Just looking at this player playing is so interesting, as he seems to be so into the game that we could actually see him move vigorously, maybe it's a war game he's playing.  
Looking like they're having some kind of a game team competition, So cool and fun! 
Found a very Japanese stall at the event selling Japanese Ramen and other Japanese food too because we weren't hungry yet we just strolled through the food area. 
Colony Collection Market
That's all for now, I hope you enjoy reading this post and of course had a pleasant time seeing those cute toys that I've captured. More on BCA Promotion at CCM here. I hope you can feel the vibe of the event as well as all the fun I had exploring the fair. See you on my next post.

Love, Stevie 

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  1. the event looks so fun! thank you for sharing this :)


  2. The only good thing why I didn't come to that event is I could save my wallet from those cute toys, OMG! They are totally adorable and I really want to purchase all the Star Wars characters, especially the cute stormtrooper <3



    1. True!! If you're not careful you might end up purchasing compulsively hahahaha But it was so fun, you should visit them on their next event.


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