[Event]: Sapto for Gaudi Fashion Show

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Revealing  Gaudi latest collaboration in this post! Are you excited? 
It's the #SaptoforGaudi collection and today I had the opportunity to watch their Sapto for Gaudi Capsule Collection fashion show. 

This Sapto for Gaudi Collaboration is a Capsule Collection that present an idea of Indonesia's rich traditional elements with it's trendy, confident and youthful aesthetic. It's truly is a collection that stand-out and extraordinary! Style is about putting your own signature, just like Mr Sapto Djojokartiko did with this latest collaboration. I feel that this collection has very simple timeless basic pieces and designs yet stands out on its own because being simple can also be significant, right?
The Crowd at today's event.
Yeay! Let's begin!

If you've seen my Insta-stories or snapchats you'll get the live report or glimpse of the whole event and fashion show but if not, don't worry I'll put them up here so let's start! 
Favourite Piece 
Love the patterns 
The patterns and accessories are just too cute! 

The event itself is very fun and I got the chance to meet many new faces and also familiar faces that are also fashion enthusiasts. Although the fashion show venue was super packed and cramped but the whole collection is viola~

Now let's move on to the snack area, as some of you might have known I'm a sweet tooth and a foodie so looking at these adorable cute canape, I can't help to take pictures of it. They also taste very good too! I love the one with the flowers on it, so the flowers are edible and it felt kind of weird eating real flowers but it doesn't taste as bad as I thought, instead it has a rosy scent. 

Outfit of the Day 

Wearing some warm earthy tones today, added a scarf to the simple mocha dress I made to add some pop of colours to the look ❤❤❤ // well a week ago I've just undergone my wisdom teeth surgery so please don't mind my cheeks cause they're still a little bit swollen :( 
Today's Crew, with my Clozette ID Babes  :)  #TeamSalmonPink apparently our ootd compliments each others.
Gaudi Clothing 
Goodies from today's event! Thank you Gaudi for having me today 😍😊
Hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoy writing it! You can also shop this Sapto for Gaudi Collection online too check out https://www.gaudi-clothing.com . See you on my next post! 

Love, Stevie 

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