[Review]: Heimish - “dailism” Lovesome Brink Eye Shadow Palette

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Hello Girls, I'm back with a makeup review and this time its the Heimish - “dailism” Lovesome Brink Eye shadow Palette. I got mine from Charis, just a little introduction of Charis if you haven't heard of them before, it's an online shopping website for Korean beauty and makeup products and they even carry Korean brands that aren't very common in the market aside from Korea and those products are only available in Korea but now you can shop them through Charis. Charis will ship them directly to your home from Korea. So easy right? They also offers various discount promotions and deals. Make sure you check them out! 
Finally my long a waited package arrives, before on the tracking site my package seem to be stuck in Korea but apparently the shipping company didn't update my shipping status. But long story short my package arrives safe and sound with a little additional surprise samples in 2-3 weeks.
Heimish is a brand that has recently launched in March 2016 and they're not even one year old but you've most probably heard a lot about them already because of the hype of their cleansing balm that many Beauty YouTubers have been raving about. I personally encountered this brand while watching one of my favourite beauty YouTuber talking about Heimish cleansing balm which they say is so much better compared to the Banila. co clean it zero. I haven't tried their cleansing balm yet but will let you guys know how I feel about it once I've tried them out as I've got a sample size of their cleansing balm in this package that came together with my eye shadow palette.  
The sample I got in this package
So now let's move on to the actual review of Heimish - “dailism” Lovesome Brink Eye shadow Palette
This eye shadow palette comes in a beautiful sleek packaging it has a dove black packaging with a golden emboss"Heimish" logo on it. 

Beautiful Swatches, most of you who've been following on Instagram may have known I've gone crazy swatching this when I first received this palette. The colours are so adorable and I can help but to swatch them on my hands cause last week I just had my wisdom teeth extracted so it would have been no point applying it on my eyes cause I would look like a chipmunks with a swollen cheek, so all I can do is swatch them on my hands. To tell you the truth their colours aren't very pigmented as usual Korean makeup has less pigmentation compared to Western makeup because most Korean Opt. for a more natural looking makeup making this palette very suitable for those who love light and natural eye makeup. Not saying that its of bad quality because it surely isn't, the eye shadow colours last on my eye lid all day long even without primer but it surely doesn't give you that much of a colour but it's always  build-able. 
I personally love to start with a light hand when it comes to eye makeup whether its eye shadows, eyeliner or mascara because applying too much at once just just be disastrous. Speaking of which this palette has the most beautiful pink shades, brown and shimmer colours that make it very wearable for daily use. My favourite shades are Lollipop, Granita and Mont Blanc, to be honest I love them all but those are the shades I keep on going back to. Meringue and Granita kind of have this creamy texture which makes the glitter to last on the lid and on smear all over the place. 
The brush that comes together with the palette, I think this brush is pretty good too. It comes in 2 different brush type one is the fluffier one which can be used for blending out and the other one can be used to apply the colours on your lid although I won't deny I love using my fingers to apply it instead of brush but the blending brush is very useful! 
On my eyes: Lavie Lash-Rosie, Dolly Wink eyeliner, Heimish - “dailism” Lovesome Brink Eye Shadow Palette (Macaroon, Mont Blanc and Brownie)
My Final look ! On camera it's kind of hard to pick up the colours but on real life the colours are visible but I kind of love this look because it's simple and very natural.
They even provide you with the instruction of which colour goes where and the way of applying it on your eye lid. They give a very thorough information which can be very handy for newbies but these are just the recommended ways of using it. You can always mix and match and play around until you're happy with your eye makeup look. 
Stevie heart Heimish - “dailism” Lovesome Brink Eye Shadow Palette  
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P.s. It's currently on sale and you can get it 48% off 
for only 
$ 20.99 or (Approx. Rp. 280,129.39) from $40.73💓

I wanted to do a makeup tutorial on this look but I'm still very shy on camera but if you'd like me to film it do comment down below. Then I'll try my best to film one for you guys! If you have any inquiries regarding purchasing through Charis you can always contact them, they have the most friendly customer service or you can also DM me and I'll try my best to help you out if you shop through my store. That's all for now, I hope you enjoy reading this post! See you on my next one..

 Love, Stevie 

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