[Review]: KOSÉ- Esprique Cool BB Spray UV 50

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Hello guys, Have you ever seen or tried any BB product that comes in a spray form? If you haven't you better read this post till the end, cause interesting and unique product is coming your way real soon!!

It's a new product by Kose called the  Esprique Cool BB Spray UV 50. Basically Esprique is a brand under Kose and they've launched their Cool BB Spray that will be available real soon in Indonesia in mid December 2016. So what makes this BB product different from other BB product of course first is its packaging because this product comes in a spray form that is far from the usual packaging. They come in 2 different shades no.1 is for lighter and fairer skin tone and no.2 is for natural skin tone. They also have 2 different sizes the big one comes in 60g and the small one comes in 30g. 

"It is also the first cooling BB Spray in the industry that tightens pores and smoothens skin with a refreshing sensation."
How it works
Shake it well, then spray the product in an upright position within 2 cm from the sponge that comes together with the product. Once you get enough product on your sponge then dab it onto your face like how you'd normally apply your foundation.  
Five functions in one!
A multi-functional product that works as an essence, sunscreen, makeup base, foundation, and face powder all at once.
Hydrating Essence Ingredients
Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Amino Acids, Mint Extract, Butylene Glycol

* Do not spray directly onto the face. ( I tried spraying it on you skin directly and I promise you, you wouldn't want to try it) 

My face with this Esprique Cool BB Spray UV 50 shade no.2 Natural. I always prefer natural shades because instead of a fair and light skin tone I prefer a healthy natural glow. 
I'm so happy that I could be among the first few beauty enthusiasts to try out this product. I could really feel the cooling sensation once I applied the product by dabbing it onto my skin. I has pretty good coverage and it evens out uneven skin tone and minimizes pore too . What I love most is of course its cooling sensation because it makes my skin feeling super refreshed especially for us living in hot and Tropical country like Indonesia, this kind of products really help to make the makeup last longer and of course look fresher. I would really recommend this product for those who love outdoor activities such as sports or any activities that requires them to stay under the Sun for  a very long time because this product will eventually make your face makeup last longer due to its cooling effect. So make sure you go to Kose counters in Department stores when there're out to check out this amazing product.    

Sneak Peak 
Now I can finally spill the beans. So last month I teamed up with Beautynesia to shoot for KOSÉ- Esprique Cool BB Spray UV 50 product introduction video and my video will be up on my YouTube channel real soon. OMG!! now I'm all nervous but please show your support and love by checking it out once its out :) Thank you so much loves😘  it'll be posted here, so make sure you've subscribed to my channel also! 
So are you excited for my upcoming first YouTube video? I'm pretty excited yet anxious because I myself haven't seen the results yet. Hope the editing when well and my voice could be heard (being naturally soft-spoken can be a great problem in creating videos though), but oh well, what's done is done. I can only wait for the final results and share it with you guys! finger crossed*  


 Love, Stevie 

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