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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hello loves, so its another post on my collaboration with HIS and Beautynesia. I hope you aren't bored yet with my posts about Japan cause I still have many information to share with you guys regarding travelling to Japan till a few more months ahead! So stay excited oke? 
Well when we talk about travelling what comes into your mind first? as for me is the flight, cause booking and choosing the right flight with the best deal is something I consider essential when travelling as I live by the saying " why pay more if you can get the same quality of service/product". It's important for us especially we young adults you've just started their career and working life, we got a lot of needs a head of us so managing your financial plans are important that's why "best deals" or "promotions" can help us a lot to save up and use it to purchase our other travelling needs. Use your money wisely never waste it! 

Travelling is essential to keep us sane in today's hectic and fast moving society, therefore HISGO comes in handy as it allows us to book our flight tickets at the most favourable price. Through HISGO  you can choose different airlines you'd prefer to travel to Japan with, there are various flight options you can choose like Japan Airlines (JAL), ANA, Garuda Indonesia, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, etc . 

HISGO is an online travel agent by HIS that offers lots of best deals from tour ans travel to even flight ticket and they can ease your booking experience by reducing the hassle to check each and every airline website as they got everything sort out for you through their site. All you need to do is choose your most favourable flight and book it. Easy peasy right? Not only that with Hanavi, you can book your Japan Air Pass which means you can plan out your whole itinerary to travel between multi cities in Japan with airplane. Hanavi will help you sort out your domestic flight and hotel package too, so totally your one stop online travel agent that will help you easily plan out your whole trip to Japan to ensure everything is sorted out. 

Best Deals

After sorting out the flight ticket, it is also important to plan out your mode of transportation you'll choose to travel around Japan especially when you plan on visiting more than just one city. JR Pass is the most effective and efficient mode of transportation to travel around Japan as it allows you to hop on and off the train to travel between cities. Transporation itself in Japan is said to be very costly therefore having them planned out prior to your trip can save you a lot of time and money during your trip. You can also book your JR Pass  through HIS and get your transportation in Japan all sort out, so all you have left to do upon your arrival is just to enjoy the most of your travelling in Japan. Of course you can also choose other mode of transportation in Japan like bus, cruise, taxi, train etc... which I'll elaborate and share more on my next post regarding transportation in Japan which you can use to travel across the city. Make your whole holiday experience a lot more memorable with  HISGO and HIS

Don't Forget to check out Beautynesia  for more info and updates on beauty and lifestyle.... Well thats all for this post I'll see you on the next one very soon! 

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