Summing Up 2016 !

Friday, December 30, 2016

Before this year end, I would like to take a few minutes to reflect on all the things that has happened in my life this whole year. Starting this year wasn't very pleasant cause one and another problems but instead of dwelling in the sadness for too long I chose to stand up and overcome it! Standing up for yourself is always important, know your worth cause you're precious and if someone else can't see it it's their issue not yours! I would say I love my job as it allows me to spread my wings and explore other things too, before people would overlook my work as a digital strategist because before it wasn't common to have a job that allow you to work from home! There are times when they question what am I actually doing? Are you actually even doing anything? (Just for your notice: my work requires lots of dedication, perseverance and hard work) Despite all the flexibility working hours I had, you may not know that it takes so much energy and time to think of a concept and ideas (so no it's no easy task, especially when you're doing a one man show) enough on the ranting, but I'm still very grateful and of course for the new opportunities that knock on my door on last June when @whatwelikeco approached me to be their content writer and without thinking twice I took it because I know I've always love writing and that Idea of blogging has been on the back of my head for a long time but I never dare to put myself out there because of so many reasons which you may have known, if you've seen my previous post. 

After doing it for a good two months I decided to launch my own personal blog and without knowing right after it, it started leading me to a whole new stage which was very interesting and fun! I got the chance to meet many like-minded individuals that aren't only beautiful but very friendly and kind too! Although I'm still new but they're all very welcoming. We can never know how deep someone's heart is but all I know and want to know is how a person make me feel! But so far I love every single one I met, they're not the bunch of girls who would give you that look filled with competition and jealousy but they're very supportive and encouraging. I think this world need more people who know how to support, encourage and empower instead of judging and spreading hate! Look around and you'll notice how chaotic this world has become so let's be individuals that are positive even if we're just a tiny bit in this whole wide world but together we're stronger!
Just a little side note that blogging isn't an easy task too same as other jobs or works that requires hard work the same applies to blogging. Above all the things you see online and how glamour or fun life is, life isn't always like that there are days when we need to forgo a lot of things in order to dedicate ourselves into blogging. It's not merely picture taking and writing but a lot of ideas and concepts are needed to create a good content and I still consider myself very new and still need to learn a lot. If office job gives you 5-7 office hours from Monday to Friday ours are 24/7 !! So fun? Yes! But it's not all fun, a lot of hard work is needed.

This month I got a new announcement to make and that I've finally decided to break down more walls and challenge this introvert soul to go out of her comfort zone. Since last month I've been dying to let you guys that I've started a new project that requires me to do more videos on camera from now on. So please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven't and I do apologize in advance if I look awkward on camera cause really this thing is nerve wrecking for me but I'll try my best to improve and create more useful and inspiring content for you guys! So stay tune! Oh, shoot me all the videos and content you'd like to see on my channel I'd love to read about it. 

BTW if you've missed out my video don't forget to check the video below out as it'll mean a lot to me and it'll also help me win a chance to Japan! So fly me to Japan OK guys? ðŸ’“😉

Lastly I'd like to thank every single one you've encouraged me throughout my ups and downs, mood swings and down fall. As well to brands that have given me the opportunity to collaborate and help me find where my passion really lies and of course to my job that has been very supportive with what I'm doing.

If in the section above I've highlighted a few points on work life and jobs now I'd like to open up about relationships. If you now me personally you may have known I'm a person who's very fixed, rigged and difficult to open up especially when it comes to personal life. I do respect everyone who has been respecting my decision on keeping my personal life private and not trying to invade and bombard me with tons of questions regarding it. However once you're in your twenties its inevitable that people will start questioning your relationship status, work, life etc. But I think I am in no obligation to share my deepest thought about it to anyone, if I feel like saying I would but I still don't get it why people can't just be less nosy and mind their own businesses. Have you ever experienced being asked about your partners ( boyfriend/ girlfriend /husband/wife), marriage, kids etc? I think today people have diverted values and not everyone share that same traditional cultures anymore where a perfect successful life is visualized by: once you're done with school, get a stable job and get married. 

Not everyone's perception is same and I think this year I've grown so much closer to GOD and started building a closer relationship with Him. While everyone in this world can disappoint you and forsake you but He won't. He has taught me His love is beyond measure and that He even loved me in times when I even seemed hard for me to love myself. That's why after growing deeper and closer I finally realized all those things and nosy people's concern aren't important and they shouldn't be the one dictating my life. If you're in your ideal marriage age but you haven't found the right one then don't force it just because you need to meet the expectation of the society. I learned that growing in Christ means more of Him and less of me. So I've tried my best to put my pride, ego and temper aside but as human there are times where emotions hits in and mess with your mind. I decided that even in times of darkness I'll surrender it all to Him and let Him lead me through the way. To no longer live with sight and my own understanding but to live in hope, faith and the promise of Christ. If you're a believer too, I wouldn't say much but all I can say is that remember better days are coming so keep on living a positive life and to always live with hopes and faith burning in your soul.

So when it comes to new year it's always a good time to look back, reflect and make a new years resolution. Have you made yours? I'll be sharing some of the things I've learned this year and some of my New year's resolution. 
Things I've learned in 2016
  • Family comes first! No matter how much disagreement you have with them family always come first! They're the source of all kind of love and support you need. 
  • When you leave it all to God, and keep on believing that He has the best plans for you, you'll start seeing new doors opening and magic happening in your life.
  • Keep those who inspire and bring the best out of you close, and distant yourself from those who stress you out and always try to discourage you! There's no need to add drama to your life and your life doesn't need any negativity so cancel them out!
  • Always remain positive no matter what's the circumstances because eventually everything will get better.    
  • Health is very Important! Being sick is annoying and I hate being sick and unproductive. 
Here are some of my 2017 New Year's resolutions:

  • This year I'll take better care of my body, since 2016 I've been slacking off a lot and my body has been overworked so many times because I can't seem to find the right way to balance my lifestyle due to my sudden workloads and me adjusting to my new blogging life. So 2017 I'll focus on a healthier and more balanced lifestyle!
  • Working out regularly. Well this has always been on my list but it's so difficult to stay committed to this one but since My girls have been planning out for Yoga classes again, I'm pretty excited for it. 
  • Blogging regularly at least new post every week and new videos on my YouTube channel too.
  • Stress less and laugh more often! Hopefully I don't get smile lines afterwards. 
  • Travel more often
  • Learning new things 
  • Improving my public speaking skills 
  • Surrounding myself with even more inspiring and positive souls who would inspire me to be a better person everyday! 
So that's all for my summing up 2016 post, 2016 has been a true roller coaster ride but I'm very grateful for each one of it all the good and bad because each one of it help to crave the person I'm today. This year I felt that I've been receiving blessing over blessings even to the point that it amazed me, therefore I'm forever grateful and thankful for everything that has happened this year. I hope you enjoy reading this super long post, I know there's a lot of words but for those who managed to read till the end you guys are awesome! I wish you a fabulous New Year and may 2017 be an even better year for you and me. Bring it on 2017👀💝😎

Love, Stevie 

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  1. Well, I'm glad I met you. Blessed malah *HAHAHA SOK ROMANTIS*
    Let's do better next year! And let's make lookbook video wacana comes true xD

    1. yuuhuuu~ bweee apaan tuh!! I'm glad I met you too... let's make it come true soon ya :)

  2. This post is so true in many ways haha.
    Glad to met you too in 2016!
    Hope this year could be better for this blogging thing x

    1. YES!! to better days :) glad to meet you too dear


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